1. Yorkshire lad


    After Paterson , Hs2 and today’s embarrassing performance When and who will stick the knife in Boris.
  2. Jack Russell

    Grouse moor management

    If they were to ban burning the moor, could it be managed by flailing? Could that be seen as a sensible alternative? Cheers
  3. W

    Feeding sugar beet

    anyone on here feeding sugar beet to cattlw or sheep ? anyone know or have a rough Idea of the value of it ? It seems pretty cheap compared to fodder beet this year
  4. Agriland RSS

    Northern sheep trade: Lamb prices continue upward trajectory

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland The sheep trade in Northern Ireland (NI) continues to strengthen with lamb prices between October 30 and November 30 increasing by 52.6p/kg. Like what is being in the south, lamb prices have been enjoying week-on-week increases over the last number of...
  5. T

    Hexasol for in lamb sheep

    Does anyone know if Hexasol is safe to give to in lamb sheep? I know Alamycin is okay but need an anti-inflammatory as well and this is what I have to hand.
  6. Grassman

    Very dry autumn.

    Might not be all over the country but we here in derbyshire are having one of the driest autumn's I can remember. Can still go in fields with the telehandler and hardly make a mark. Wonderful😃👍 How's yours?
  7. Clive

    Spend some money for me !

    Have a few items on a shopping list to help ease logistics next harvest / drilling campaign, looking to source used and would appreciate suggestions/ collective help of the forum to help me find them 1) Grain trailer - 20t (24-25 cube) with easy sheet and hydraulic door / air and abs - prefer...
  8. unlacedgecko

    Organic draft ewes and organic store lambs

    Will be looking for large quantities of both next autumn. Long term relationships preferably. Any contacts here or via pm much appreciated.
  9. DieselRob

    New stock box and possible law changes on headroom

    I’m going to be looking at getting a tractor drawn stock box with sheep decks, probably new or good s/h. There was a lot of noise being made about rule changes on headroom a while back but it seems to have gone quiet recently. Have they been scrapped completely or just put on the back burner...
  10. D

    someone writing in the Farmers Weekly has FINALLY got it

    Courtesy of the Farmers Weekly obvs: Joe Stanley Opinion: Blaming livestock for global warming is ill-informed As some 400 private jets carrying the world’s climate-conscious business and political elite – plus the prerequisite sprinkling of actors – touched down in Glasgow, and a chap with a...
  11. Agriland RSS

    British Wool looks forward to the Royal Welsh Winter Fair

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland British Wool are looking forward to attending the Royal Welsh Winter Fair at the showground in Builth Wells next week (November 29 and 30) and visitors to the British Wool stand will have the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the work being...
  12. Northumberland

    Career options for the ageing shepherd

    Looking to the future post 55- 60, I can't see me continue to manage as a contract shepherd or employed shepherd. No plans or wishes to retire but what options will there be? Work beyond farming seems alien but I'm not naive to think the body will want to fight sheep into retirement. Ideas thanks
  13. Farmer mk1

    Old tennant won’t leave

    Good evening folks. I have a problem on a tenancy we have just taken on and I don’t know how to go about getting the outcome needed. I’m hoping that someone will have some bullet proof answer which I can use to get me where we need to be. The problem is that we took a farm on at the start of...
  14. Bury the Trash

    Cordless drench gun ?

    Anyone use one , well for sheep mainly and it looks like Tepari are the only ones i guess ..... and bluetooth one to qualify for the grant .... :unsure:
  15. F

    Mobile dipper on new government grant scheme.

    Mobile dipper option on new grant scheme, £5616 towards cost of new machine. Based on Portaquip design plunge tank I believe at a cost of approximately £24000. Anybody out there got any thoughts on this?
  16. M

    Turning cattle out ??

    Bought some 6 month old stirks that have not been out before.. Is it ok to put them out this time of year with rest of the cattle as we have so much grass to graze off or is there risks with cold nights coming??
  17. Pan mixer

    Cull Boar and sow prices

    I booked some into the main place in the country that takes these today. Fortunately it is not too far away. Three weeks ahead price; Boars 5p per kg, sows 15p. I may unbook them.
  18. C

    Grazing inlamb ewes on osr

    Been offer some feilds of rape that a chap drill and has failed only about half to a 3rd has grown. He wants what's left grazed off before he drills wheat in the feild would it be safe to graze inlamb ewes on this. There is also volunteer barley which had been sprayed off and gone yellow? Thanks
  19. oakleaf

    Hedgecutters and electric fences.

    Yesterday I was cutting behind the single strand electric fence on a nearby dairy farm. From time to time the hood of the hedger made contact with the wire and a spark could be seen. Now my tractor is 24 years old so I am not particularly worried, but it just got me wondering whether this...
  20. F

    Large round bales

    Hi all was considering getting a large round bale slicer can you all advise me if I open a bale of silage or haylage slice it for feeding to goats ,sheep and cattle how long before bale will go off Cheers