1. H

    Micro Dairy

    Looking to set up a very small Micro Dairy or probably around 3-4 milking cows to run as a sort of diversification project along side working. I'm keen on a beef cross or maybe a fleckvieh type breed to use, milking once a day. Can anybody tell me what sort of yield I would be looking at for an...
  2. hubbahubba

    Buying a bull thats related to a current bull?

    I am interested in buying a bull tomorrow thats related to one of my current stock bulls that we keep heifers from. The bull.for sale has the same grandad as my current bull. Theres actually 16 bulls for sale out of 100 that are related to my two bulls. So if i can get this correct - i could...
  3. H

    Milking Parlour’s Upgrade Dilemma

    Looking for opinions on my current parlour upgrade plan, a bit of background we currently milk in a eleven rear old 32/32 Delaval herringbone parlour, Auto I’d, Auto Seg. We do a full routine regards prep and achieve good results and always have two people milking, throughput is about 100 cows...
  4. B

    Wanted in calf suckler cows

    Looking for a 10 to 15 in calve cows or heifers don't mind x breeds thank you
  5. B

    Wagyu beef

    Is wagyu beef worth a punt or is it pie in the sky