1. Jon

    Sencrop radar.

    Anyone else with sencrop apparatus have to zoom out to see the radar map ? Since the latest update I always have to zoom out to see any approaching storm, which is a pain, particularly if in a tractor trying to judge when it'll rain again !
  2. moretimeforgolf

    Sencrop accuracy

    Anyone else struggling with a Sencrop rain gauge. I’ve had mine for about 3 months, it’s level and free of debris yet I’m certain it’s inaccurate. Take last nights rain, old fashion rain gauge reads 25mm but Sencrop tells me 17mm. On other occasions it’s been raining yet Sencrop says 0.0...
  3. J

    weather station

    Looking for a decent wireless weather station, don't want to spend a huge amount (£200?), what would people suggest? Cheers
  4. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  5. steveR

    Wireless rain gauge?

    Just wondering whether to treat myself to one that can be put up in the garden on a pole. I don't want a full weather station, just external temp and precipitation, and I've found several on Amazon for 30-50 quid. But got a question... do they empty the water collector automatically? If so, how...
  6. W

    Website for total rainfall

    Which sites for total rainfall on a postcode?
  7. Sencrop News

    Stand Sencrop - Test the connected ag-weather station

    SENCROP Stand: 236 Sencrop is an innovative company based at Euratechnologies (Lille – France), Europe’s third largest startup accelerator. More than 10 000 farmers are using our connected ag-weather stations to receive the current and predicted temperature, humidity, wind speed, as well as...
  8. CerealsEvent

    Cereals LIVE direct to your screens 10 - 11 June

    Cereals LIVE direct to your screens 10 - 11 June Cereals LIVE is almost here, with brand new exhibitor content, high profile speakers, a broad seminar programme and the opportunity to socialise and earn CPD points. Whether farmers are looking to see the latest crop varieties, learn about...
  9. CerealsEvent

    Drive efficiencies with precision farming at Cereals LIVE

    Drive efficiencies with precision farming at Cereals LIVE Farmers are continually striving to improve efficiencies and precision technology provides the means to do so, which is why Cereals LIVE is showcasing the very latest advances. From data analysis and variable rate applications to...
  10. Agritrade News RSS

    Consolidation in Europe’s digital weather network

    Written by Jamie Day Sencrop, the French local weather data provider that is now used by over 400 British farmers, has acquired sensor specialist Visio-Green which is also based in France. As a result of the acquisition, it says over 10,000 farmers will be able to connect to Sencrop’s...
  11. CPM RSS

    Sencrop acquisition creates “Europe’s largest real-time farm weather network”

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Sencrop, pioneer of ultra-local, on-farm weather data, has announced the acquisition of sensor specialist Visio-Green, creating what’s claimed to be Europe’s largest real-time farm weather network. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The recently announced acquisition...
  12. Farm Business RSS

    Sencrop acquisition creates Europe’s largest real-time farm weather network

    Written by John Swire Sencrop, pioneer of ultra-local, on-farm weather data, has announced the acquisition of sensor specialist Visio-Green. The acquisition allows more than 10,000 farmers to connect to Sencrop’s data-driven platform, consolidating its position as the European leader in...
  13. Chae1

    Best cropping software package

    Looking to change the software package i use to record arable side of business. Currently using greenlight grower management. But @ £400/yr subscription it seems expensive for less than 600 acres combinable crops. I use it for fertiliser/seed plans for drillman, Me. Record FYM, lime...
  14. Headless chicken

    Wireless weather station

    Any suggestions on a decent weather station. I’d like to be able to see it on an app on my iPhone and look at rain fall data etc. Basically I want to be able to try and identify drought issues before we’re in them so I can make better decisions. Been looking at the netatmo station but not...
  15. Chickcatcher

    2019 rainfall so far North Herts South side of Chilterns

    Feb 25 recorded so far this year 40mm, same time 2018 75mm I tempt fait will it be a dry year. 145Kw produced off of 40Kw Pv install on 24/2/19 install is a shallow angle.
  16. R

    Triton direct seed drill

    Went to see this drill yesterday it do's a fantastic job it was rock solid clay just like a road it went in and lifted all the clay into a fantastic seed bed with out mixing the top soil, The seed slot was closed tight but not sealed to tight to stop germination , The spring beans that were...