1. Agrovista News

    Sartorialâs resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial

    Sartorialâs resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial Excellent establishment and impressive early vigour helped Sartorial winter wheat top the yield stakes in Agrovistas recently harvested variety trial at Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Sartorial achieved a treated yield of...
  2. Green oak

    Looks like I’ve got no black grass this year.

    Brilliant first year for like ever. Nothing in stale seed beds. And nothing since Drilling. I love this weed free farming. Like the good old days.
  3. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus - Rob Raven

    The phrase “Regenerative agriculture” is a relative newcomer to our collective vocabulary, and although it roughly describes the type of farming I attempt to practice, it is not a phrase that sits easily with me, as it is so vulnerable to being hijacked by special interest groups, and can mean...
  4. Hutchinsons News

    Tips to mitigate the impact of high fertiliser prices

    Tips to mitigate the impact of high fertiliser prices The unprecedented hike in nitrogen fertiliser prices, fuelled by surging wholesale gas markets, has left many farmers questioning how to reduce the inevitable impact this will have on 2022 crop margins. The cost of ammonium nitrate and...
  5. G

    Starting to get worried about the wet weather ?

    Here in my part of Yorkshire it is raining every day, im starting to get worried about getting drilled up this autumn again .Hows everyone else doing ?
  6. Farm Business RSS

    Carlisle maize trials target new ways to boost yields

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Maize growers and contractors from across the northwest got an insight into the latest varieties and growing techniques when Hutchinsons opened the doors to its Carlisle Regional Technology Centre in Cumbria this month. It is the 12th year that...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Added reasons to not rush into winter cereal drilling this year

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland It may be tempting to drill winter cereals promptly as soon as conditions allow, but there are multiple reasons not to drill too early this season if you have grass weeds, says Paul Gruber, regional technical manager for agronomy firm, ProCam. High...
  8. N

    Anyone else not started drilling yet?

    seems everyone making clouds of dust. had less than 10mm since mid July, hardly a vounteer has chitted, grass burnt to a crisp. after bad blackgrass last year, plenty of seed return. am i the only one stalling?
  9. 4

    seed prices and availability

    Im getting the vibe from from my arable pals that like everything else the price is rising but more concerning is the availability and delivery time , are others in the same boat waiting for seed
  10. Ormond

    Vaderstad rollers views

    Looking to buy a set of rollers, just hired up to now, the ones I hire 24” rings 8.3m do a good job especially on dry seedbeds after spring barley. Looking at a set of 10.2m vaderstad , I’d like to do more rolling on winter barley coming out of winter and these would fit well to my 20m...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Warm weather brings threat of BYDV for cereal growers

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The current spell of warm weather will be welcomed by almost every farmer throughout Ireland, but if it were to continue for the next few weeks, it would increase the risk of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus – BYDV – becoming a real problem within newly...
  12. Hutchinsons News

    Early Disease control in OSR

    Early Disease control in OSR Use disease risk forecasts to plan appropriate and timely spray programmes for oilseed rape crops this autumn is the advice of Dr David Ellerton, technical director with Hutchinsons. Light Leaf Spot and phoma stem canker are the two main autumn diseases of Oilseed...
  13. Goweresque

    Switch to organic farming causes chaos in Sri Lanka

    Interesting stuff going on in Sri Lanka right now, back in April the government unilaterally declared that all farming was to become organic, and outlawed the importation of agro-chemicals and artificial fertilisers. This has resulted in rampant food price inflation as crop yields are set to...
  14. CPM RSS

    Better biostimulation – Establishing potential

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Jim Stotzka As the focus turns to getting 2022 crops in the ground, CPM takes a look at how learnings from Frontier’s BioPlan programme could help boost new crop establishment over the coming months. Seed treatments are a key vehicle for the early...
  15. phr49

    Ergot in Spring wheat

    See Ergot tolerances have been tightened up this harvest does this mean if you can see it on lump of wheat it will need dressing out or is there some guidance say 1 ergot kernel per kg of wheat is too much ? If it has to be gravity separated to remove how much per tonne can you expect to pay ...
  16. J

    Planting undressed wheat

    Advice please what is everyone’s views on planting wheat without dressing, I’ve had it tested but concerned about the high level of fusarium please see test results attached
  17. Deere 6430

    Horsch Terrano FX

    I’m looking forward views on the Horsch Terrano FX mounted cultivator please. Good points and bad points about them. if anyone has a 3 meter one for sale then I would be interested or if there is something better than a Terrano FX
  18. sheepdogtrail

    Implement price increase in the UK.

    I have been recently looking at purchasing some new seedbed prep tools here in the US and I am seeing a 40% - 45% increase in prices over last year for new equipment and new machines that no one has in stock for the sizes that I am looking for. Everything has to be ordered now for Feb/March...
  19. C

    Herbal leys for dairy cattle grazing

    Moving over to herbal leys here for dairy cow grazing (holsteins on conventional system). Drought prone soil and low summer rainfall are main reasons. Lots of advice out there but seems more beef/sheep than dairy focus. So for dairy cows... Who's got them? What do you put in them? Are the...
  20. T

    Cheap Winter Bean Establishment

    Looking to grow winter beans for first time this year, completely fed up with beet . Just wondered what the cheapest way of establishing them is while still getting a decent yield, not got a direct drill but open to ideas. Some going on lovely light black land , others going on heavy sticky c**p...