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    Multi-site fungicides crucial for future-proofing cereal disease control

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham With mounting resistance to single-site SDHI, azole and strobilurin chemistries making the effective control of wheat and barley diseases increasingly difficult to achieve, a multi-site fungicide must be included in crop protection programmes, according to Adama...
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    Real Results Pioneers – Challenge set for new chemistry

    Written by cpm Download PDF With the first new azole in around 15 years launched this month, CPM visited one of the farmers who’s been comparing it with his standard farm approach to build a picture on how it’s best used. We’ve started to look at all things around the crop, rather than just the...
  3. Clive

    TFF Group buys ?

    If we set something up that leveraged the power of forum group buying to achieve better prices how many of you would use it? Not a traditional buying group as such in that you would neither have to pay to join or commit to buy exclusively from it but more the offer of products at a price which...
  4. KWS News

    Variety choice decides agronomy spend

    Variety choice decides agronomy spend 03.09.19 After what has been a difficult year, the importance growers attach to a variety’s disease resistance is likely to increase even further. For many, the ability of a variety to resist disease has overtaken yield as the deciding factor when...
  5. wuddy

    Wheat drilling 2019

    Started today! Barrel, into fantastic conditions! Anyone else on?
  6. ajd132

    Spring malting barley N - agronomics

    Having quite a good year on spring barley and generally getting good nitrogen levels. However we generally try and guess how much N the crop will need without going over and is very hit and miss. We use a lot of organic manures also. Obviously yield is an important factor. How else can we...
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    Inatreq active – Inatreq gets closer

    Written by cpm Approval for a new fungicide molecule is anticipated later this year, adding a much-needed further option for septoria control. CPM reports from a briefing by its manufacturer, Corteva Agriscience, and bring you the technical low-down on ‘Inatreq active’. Inatreq has no current...
  8. 4

    wheat ear counts

    interesting ear counts on our wheat seed crops all more or less treated the same and all sown on similar soil type but historically the better crops have come from the kerrin and skyscraper fields with the poorer crops from the gravity field lili 5.26 million/ha1st wheat kerrin 5.61m/ha 2nd...
  9. Direct Driller Magazine

    Spring into action: Choosing Adjuvants

    SPRING INTO ACTION: CHOOSE ADJUVANTS TO PUSH HERBICIDE AND FUNGICIDE PERFORMANCE THIS YEAR How can you keep weeds and disease at bay this spring? As warmer weather arrives and the season gets underway, we explore here the role of adjuvants in boosting the performance of herbicides and...
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    Revysol receives UK authorisation

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham BASF’s new isopropanol-azole Revysol has received authorisation in Europe and will be available for use on UK markets ready for spring 2020. CPM reports. The first product containing the active ingredient Revysol has been authorised for use in the UK, giving...
  11. M


    Okay some idiot has got to do it ,,,,,,,,,,,,, :-) So a well timed T3 went on my wheats , mainly group 1 , between the 3rd and 6th of June 30 % had Teb .75. + Mancozeb 1.5 The other 70% had Proline + Teb ( rate not to hand) With a damp humid outlook for the next couple of weeks...
  12. An Gof

    Serviced agronomists, do they take advantage of the customer?

    Been to our local crop group meeting tonight which was an open book on chemical prices. I came home flabbergasted. Can you believe that there are service agronomists who are charging their customers OVER £90 for a 10L can of 500g a.i. CTL :eek::eek: They would do well to remember the old adage...
  13. Ormond

    Lush spring barley

    Ive a couple of fields of spring barley that's are very lush....what would be the best pgr to go in at and at what rate, ideally to thicken the stem and take a bit of future height of it. It's just started stem extention. I've canopy, moddus and cerone in store.
  14. Clive

    Farm Compare - beta testers required

    We are currently developing a free to use 100% anonymous price comparison engine for TFF members. In the first instance it will be for crop protection product prices only but we plan to extend to fuel, fertilizers, machinery and other stuff we all buy if it all goes well It will allow farmers...
  15. teslacoils

    Sprays And Their Cans 2018/19 Season

    You know it. You love it. I nominate whichever nob at Rotam thought that this extra bundled plastic device was a good idea. It isn't. For the few times I don't pour six tubs of product in, I have a £10 set of digital scales to use. This is single use plastic at its very worst.
  16. S

    Fungicide on first spray

    Does everyone put a fungicide in with the weed spray on spring barley, we never used to and still got good crops Agronomist thinks we should, not that it has any disease just thinking I could save the £8-£9 a acre!! Just wondering what others do??
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    Growers get a chance to win a place on an innovation tour to Agritechnica

    Written by John Swire After the successful innovation tour to New Zealand in 2018, BASF is offering growers using Adexar and Librax the chance to win one of 40 places on an innovation tour to Germany in November. The tour will focus on farm efficiencies, profitability and sustainability to...
  18. News

    Don’t neglect late season fungicide programmes and timings

    Even in times of low disease pressure late season fungicide programmes need to be well planned and timely is the advice from Hutchinsons technical director David Ellerton. Moderate disease levels in wheat in 2018 due to the hot, dry summer generally resulted in cost effective but lower yield...
  19. Colin

    Total wheat spend

    Looking at the t1 thread spend varies massively. What is everyone spending on pesticides , everything being equal I will be about 220/ha this year, thats everything from herbicides to roundup if required.
  20. Feldspar


    Have flag leaf poking out by about an inch in 6th October drilled Siskin. Anyone care to venture how long until its likely to be ready for T2? @Fromebridge, is NIAB doing leaf emergence predictions for T2 timings (I guess it's not so tricky as T1)? Thinking of doing the equivalent of 1 - 1.25l...