1. puppet

    Chris Packham, Top Guy

    Looks like Chris Packham is going to be the Scottish hill farmers new best friend. He even quotes the the NFUS line about right tree, right place. He criticises the blanket Sitka plantations with a barren habitat underneath which risk decimating hill farming communities because of generous...
  2. L

    Small caravan site dilemma

    Thinking of putting a small 5 pitch caravan site in, water no problem but the only thing I can't seem to find any straight forward info about is what do people do regarding toilet waste ? Any help would be great
  3. Agriland RSS

    NI’s new Beacon Farm Network begins carbon footprint benchmarking

    Written by Rachel Martin The newly-established ‘Beacon Farm’ research network has begun work establishing a benchmark for carbon sequestration in Northern Ireland. Government policy and public pressure has seen a recent focus on reducing carbon emissions and achieving net-zero. However, the...
  4. Goweresque

    Clarkson vs the NFU Which will have the greater pro-farming impact on the UK public, the NFU (or indeed CLA et al) and all its efforts or Jeremy Clarkson making one program about what farming is really like? Discuss.
  5. paul&mandy


    Need to run lambs through something for scald. Can get them on concrete or short dry grass. We use a rappa mobile yard with a double race setup. What do you all use to footbath ewes and lambs? Need to walk through not stand so a big ish bath ideally. About 3000 to walk through.