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    Steps to follow when feeding calves

    Written by Agriland Team The calving season will soon be starting and with that comes the feeding of calves. A well-fed calf is better equipped to fight off the challenges that come with an immature immune system. Here are some steps to follow to get your calves off to the best start. Use the...
  2. Wobblebox

    Can you fit brajes to a non braked axle?

    Ive just bought a water bowser and seen the axle isnt braked, is it possible to fit braked hubs? Its an 8 stud Josef Rinner Attersee axle Im hazarding a guess i need to scour ebay for a braked axle
  3. T

    Ewe lamb bleeding from vulva

    Checked on my ewes and noticed a ewe lamb bleeding from her vulva. She’s had a jippy tummy recently and thought it was coming from her bottom at first but on closer inspection it’s definitely from her vulva. I wiped it clean with a bit of dilute hibi - no little cuts or scrapes evident, so...
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    Longer shelf life for new calf scour vaccine

    Written by William Kellett A new licence claim for Bovilis Rotavec Corona means broached vials of the calf scour vaccine will be able to be used for up to 28 days after first opening of the immediate packaging. MSD Animal Health says this will mean greater usage flexibility for UK cattle...
  5. bobk

    Ivermectin , covid cure

    Commonly used in Asia , sounds well dodgy
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    What is Johne’s disease?

    Written by Agriland Team Johne’s disease is a bacterial disease of cattle and other ruminants for which there is currently no cure. Johne’s is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). The bacterium affects the guts of cattle which causes diarrhoea and...
  7. L

    Calves stopping drinking.

    I know there have been a few conversations on this topic several years ago, but none seemed to address my problem. Two cows calved and owing to various reasons, they weren’t taken to join the milking herd for three days. They were milked once a day with a little mobile milking unit, but their...
  8. zsnotdead

    Rotavirus question

    If I took a sample of dung from a healthy calf will it contain rotavirus
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    Longer shelf life after broaching claim for leading calf scour vaccine will mean Increased usage flexibility and reduced wastage

    Written by John Swire A new license claim for Bovilis® Rotavec® Corona means broached vials of the UK market-leading calf scour vaccine will be able to be used for up to 28 days after first opening of the immediate packaging1. MSD Animal Health says this will mean greater usage flexibility for...
  10. H

    River Lugg, Herefordshire
  11. Jackov Altraids

    The Conservative Party

    I broadly support most of what the current government have done since the last election and I don't support any political party as I'd rather they'd make the best decision rather than the one they are pre-disposed to. The point of this thread is to ask, is the myth that the Conservative party is...
  12. D

    To dual or not to dual

    Is it better to squash down half the width 2” or twice the width 1”. It’s pretty wet so anything run on will suffer. The eradicators will dig out my wheelings to some extent. Also they are big heavy barstewards that are an utter pain to get on and off, and often seem to be at the back of the...
  13. zsnotdead

    Feeding antibiotic milk to calves

    What if any are the effects of feeding fresh milk containing various antibiotics to calves.has it any adverse effects on good bugs in the calfs stomach. Does it have any negative or positive effects on calf scour,
  14. S

    Suckler herds

    Hello all, I would like to ask all of you what would you say would be the best way to start a suckler herd, what type of system for the calves e.g. finish, sell store. And to have pure or commercial types and what breed. Also autumn calving or spring calving. Many Thanks all.
  15. Holsteinfriesian90

    Transition milk powder.

    Just wondering is anyone using the transition milk powder for the 1st 10 days of life? Is it worth it or is it just another thing to carry away your money? Struggling with crypto at the moment and just wondered what you thoughts are. Cheers.
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    Whole of England declared Avian Influenza Prevention Zone

    Written by Iain Hoey An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) has been declared across the whole of England to mitigate the risk of the disease spreading, the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss has confirmed. This means it is a legal requirement for all bird keepers to follow...
  17. melted welly

    What’s the law regarding landing paragliders without permission?

    As above. Does anyone know the law regarding landing these parachute things where the bloke has a wee engine on his back to power it along? Got a situation where they are very occasionally landing in our fields to visit a bellend, sorry, I mean neighbour. I’ve just let it go in the past, but...
  18. bobk

    Vaccine has been created .

    Should have bought some shares... in anything
  19. A

    Covid and farmers

    Most of us with cattle will have been exposed to calves scouring with Rotavirus and Coronavirus. (the calves, not us). We are bound to have picked up a bit of immunity over time, so is there any evidence or reason to suppose that such immunity might also make us less susceptible to Covid 19?
  20. multi power

    Rumen fluke

    How serious a problem is it ? How is best to deal with it?

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