1. F

    Ewes, no lambs!

    Just been through the lambing shed to see how many are left to lamb and I’m horrified how many there are with no lambs, either lost them early on on the root field, rotten/bad lambing so left with out a lamb or had no milk. We lamb 550 indoors, Welsh mules to texel Tups and got 25 running...
  2. Agriland RSS

    First ‘European Wool Day’ to be held this Friday

    Written by Agriland Team The European Wool Exchange Foundation (EWE) is holding its first European Wool Day this Friday (April 9) virtually. The aim of the event is to celebrate wool, providing an opportunity at European level for networking and learning from other countries. On the day, Irish...
  3. Smokey16


    Hi I farm suckler cows but i bought 120 llyen ewes last year and ran texel rams with them iv got some cracking ewe lambs I would like to keep back for breeding what poeple thoughts on what breed of ram to put them to I was thinking either back to a texel or llyen ram or a aberfield ram
  4. Scholsey

    Docks and rotavating

    Anybody get on well rotavating to destroy docks? Getting more and more docks in our leys and being organic obviously cant spray and even if i could i dont think i would want to with high clover %s we have.
  5. gellis888

    What's standing grass for silage worth this year?

    Ground I'm farming with sheep is currently really under stocked as it was took on in September 2020, sheep were over wintered outside and the grass wasn't performing well. So, this spring and summer I'm going to have a huge surplus. A neighbouring farmer is short of silage ground this year and...
  6. Bald Rick

    Farming and the ageing process

    Comments in the H&S thread got me thinking as I’m now within a few months of turning 60. I suppose I am increasingly a bit of a liability. I won’t drive tractors unless forced to but any machine has to be hitched on for me; Mechanical jobs take me longer as I like to get everything just so -...
  7. G

    Pelvic measure.

    Looking at keeping some Angus and limousin bulling heifers back this year. We've never pelvic measured before, but would like to know is it worth the expense and does it reduce calving problems? Tia
  8. Farm Business RSS

    Shepherding change

    Written by John Swire A scientist from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), who started her working life as a shepherdess, has received a prestigious award from the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP). Dr Joanne Conington, who has developed novel breeding programmes for the sustainable...
  9. Farm Business RSS

    New UK Field sales manager at Stocks

    Written by John Swire Stocks have appointed Tim Farrow as UK field sales manager for the Stocks range of wheels, tyres and applicators. A classic tractor enthusiast, Tim has worked in agriculture his whole life. He began his career as a machine operator and service engineer, then ran his own...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Northern Ireland working to secure PGI status for ‘grass fed’ beef

    Written by Agriland Team Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) chief executive, Ian Stevenson, has confirmed that work is progressing to demonstrate that Northern Ireland’s beef industry readily meets the grass-fed criteria laid out by Bord Bia in the specification contained within the Republic...
  11. B

    Joint ventures.

    Good morning.... joint ventures/contract farming. How do they work? Has anyone got experience and willing to share a example of how they work one. I’m in my early 30s. Always wanted to farm in my own right. ( I know many people will have a opinion on this how ever it is what it is ) farming is...
  12. Matt

    Abp's health and welfare questionnaire/survey for sainsbury's

    Anyone else had a email asking for a short (20 mins) health and welfare survey for sainsbury's. Plus another survey which takes longer so they say. Wanting medicine usage ect. Wanting it for 2019 and 2020. I haven't done it yet. But my first thoughts is what the hell is red tractor doing...
  13. Jonny_2

    Sick Ewes

    Another sheep conundrum! 10 days ago we gathered a ewe up that had been out with her lamb 4/5 days, walking round in circles, star gazing and stumbling. Caught it up and its mouth was rammed with un-swallowed grass. Within 15mins of fetching it in and ringing the vet she had filled her gob...
  14. S

    Getting extra calcium into ewes

    Have read on here that vets are saying that a lot of ewes are low in calcium this year. Was getting on great here with not a single prolapse a week into lambing however today have had to put harnesses on 4 ewes. Also this morning had two ewes with dead pairs as ewes not opened up properly. Not a...
  15. Henery

    Anyone swapped a 3.2 Ranger fora biturbo 10 speed?

    At risk of starting a Pickup debate ...... as the title says, is the 2 litre 10 speed a step forward?
  16. Clive

    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    This industry has a tragic safety record, what can we all do that may improve this ? lets use this thread for suggestions ? some maybe unpopular with others (I know mine will be !) but surely we can’t continue watching so many loose their life’s trying to produce a bit of food my top 3...
  17. C

    Young huntaway bitch for sale

    Reluctant sale of our lovely pure huntaway bitch, Jess, 19weeks old, fully vaccinated, from working parents, she is almost house trained, good on the quad, pickup and tractor, shown a keen interest in cattle and sheep already, been rounding poultry up too, very vocal. Knows basic commands like...
  18. steveR

    Introducing a rich herbal ley to Youngstock?

    I am about to lob a small group of AAX heifers onto a DD herbal ley that has come well over winter, especially where I slipped on 10-15 units of N on /ac in Feb. Massive difference and that includes all the legumes and chicory in the mix too... How best to introduce the stock onto the land...
  19. Sandpit Farm

    Source of tall mesh

    I have a sloped paddock where I keep some partridge pens and I was thinking about fencing an area off for some hens (I have some Orpingtons that are running totally free in some woodland so it’s just a matter of time 🦊). My plan was to put in some extra long posts with godfathers on the corner...
  20. S

    Grass Keep

    Apologies for the long post...So I rent 40 acres of grass (all year round) a couple of miles from the farm so quite handy, for sheep grazing. I have a further 14 acres from the same people as grass keep from April 1st until October 31st. I take the sheep off mid September though as don't want...