1. S

    Maincrop or stubble turnips

    Which would be best for mid June sowing. To be grazed after Christmas by lambs. Usually grow stubble turnips but the early sown ones are getting quite woody towards the end of the season. Thanks
  2. P

    Hoofsure Endurance

    Anyone use this stuff on sheep? any good? claims to work on all foot issues including codd? tempted to give it a try this wekend as have lambs with scald .
  3. S

    Ewe sponges

    Just wondering what brand of ewe sponge people are using and how they are finding conception rates on the ones used.
  4. A

    Borehole Water Tank - Remote Level Monitoring

    Our borehole is near the house and pumps to a tank at a higher ground about 600 to 700 metres away and probably 70 metres higher in elevation, the water then flows back via the same pipe to feed house, barns and various troughs around the place, pump is on a time switch set to pump a 2 to 4...
  5. Agriland RSS

    Disqualified farmer guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to sheep

    Written by Agriland Team A disqualified farmer in Gloucestershire has pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a sheep which inspectors found dead on his farm during an unannounced inspection Keith Barber, aged 72, of Joys Green, Lydbrook, also pleaded guilty to failing in his duty...
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    LMC chief executive goes international

    Written by Richard Halleron Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) for Northern Ireland chief executive, Ian Stevenson, recently took part in an international Food Systems Dialogue. The event was hosted by Meat and Livestock Australia, in conjunction with the Global Meat Alliance and the...
  7. B

    England Woodland Creation Offer from the Forestry Commission

    Funding for trees and natural regeneration of woodland.
  8. F

    Sheep Scanning

    Anyone know of any sheep scanner that are like ultrasound type, that don't cost an arm and a leg, or any general purpose but mainly for sheep.thanks
  9. F

    Lamb Price/Future

    Hello, fat lamb seems to be doing well now. How do people think it will stay for the rest of the year, stay up go down? It it worth getting store lambs now at the price fat ones were last year or it it quite risky? Specifically interested in NI but interested to hear about other parts of the...
  10. spin cycle

    what should i pay per 4ft round bale

    .....contractor cuts...i turn....then contractor bales + wraps...6 layers :)
  11. farmer james

    Bl**dy Sheep

    The ultimate sheep; for the shepherd good looking, and very good figures ( the best for a ram lamb in the flock for 5 years) For his flock mates, sheep god status, he died just as the shepherd was starting to dream of what a ram he could become, plus he did it under the tree so it took me an...
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    Police urge the public to ‘respect the countryside’ after increase of criminal damage to farms

    Written by William Kellett Police in Leicestershire have said that reports of criminal damage has “almost doubled” since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and they have urged the public to respect the countryside while out on walks. Leicestershire Police said that there had been a sharp...
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    Government launches new measures to crackdown on livestock worrying

    Written by William Kellett New measures to crack down on livestock worrying are to be introduced in England and Wales through the Kept Animals Bill introduced to Parliament today (Tuesday June 8). Livestock worrying is when a dog attacks or chases livestock on agricultural land or is at large...
  14. Marsh lad

    Kelpie x cocker spaniels

    5 Kelpie x cocker spaniels pups for sale Mum is a working kelpie - works our herd of sheep. Dad is working cocker spaniel. Due to the nature of the breed these pups must go to outdoor / working homes only. Would make a brilliant shooting/ working dogs Won’t be ready to leave until 4th July...
  15. Whoflungdung

    Situation Vacant Gfw required 3 bed cottage S Devon

    General farmworker required on diversified beef, sheep and arable farm in South Devon. 3 bedroom cottage available near to good schools. No special skills required, just an aptitude for work.
  16. Agriland RSS

    Taking the pressure off by weaning lambs

    Written by Michael Geary As we move further into the season, the task of weaning lambs will most likely be on the to-do list for many sheep farms over the coming weeks. Once lambs get to between 12 and 14 weeks old, farmers should consider weaning them off the ewes. By not doing this, it...
  17. Henarar

    Agricultural personal number plates

    They seem to make a lot of money for what they are. Always thought it was just posers that would have such a thing. What do others think ?
  18. roscoe erf

    Woke anti-agricultural brigade

    Which anti woke brigade words really push your buttons cows raped for cheese
  19. H

    Foreign aid reduction.

    Is anyone watching newsnight is currently giving the govt a good run for the proposed reduction in foreign aid. How much more can the tax payers of this country be expected to take?
  20. baaa

    Re-directing cattle farming advice/views

    Hi to everyone, I'm based in Brittany, France. I farm sheep over here. I have a farming friend with a 400 acre farm, who has recently sold his Montbeliarde milking cows, after 30 years of milking on the farm. He is now looking to redivert his farm business whilst keeping cows and cattle as...