1. GAM

    New Ley reseed.

    If I reseed this coming spring with a Hay mix, when will it be ready for making hay? I was told that if I reseed in the spring, I can't cut for hay until the following year, but if I had reseeded in the Autumn then I could cut for hay the following year! All answers greatly appreciated...
  2. J

    Has anyone planted Beans and Maize together?

    Interested in this concept. We only plant around 20ha a year for forage, and I saw something about inter cropping beans into maize and the beans climb up the maize stalk. Whether it would work or not would be the question, higher protein would be one good thing, something that Maize severely...
  3. devonbrion1998

    Ant Hills ?

    Hi All, Has anyone got any nifty way of dealing with ant hills in old pasture? I cant plough it as its conservation My thoughts were to drive up and down scooping them with the loader bucket, or a digger and maybe some kind of drag harrow with a leveling bar on the front, but really not sure...
  4. C

    How much land does it take to pay an employees wages ??

    just pondering On an arable farm How much land could one man look after himself ... using an extra driver to corn cart and perhaps using targeted contractors to do certain jobs From that scenario How much extra land would you need to justify a full time employee ??
  5. C

    Grass reseed - roll after heavy rain?

    Hi TFF, Just put in 30 acres of grass, power harrow / seed box combination, scratched in by tines on the rear. Herbal ley, with grass, plantain, clovers. Straight into maize stubble, so clean seed bed. Normally I would ring roll twice immediately after, but heavy rain has stopped play. It'll...
  6. D

    ELMS: Learning the lessons from history. Policy Discussion Document 230620.pdf PP 8 - 10: Lessons learned from previous schemes Over the last two years we have been developing high level scheme design proposals, building on lessons learnt from previous...
  7. Agriland RSS

    ‘Triple-shoot sowing’ now possible with Pottinger drills

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Placing a combination of up to three separate items into a slot in one pass is now possible with the latest drills from Pottinger. Launched as the Terrasem pneumatic mulch seed drills, these latest machines from the company’s tillage stable are able to...
  8. D

    Im moving to Orkney, 1st time small holder - Gimme that knowledge

    Good Morning folks, Long-time lurker, one of those that only posts when they want something! So here I am to try to benefit from the years of knowledge available on these boards, ideas i've not thought of, focus the mind and maybe make some contacts, i figured im going to be using these boards...
  9. J

    uk going gm

    no thread on this? it could be the biggest elephant the eu could restrict all your ag exports let alone the carry on here in irl with the border