1. S

    Organic Rotation Ideas for Finishing Suckler Calves

    Afternoon All, We're exploring changing our system from conventional to organic and wanted to get some advice on organic rotations. We're looking to dedicate all our arable land (light chalk) to produce organic feed for finishing our suckler Angus X calves. Current thoughts are for a 9-year...
  2. happycows

    Farming without bagged Fertiliser

    100 cows on 100 acres Cutting frequently to bales or zero grazing. Regular reseed rotation and import quite a bit of nutrients in feed. Not used any p or k for years just urea and sulphur for first 2/3 of the season going little and often. Gone to all umbilical/dribble bar and just put in a...
  3. Corteva Updates

    Corteva Oilseed Rape offer

    This year, we are running an exclusive offer for anyone who purchases our new Protector® Sclerotinia tolerant hybrid, PT303 and Belkar® herbicide for the 2021/22 growing season. Anyone taking part in the offer will be eligible for an One4All gift card valued at £303 if they make a purchase...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Scottish growing sector faces pros and cons due to mixed weather

    Written by William Kellett Following an exceptionally dry spring in 2020, many were hoping for a more ‘normal’ spell of spring weather in 2021. However, the weather over the past month has been predominantly dry for most, along with being exceptionally cold, with the Met Office provisionally...
  5. Phil P

    Winter wheat T1 2021

    Ok, what are your plans for T1? Back in April when it was looking like another drought I was thinking keep it cheap! However we’ve now had A LOT of rain and 90% of the wheats are looking like they have some good potential. So, my and my agronomist thoughts are to go with a more robust T1 His...
  6. Laggard

    OSR fungicide

    With November 2021 OSR worth £410/t+bonuses what are peoples thoughts on fungicides? A lot of OSR round here is struggling with CSFB and sharp frosts every night.
  7. CPM RSS

    Insiders View – A genetic triumph

    Written by cpm Download PDF Though sclerotinia doesn’t strike every year, when it does, it can be extremely damaging to oilseed rape crops. CPM reviews a new offering from Pioneer, which claims to be the first to offer resistance against the yield-robbing disease. When genetic resistance is...
  8. tr250

    Thinking of having one last go at osr???

    Looking at market report this morning osr is £447 delivered am I silly in thinking about trying it? I’m thinking direct drill mid July very thick as soon as w barley is off leave until November and graze it down with sheep and come back in the spring and decided whether to plant spring crop or...
  9. CPM RSS

    OSR sclerotinia infection risk service to run again this year

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham With oilseed rape about to enter its critical flowering period, AHDB has announced it will run its sclerotinia infection risk alerts service again this season to help growers better target sprays. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Based on observed and forecast...
  10. Corteva Updates

    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader

    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader The need for innovation will be key for the continued success of UK agriculture, Corteva Agriscience’s Adrian Gough has said ahead of his retirement in March. Corteva Agriscience announced in...
  11. Great In Grass

    Barenbrug more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation

    With more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation, meaning you'll be dealing with a company that understands grass, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that a quality product will be delivered for you. About Barenbrug UK HISTORY Established in the UK in 1983...
  12. Corteva Updates

    Yield-topping oilseed rape hybrid demonstrates breakthrough sclerotinia tolerance trait

    Yield-topping oilseed rape hybrid demonstrates breakthrough sclerotinia tolerance trait The first ever winter oilseed rape variety with a claim for tolerance to the stem disease sclerotinia has been launched by Pioneer®, the seed brand of Corteva AgriscienceTM. Hybrid PT303 Protector...
  13. Bogweevil

    Easy to harvest soybean varieties

    A new study has shown that soybean could be more widely farmed in the UK. The report’s authors from Rothamsted Research say the crop, which is currently only grown in very limited quantities, could be more successful across southern England. Climate change will mean it could also be grown for...
  14. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  15. richard hammond

    Is there any skill in growing an economically viable crop of OSR?

    As the title asks, is there any skill in growing this awful waste of time trouble some crop?? Let me have your secrets!
  16. H

    The crop that just keeps giving

    As our rape is dying off a lot of the pods are blackening with grey looking seeds inside. Mainly upper pods which are now shedding their seeds. What the cause? What should I have done?
  17. Honest john

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very quite on here so far.
  18. gpj.greed

    Peas and Beans within a rotation

    Hello, Last year I grew a few peas for the first time with reasonable success and have subsequently put some more in this year. We also grow beans along with OSR as break crops. I’ve been advised not grow more than one legume within a five year rotation to avoid building up a sclerotinia...
  19. snarling bee

    T2, anybody using Revystar??

    Is anybody going to use Revystar at T2, would a low rate work as well as a good rate of the slightly older chemistry if you spend the same ££. My best wheat is Extase, so Revysol would be a bit OTT, but I have got a decent block of Crusoe which might benefit.
  20. M

    It's raining. ?

    I can't be one to complain because we had a lovely 7mm last weekend but the wind soon took it away. But had hopes for this weekend tho forecasters have put us just on the side of any of the proper rainfall. So who has had meaningful amount of rainfall,,,,,,,,, 2mm so far and hoping for more