1. C

    Breedr Livestock Trading

    Never heard of them till last week....any one know anything about em....see one of the Frome Market guys has moved to them...
  2. Ffermer Bach


    What are the opinions of Stabilisers, for a grass based system, selling weaned calves or store cattle, with maybe a Charolais or Blonde bull used on them? I nipped into the Stabiliser stand at Groundswell (really to get a cup of tea! but started to chat to the fellow on the stand), and that got...
  3. will6910

    Which investment is better currently

    I currently have a small dilemma. I have sold some off my store heifers and done not Brilliant. So Im going have to graze the remaining 9 heifers for the summer to get more weight on them. So il have 9 heifers and then ewes and lambs. I can’t see how il have grass for them all without some...
  4. jacobl741

    Pedigree Limousin Bulls
  5. daveydiesel1

    England,scotland and wales donedeal alternative

    Over here in ni/ireland lots of people use donedeal to advertise items for sale like cars,construction equipment and everything to do with farming. Is there a mainland uk version of this where most stuff would be advertised
  6. waterbuffalofarmer

    flock dispersal

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to let my beloved flock go. For more details please pm Thank you
  7. C

    Selling cows at market

    Hi, i am new to this and I am just after abit of help. I have a small holding and have entered a few Angus steers I have in bakewell market on Monday. I have never taken any before though and I’m wondering how you go on. How do you go about unloading and penning up? What happens to the...
  8. cows sh#t me to tears

    You know Christmas falls on a Saturday when...........

    You find this Saturday morning and it's 4 days minimum before the tire shop opens.....maybe. Had to park mixer tractor within easy reach of air compressor.....hopefully only tomorrow morning to go...
  9. C

    Online Auctions

    Hi, Does anyone know of an active online auction site for livestock and/or farm machinery? Just that all the ones I've found so far don't seem to be used...
  10. S

    Pedigree hereford bull
  11. Chasingmytail

    4yr old Angus bull ready to go

    I have a lovely temperament angus with Rawburn breeding. Im open to sensible offers. Closed organic herd. Very easy calving. Details are on sellmylivestock. Im in SE Wales close to M4 junction 27.
  12. Formatted

    30 AAx Stores/Calves

    30 AAx Heifers, 6-7 months, TB4, £420. BN443DZ
  13. Chasingmytail

    Quality Easycare Ewes wanted

    Looking for about 30 ewes - not lambs. Left it a bit late in the day I know but our numbers after culls etc dwindling. Cashflow at mo doesnt warrant a big investment plus anything bigger needs to be organic.
  14. Chasingmytail

    Value of my Lakewood angus bull

    I have 2017 angus bull ready to go. Been serving us well. Kept his some of his offspring Sire: Rawburn Rainy (Roth Regulator & Prairelane Rosebud) Dam: Lakewood Daisy (Rawburn Tranformer & Rawburn Duchess) Great temperament. Easy calvers. Absolutely no issues so what price do I sell...
  15. Tim W

    Exlana x tupping ewe lambs

    1000 Exlana cross shedding ewe lambs @ £130/head almost all good enough to tup [email protected] 07880 983593
  16. C

    Store lambs Primera, Hampshire and exlana cross store lambs. Early April born Double vaccinated with ovivac p+ Healthy lambs looking nice and even £85
  17. Tim W

    Exlana ''Data Driven'' Elite Ram Sale

    Put the profit back in your sheep enterprise by taking the cost and work of wool away If you want to know what it's all about come to the sale and speak to the many customers who have bred this simple trait into their flocks Tuesday 3rd August 2021 Come to the sale or bid online from the...
  18. Spuddler

    Livestock finance

    Looking into livestock finance to speed up expanding my flock. Am I mad to even think about this or is it quite common? Feel like it might be a “he who dares wins” time. But who knows what’s round the corner.
  19. Guiggs

    Crossing over to the dark side!

    So I have taken my first steps towards not having to deal with wool and the people that remove it, the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned! Not the best pictures I'm afraid, they obviously haven't had a lot of human contact!
  20. K

    Getting started with sheep

    Hi all I'm interested in getting about Herdwick ewes with lamb at foot to fatten up and sell - I've got a few acres of good grassland to use. Please could I have any advice - lambing, what you need to do in terms of injections - do I need an ATV/trailer, and if so, which one? Are Herdwicks OK -...