1. Guiggs

    Crossing over to the dark side!

    So I have taken my first steps towards not having to deal with wool and the people that remove it, the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned! Not the best pictures I'm afraid, they obviously haven't had a lot of human contact!
  2. K

    Getting started with sheep

    Hi all I'm interested in getting about Herdwick ewes with lamb at foot to fatten up and sell - I've got a few acres of good grassland to use. Please could I have any advice - lambing, what you need to do in terms of injections - do I need an ATV/trailer, and if so, which one? Are Herdwicks OK -...
  3. O

    Easy calving A.I bull

    Looking at getting some limousin semen from genus or cogent for some Angus and limousin X heifers, any recommendations? Must be easy calving, or any other breeds?
  4. Old Spot

    Cow/calf units (sale).

    I am planning on selling 20 odd units. comercial cows, most Angus/lim dairy crosses 3 or 4 calf, with Stabiliser calves at foot. what age should I let the calves get. do they fetch more if back incalf again. is Cirencester market good for this or maybe Worcester, Hereford or Ross. or...
  5. F

    Advice - selling ewes with lambs at foot

    Hi all I will have approx 60-70 full mouthed suffolk X Mules with texel lambs at foot, mainly twins, few singles.... And also 60-70 NCM 6T ewes with mainly twins few singles at foot to sell. They are lambing at the moment and the query I have is how best to group them up in the fields, will...
  6. ih1455xl

    Wanted shorthorn bulling heifers

    Looking for 8-10 shorthorn heifers to bull
  7. Loftyrules

    Wanted Weaner Pigs

    2-3 weaners wanted for home rearing. Not too fussed on breed to start with but would rather native and potentially rare if possible Located in South Wales, can collect but delivery would be preferred
  8. spin cycle

    shetland sheep for dummies

    don't ask why/how :rolleyes: but i find myself looking at a shetland ram for lets say 'niche' purposes :rolleyes:......might he though be any good as a maternal though
  9. H

    Weaner pigs

    Looking for 2 or 3 weaner pigs not too far from Hereford .....not pot belly ,mini or any other such things ! Must be gilts or castrated males
  10. Bald Rick

    Jersey Thread - For all things Jersey

    About time the best breed had its own thread After all, they have the best hairstyles ...........
  11. Hilly


    Any herds forsale here or anywhere ?
  12. Woolless

    Highland cattle

    Looking to expand our embryo suckler herd in the next few months. My son is very keen on Highlanders, which weren't part of my plan. While we are hardly the land of milk and honey (700ft, exposed coastal, thin soils), I think they might get too fat and have issues even though they would be...
  13. J

    This farming life

    New series of this farming life starts tonight on BBC2 apparently!! Any new families on? Any of you new celebs hiding on here?🤫
  14. Tim W

    Exlana Elite Cyber Sale ---12 noon 4th August 2020

    It's the first Exlana Elite Ram Sale ---buy elite wool shedding rams whilst sitting on your favourite sofa Buy them online, get them delivered (just like Amazon ;) ) and don't worry about the cost of wool again
  15. Z

    Stabiliser heifers with calves at foot. Pm if any information required. Thankyou
  16. Chasingmytail

    Price per outfit please

    Whats the sensible price to sell a Angus x shorthorn in top condition with calf at foot (May). On average the cows are 5 - 6 years old. Excellent health BVD/IBR free. Easy calvers. Looking at Sell my livestock and prices seem to range around £1400 but Ive been offered £950 by agent. Which...
  17. J

    How hardy are easycare sheep?

    Just wondering if people are running easycares on hill farms quite high above sea level? I know they are supposed to be quite a self sufficient animal but would they do on a hill farm? I’m not talking like a moor or anything but like rough allotment land etc
  18. X

    Finishing Stabilisers

    Got a small batch of these and was wondering how people finish them? I've read about ones piling the meal into them, but my understanding was from the blurb on the Stabiliser website was that they are very efficient. I see from facebook that James Evans has his 100% grass fed. What systems are...
  19. hendrebc

    Thinking of changing to shedding sheep. Change my mind.

    As the title really. Almost certain I'm going to stop using lleyn rams to breed replacements and getting some exlana or easycare rams instead of them. Lleyns aren't doing anything wrong but I tried an easycare X exlana ram in 2018 and some of his daughters have lambed this year. They didn't do...
  20. J

    livestock haulage Norfolk to Devon

    Got any suggestions who I could ring for quote?