1. Adama News

    Protecting barley at T2

    As the illustration below shows, the traditional spray programme for winter barley is for an optional T0 treatment as early as GS23 followed by a T1 spray using a robust application of broad spectrum fungicides at GS31. The subsequent T2 application is then made at GS39-49 with broad spectrum...
  2. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Ramularia leaf spot in barley

    Pathogen Ramularia collo-cygni Hosts The disease affects winter and spring barley. The fungus is able to infect wheat and oats but the incidence and importance of this is unknown. Symptoms Ramularia shows no visible symptoms at the seedling stage, so identification within seed and seedlings...
  3. Feldspar


    Unless I've missed it, surprised this discussion hasn't started. Just about to start our earliest wheat. Have mid October Extase and Zyatt to do. Was planning CTL + epoxi, but now next week is looking wetter, do I drop some Imtrex in to make it up to equivalent of 0.8l/ha of Adexar?
  4. APJ

    Yellow rust in wheat 2020

    Finding yellow rust in our Gleam wheats this week anyone else with the same?
  5. robbie

    Winter barley 2020

    With reports of barley coming into ear early, no rain on the forecast and hot sun and a drying easterly pulling any remaining moisture out of the ground. I was wondering what everyone's doing about inputs. My barley has looked well all year so far. It went in well by mid october and got off to...
  6. CPM RSS

    Don’t ditch multi-site fungicides as chlorothalonil deadline looms

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Growers are being warned not to ditch multi-site fungicides as the chlorothalonil deadline looms, according to the latest advice from Adama. Charlotte Cunningham reports. With the final use-up date for chlorothalonil rapidly approaching, arable growers in the UK...
  7. Oldmacdonald

    Ramularia prevention, mid timing fungicide boosts.

    We had big ramularia problems here last year in both some Winter Barley, and more commonly in spring barley. The reason is mainly down to a longer time period between spray timings than was ideal. Maybe 4 weeks plus. My thinking was if I keep my main two applications at the traditional T1 and...
  8. L

    farming without an agronomist ?

    So as a lot of us im very tired of spending money on chemicals and not seeing a return for it . i would like to just bang on a pre emergence and let nature take its course as often the margins dont justify and expenditure after that . can i buy chemicals wihout been bullied into forking out my...
  9. CPM RSS

    Pioneer Pointers – Standing up to disease

    Written by cpm Download PDF With a larger-than-normal area of spring barley anticipated this year, disease control will be essential for getting the best from the crop. CPM spoke to three pioneering growers about how a modern SDHI has been helping them tackle the most yield-robbing diseases in...
  10. CPM RSS

    Theory to Field – The road to resistance?

    Written by cpm Download PDF With questions raised over fungicide resistance in OSR and the best course of preventative action, an AHDB project set out to discover the current status quo and look at the best tactics to protect fungicide efficacy in the field. CPM investigates. Additional CYP51...
  11. CPM RSS

    Spring cropping and cereal disease advice portal goes live

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Following the unmitigated wash-out of Autumn 2019 and the elevated importance of spring sown crops this year, Adama has launched an online crop protection portal to help growers tackle upcoming challenges. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Containing a wealth of...
  12. J

    Cereals...gross margin at different yeilds?

    Have been thinking recently...surely it isn't always the case that the greatest gross margin occurs at greatest yeild? Yet in the farming press, it seems that it is? We rarely see articles about lower input systems. Sorry for the random and disjoin6 thread, just thought it might be an...
  13. Chae1

    Best cropping software package

    Looking to change the software package i use to record arable side of business. Currently using greenlight grower management. But @ £400/yr subscription it seems expensive for less than 600 acres combinable crops. I use it for fertiliser/seed plans for drillman, Me. Record FYM, lime...
  14. T

    Winters on an arable farm

    So I am part of a smallish Family Farm all arable, I have an interest in another business which keeps me amused at times but what on earth do people do all winter? It’s driving me insane
  15. CPM RSS

    No Inatreq for 2020

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham The new fungicide Inatreq Active (fenpicoxamid) will not be available in the UK for commercial use in time for disease control programmes this spring. Charlotte Cunningham reports. A brand new molecule from Corteva, it belongs to the picolinamide group of...
  16. Agrovista News

    Attention to detail results in competition win

    Attention to detail results in competition win A keen eye for detail is what competition-winning Leicestershire farmers, Chris and Harvey Marshall, believe is the secret to their recent success. Not only did they win the winter wheat category of a regional NFU growers’ competition recently...
  17. CPM RSS

    A star is born

    Written by cpm Download PDF Last month marked the official launch of Revystar XE – a fungicide containing a shiny new azole, Revysol, and BASF’s flagship SDHI, Xemium. CPM takes a look at the evolution of fungicide insensitivity that the new chemistry will play a part in managing. A remarkable...
  18. CPM RSS

    Survey gives 2020 vision into wheat disease woes

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Controlling septoria; the loss of multi-site fungicide chlorothalonil; having fewer fungicide active ingredients in general; and control of yellow rust have come out as as the biggest challenges facing wheat disease control in 2020, according to a Syngenta...
  19. P

    Revystar XE

    Apparently BASF finally have a new fungicide coming to the table this spring. Works really hard which is good to know, any comments @An Gof ?? Care, Simplicity and Confidence, sounds awesome plus less reliant on perfect weather conditions which is handy.....
  20. CPM RSS

    Revystar XE receives UK authorisation for wide use on cereal crops

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham BASF’s new cereal fungicide, Revystar XE, has received authorisation in the UK for use on all cereal crops, firmly placing another tool in arable armoury. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Revystar XE contains the isopropanol-azole, Revysol (common name...