shooting permission

  1. Vermin Control Services

    Vermin Control Services

    Do you have vermin problems on your land? I am currently living in Colchester and a member of HM Forces and I have over 30yrs experience with Firearms. I specialise in the control of Fox's, Rabbits, Squirrel's, Pigeon's and Corvids. I hold both Shotgun and FAC using the latest technology to...
  2. J

    Lancashire airgun / shotgun permission

    Im looking for permissions around Lancashire for vermin shooting or rough shooting (willing to pay a fee). I’m 22 fully insured shotgun licence holder and also have air guns. If anyone has suitable or or requirements for vermin control please drop me a message and we can discuss further. Thanks
  3. Scaleyhunter

    Shooting permission

    Permission sought from land owners / Farmers etc Wirral / Chester Area to shoot vermin rats etc with PCP air rifle sub 12ftlb, Day /Night. Over 60 years shooting experience both private and in HM Forces. Now retired NHS nurse with time to spare if anyone would like to use my service then I am...
  4. L

    Northern ireland rabbit pest control

    Hi all, im after permission to control rabbits, i will travel anywhere in NI, i will do it for free, i can use ferrets, nets, dogs or the gun whatever you prefer, im also insured with the countryside alliance. Thanks for reading
  5. G

    Looking for shooting permission in Stafford

    Me and 3 work buddy’s have been shooting air riffles for over 10 years we specialise in pest control and have been of service to many farmers in the Staffordshire area but as we haven’t been in since the first lockdown we’ve lost touch with previous land owners who gave permission is there...
  6. V

    Vermin/Pest Control

    Do you have any vermin problems on your land or farm? If so, I can help you!!! I am a courteous, patient and intelligent person by nature, always willing to learn, and follow instructions to the letter. Living in Essex and willing to travel. I ask nothing in return or I can pay a fee for the...
  7. S

    Seeking shooting permissions in Devizes and surrounding areas.

    Do you want free pest control?? I am looking for local land permissions to shoot on, this will be with a non FAC 12ft/lb air rifle, I am an ex soldier who has been shooting for years, from high powered rifles to BB guns. I would like to help you by keeping your pest population down for nothing...
  8. D

    Shooting Permission

    Hi I am looking for pigeon shoot permission on private land for myself and my friend. We both are SGC and FAC holders and shooting for long time mostly in Yorkshire areas. We hold 4x4 Land Rover cars and can travel in rough and tough areas. We are based in Leeds and can travel upto 60 miles...
  9. C

    Shooting vermin

    Email: [email protected] I have lived in the area of Chatteris (Cambridgeshire) for over 20 years, and I am a keen shooter. Until recently I have been fortunate enough to have gained permission to shoot casually on land in the St Neots area, this land has recently been sold and I am...
  10. S

    [Lancashire/Merseyside] Air Rifle Shooting Permission in return for web design?!?

    Hello all, I'm looking for air rifle shooting permissions in Merseyside and Lancashire. About me: 18 years experience shooting Fully insured (£10 million public liability) Self employed Located in Southport I'm 30, I've been shooting (targets) since I was a kid and already have a couple of...
  11. R

    Shooting Permissions Wanted Lincolnshire & South Wales

    Hi, looking for Rabbits & Pidgeons ideally but happy to take care of Rats/ Corvids as well. I'm in the Army ( based in Lincs) but live in South Wales so anywhere in between is feasible. I have a air rifle & night vision so there'll be minimal intrusion and I have insurance.
  12. G

    Pigeon and crow control - Wiltshire

    Fully licensed and insured. Able to help keep pest species from damaging agricultural land and depleting crops. Free of charge, all edible game dealt with by local game dealer, no waste. Reply to thread or call Greg on 07899735300.
  13. T

    Shooting permission around Teesside

    Looking for shooting permission to help out with any pigeon problems close to the Teesside area, as I live in Stockton-on-Tees. Any interest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Email: [email protected] Phone: 07909776401
  14. B

    Pest control/shooting permission wanted - Leicestershire

    Hi, I am a 23 year old man who has been shooting most of his life, I am fully insured with country cover club, and I am looking for a shooting permission. I have a .22 air rifle (sub 12 ft-lbs) for grey squirrel, rabbits, and rats. I am also a shotgun certificate holder and would be able to...
  15. T

    Shooting permission around Teesside area

    Looking for shooting permission to help out with any woodpigeon problems. Live in Stockton-on-Tees so would be able to help in any areas close to Teesside. My email is [email protected] Any interest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. K

    Looking for land to shoot on.

    I'm currently looking for someone that could give me permission to shot in their land in and around county Armagh closer to portadown the better. Im willing to pay a fair price
  17. B

    Looking for permissions in wiltshire.

    Hi i am looking for permissions in wiltshire area or someone that needs help shooting pigeons,crow,rabbits,jackdors. I have a hw100t and have the basc members cover and very mature and sensible. If the land owner or the person i go out with want anything i shoot you are more than welcome to...
  18. D

    Pigeon & Crow Control

    Hi l am based in South Yorkshire and looking for permission to shoot pigeon and crow. Fully insured, member of both BASC and Countryside Alliance. All own equipment. If you need pigeons and crows controlling; drop me a call or message on 07774488218. Or email [email protected]
  19. J

    Land wanted

    Hi Guys, Im looking for land for a shooting Lease or syndicate for deer & game. if anyone could help Id be most grateful or if you may know anyone please pass on this info. Im looking for a new lease as Ive lost my permission this year. Im wondering if you may be interested in the below. I...
  20. Neil_Hw100

    Shooting permission Teesside/North Yorkshire/County Durham

    Hi all, I know everyone always starts with how careful, responsible, honest they are etc etc, While this is true I don’t like being cliche. I live in the Teesside area and have a permission near Northallerton but the rabbit population has dried up. In short I’m looking for some new...