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    AFBI issues Nematodirus warning for Northern Ireland

    Written by Rachel Martin The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Veterinary Sciences Division has issued a warning over Nematodirus in Northern Ireland. Nematodirus worm infection in young lambs is a seasonal risk to lambs; however, this year, the institute warns larvae are hatching...
  2. H

    TB testing

    Have just completed first test of three . We have ,yet again had a casualty which I'm convinced is due to the TB testing . A good cow has aborted twin calves . . Does anyone else suffer losses like this around TB testing .
  3. Chickcatcher

    UV treatment sanitation

    Is UV treatment of water enough or do others use further water sanitation into Broilers. How dose one ascertain whether there is a need for added sanitation solutions into water supply? All tests I have done indicate no pseudonyms in the incoming water. (perhaps pseudonyms is wrong word) but is...
  4. Headless chicken

    Cheapest way to mop up protein

    I’ve been a bit slow on reducing the protein in the cake and made a balls up because the silage is sky high in protein. Due a load of cake next week so that will help somewhat but we still need to mop up some protein to keep the cows happy. Milk is dropping like a stone currently and the cows...
  5. Aspiring Peasants

    Rumen Fluke

    Sent a muck sample off to test for fluke and they there's no sign of liver fluke ,but there are rumen fluke eggs. Vet says this is not common and we've not had it before. Treatment apparently is Zanil. Just wondering if anyone else has experience of it and what they did
  6. C

    Feeding cold milk to calves

    I’m renting a shed for calf rearing 15mins from home..Iv no way of warming water at the shed..has anyone fed cold milk replacer to calves?? These calves come to me at 4 weeks old. Or is it a non starter??
  7. Cows 'n grass

    Scepticemia in calves

    Calving was going a bit too smoothly until a couple of days ago when calves started dropping dead at less than 24 hrs. There's nothing a bit ill, they're either a picture of health or dead. We're calving in three sheds at the moment and this is only affecting one. My vet thinks there is...
  8. D

    Lamb feeding tube

    Just bought a new one. Is it just me or is a rubber tube hard to push down the lambs throat. I got on well with the more plastic type ones.
  9. P

    Pregnant ewe lambs, condition score 4

    This is my first time lambing ewe lambs. They've been on grass and hay. I've just penned them up to see how they're getting on and they're generally fat. I'd guess average of four ("edge of short ribs feels like the edge of a palm ") They've six weeks to go. Should I aim to slim them down...
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    Best practice for stomach tubing

    Written by Agriland Team The calving season is a busy time of year on farms, as calves on many farms are now being born around the clock. Ensuring a calf receives adequate colostrum can often be time consuming, so many farmers choose to use a stomach tube for the first feed. Not only does...
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    How to avoid an outbreak of scour

    Written by Agriland Team We are entering the thick of the calving season on dairy farms across the country, and as the number of calves on farms begins to grow, so does the risk of a scour outbreak. Scour is the leading cause of death in calves under three months-of-age. An outbreak of scour...
  12. T

    Keeping lambing pens clean

    What’s the options sling with fresh straw daily to use in conjunction with straw to keep pens bug free?
  13. D

    Red tractor consultation on standards

    Firstly aplolgies. I've tried to go through the red tractor thread on the other section but it just looks like it relates to arable. What do people think of the new standards trying to be imposed? Fair or going over the top? With all the data they are trying to get why aren't they setting up...
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    Having all the essentials ready for the calving season

    Written by Agriland Team With the busy spring-calving period already started on some farms, it’s time to complete the final jobs and complete a run through of what equipment will be needed throughout the season. Checklist Calving pens: It is an obvious point to make, but the calving pens...
  15. J

    Help sourcing synulox bolus

    Hi all, new to this forum however I am hoping some of you may be able to help?! We have been using synulox bolus to treat scoors here on our farm for years and have found them very effective, however now our veterinary practice has decided it is against their policy to supply them! Our main herd...
  16. C

    Ewe passing water

    I’ve a bunch of ewes inside ready to lamb in couple of weeks . A couple of them are pooing what looks like dirty water it’s not what I’d call scours, they’ve gone very lethargic and won’t come to eat . They’re on silage and cake , not like they’ve had much cake and got acidosis , any ideas ...
  17. Jerry

    Cow colostrum vs powdered -lambing

    Does fresh/frozen cow colostrum have any pros or cons over powdered alternatives?
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    Steps to follow when feeding calves

    Written by Agriland Team The calving season will soon be starting and with that comes the feeding of calves. A well-fed calf is better equipped to fight off the challenges that come with an immature immune system. Here are some steps to follow to get your calves off to the best start. Use the...
  19. Wobblebox

    Can you fit brajes to a non braked axle?

    Ive just bought a water bowser and seen the axle isnt braked, is it possible to fit braked hubs? Its an 8 stud Josef Rinner Attersee axle Im hazarding a guess i need to scour ebay for a braked axle
  20. T

    Ewe lamb bleeding from vulva

    Checked on my ewes and noticed a ewe lamb bleeding from her vulva. She’s had a jippy tummy recently and thought it was coming from her bottom at first but on closer inspection it’s definitely from her vulva. I wiped it clean with a bit of dilute hibi - no little cuts or scrapes evident, so...