1. T


    Hiya, name is Tom, I am looking for a location to shoot vermin. I am both Sec 1 and Sec 2 licence holder and a keen outdoorsman. Very considerate, sensible and polite. Reasonably flexible with time and work around the farm. (Shift worker). Live in Colchester and have been brought up on country...
  2. D

    Shooting Permission

    Hi I am looking for pigeon shoot permission on private land for myself and my friend. We both are SGC and FAC holders and shooting for long time mostly in Yorkshire areas. We hold 4x4 Land Rover cars and can travel in rough and tough areas. We are based in Leeds and can travel upto 60 miles...
  3. C

    Shooting vermin

    Email: [email protected] I have lived in the area of Chatteris (Cambridgeshire) for over 20 years, and I am a keen shooter. Until recently I have been fortunate enough to have gained permission to shoot casually on land in the St Neots area, this land has recently been sold and I am...
  4. G

    Pigeon and crow control - Wiltshire

    Fully licensed and insured. Able to help keep pest species from damaging agricultural land and depleting crops. Free of charge, all edible game dealt with by local game dealer, no waste. Reply to thread or call Greg on 07899735300.
  5. B

    Pest control/shooting permission wanted - Leicestershire

    Hi, I am a 23 year old man who has been shooting most of his life, I am fully insured with country cover club, and I am looking for a shooting permission. I have a .22 air rifle (sub 12 ft-lbs) for grey squirrel, rabbits, and rats. I am also a shotgun certificate holder and would be able to...
  6. T

    Shooting permission around Teesside area

    Looking for shooting permission to help out with any woodpigeon problems. Live in Stockton-on-Tees so would be able to help in any areas close to Teesside. My email is [email protected] Any interest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. R

    Pest Control Service

    Hi, My name is Ruaridh, I moved to Edinburgh recently to work in a fieldsports shop and I am looking for permission for pest control in Fife, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian or Borders. Able to travel respectable distances. I have an air weapon, firearm, shotgun certificate and BASC...
  8. R

    Willing to pay landowners for pest control/rough shooting

    Hi all, sorry my first post is a request. I am looking to strike a deal with landowners in Northants/Lincolnshire and anywhere within practical distance of Northampton for decoying/rough shooting. Willing to talk money/return favours through PMs and happy to meet to discuss in person. I am...
  9. Cassidy12

    Vermin control - Permission wanted

    I live near Titchfield in the south and have recently got back into shooting. I’m looking for a permission to shoot vermin. My services would be completely free and I would be available for any help if required. All live stock and land would be respected and I would contact you before I arrived...
  10. S

    IT / computer support in exchange for deer stalking / pest control permission in East Angia

    I am an IT consultant and keen deer stalker. I can offer help with your IT requirements and problems in exchange for shooting permission. I hold DSC level 1 and have public liability insurance. I am extremely safety concious, respectful and courteous. I appreciate the trust being placed in me...
  11. R

    Pigeon Crop Control

    Hi. I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone is having a problem with pigeons on crops and would like them controlling. Im based in Shropshire but I don't mind traveling to help someone out. I've been shooting since a young lad so very experienced and also fully insured. I always leave...
  12. J

    Crop protection pest control north yorkshire.

    Looking for some pest control north yorkshire free off charge lots of experience and a good shot. Give me a call on 07513558831
  13. M

    Seeking Shooting land in Northern Ireland

    Hello. seeking land to shoot vermin, foxes, rabbits, crows etc, I live in Co Tyrone, willing to travel.
  14. P

    Deer & fox for you

    Hi all, Just a quick notice to offer deer and fox control to landowners, who have had enough of shooters reneging on promises or just after making their own money. Myself and my Wife are both professional people and following a successful last year, have a bit of free shooting time to help out...
  15. J

    Looking for new permissions

    Looking for new permissions within the Lancashire Area I offer a professional and free pest control service, helping to remove vermin discretely and quietly, using supressed air rifles. I am fully insured with £10m Public Liability Insurance through BASC So Please feel free to contact me on...
  16. Granit

    Land Owner Permission

    Hello everyone I'm new to this site and was seeking a little advice if possible. I live in Harrow, London, I am willing to travel up to 40 miles radius. I'm looking for farmers who have rabbit control problems on there land who need help reducing numbers and rodents,rabbits,birds etc I'm a...
  17. G

    Shooting permission Staffordshire

    Shooting permission required for Vermin control. Very discrete and BASC member with insurance Controlled under night vision with very proffesional equipment
  18. Gizartious

    Sporting Rights Wanted - Central Scotland

    A 'long shot' (terrible sense of humour)... for farmers/land owners in the central Scotland (ideally North Lanarkshire or Fife) area. I am part of a small syndicate looking to secure a permanent home (+let days) for next season (2019/20) and was wondering if anyone with circ.150+ acres would...
  19. The Business Barn

    Optimism among UK shoots...

    Results of the Savills Shoot Benchmarking Survey released this week, have highlighted optimism among UK shoots ahead of the 2018/19 season. The report produced in conjunction with the Game and Wildlife Trust which includes data from 130 shoots throughout the UK captured during the 2017/18...
  20. Bigboots

    Shooting Permission County Durham Area

    Hi I am a 44 year professional and own a PCP .22. air rifle; I would like to practice shooting within the permitted boundaries of private land. I am a registered member of BASC and fully insured. I would appreciate if any landowners would allow me to access their land for this purpose. I can...