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    Liver fluke research - questionnaire

    I am an MSc student at the university of Lincoln researching liver fluke in the UK, particularly the prevalence of liver fluke (and how it is managed) to provide an up-to-date view of its distribution and attitudes of farmers towards it. Data will be collected through a questionnaire directed at...
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    Situation Vacant Field Research Technician, Corteva Agriscience™

    This position is based at Corteva’s Global Research Station near Warwick. As a technician, you will contribute to a growing range of projects by preparing and maintaining experiments both on and off station. Your excellent knowledge of agriculture will help you to plan, implement, and manage...
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    looking for books and ressources about soil and agronomy !

    Hi everyone, i'm martin form france ! i'm currently looking for ressources in english about soil, direct drill, earthworms, soil chemistery, cereal farming hanbook, conservation agriculture and so on (i'm already receiving the direct drill news paper)... we have many ressources in french about...
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    Earthworm scientist seeks farmer volunteers

    Here is the full info: I’d really appreciate 100x volunteers to try out my earthworm test on one of your arable fields this Spring. It involves digging 10x spade size soil pits and categorising the earthworms. Then just post/email the...