1. M

    Hybrid organic dairy/beef

    Are any members aware/know any farmers who milk a small herd of organic cows and use all the milk to rear large batches of organic calves. I visited a couple of farms doing this in France in 2006/7 where is was quite common to milk 20/30 cows and feed 60/80 calves, the calves looked super...
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    Major prices paid at Royal Ulster Beef and Lamb Championships

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland A bumper entry of livestock attracted tremendous crowds for the 2021 Royal Ulster Agricultural Society (RUAS) Beef and Lamb Championships. Taking the top honours in the calf ring was Chris Johnston, from Fivemiletown with his homebred baby, heifer...
  3. P

    Suckler cows &straw

    Feeding our cows straw and molasses just now as short of silage. Not something tried before. How long before they need to go back onto silage? Galloway & shorthorn cows, newly weaned & housed, calving April/May.
  4. W

    Is there a living in suckler cows

    Sitting here wondering if there would be a living to be made with suckler cows, on rented ground and rented sheds, with bought in fodder With calves sold store.
  5. Greythundercloudys

    Stirling bull sale.

    It's on the Web cam,
  6. W

    Calf sizes from different bulls

    Hi everyone, my first post. I have recently started assembling a suckler herd, and I have the opportunity to buy a bull from a neighbour who has some unfortunate health issues and is packing the job in. The bull is a cross between a pure breed BB heifer sired by a pedigree AA bull. we all...
  7. johnspeehs

    Suckler cow condition

    What 's everyone's opinion on changing spring calving suckler cows condition? Doe's it cause any problems letting them loss condition for a few months after housing for cows calving in February? Reason I'm asking is we had a lot of calving problems this spring and I put it down to the cows being...
  8. spark_28

    beltex x texel onto mule ewes

    Yes or no. Would some of the lambs end up being slightly on the smaller side come August/September to be sold live Been having a debate with a friend of mine, his lambs off a texel were more than good and ready to go in August, I’m not sure he will achieve anything by putting the beltex in...
  9. FarmerDanny1989

    Blonde bulls

    Looking for semen from blonde bulls Whitefield Leader, Druk Lance, Blackwater Jockey and a bull I would like to know if semen has been collected from or will be is Hallfield Plato bought for £12000 recently?? Iv A.I’d 22 cows mainly blue X/Lim X to Hallfield Fanfare Iv high hopes for these.
  10. brettsacks

    Dairy cows for 100% Forage System

    Hello All, We are looking at starting a dairy herd, initially comprising of 10 cows and building up to 40 milking cows. Our cows' diet will be 100% forage based and they will also be out-wintered. As such, we have given a lot of consideration to the breeds that would work for our system. We...
  11. brettsacks

    Extracting Milk from Receiving Jar with NO Milk Pump

    Hello All! I know this is possible - as I worked on a farm (in the USA) with no milk pump for a year... However, no dairy technician in the UK has been able to assist me with this... The crux of this is, we want milk to travel from the receiving jar straight into the cheese vat. Our milk is of...
  12. J

    when do people put creep feeders out

    when do people put creep feeders out
  13. B

    Swollen briskets in heifers

    Have 6 heifers we AId end of June. 5 look to be a bit swollen in there brisket to me. There covered with bravoxin. Looking for people thoughts.
  14. Juggler

    Highlands & other breeds...

    Up to a few years ago I bred pedigree AA, prior to that, ped Lims & Blues also, never in my life did I envisage asking about keeping highlands but times change, and so have I. Anyway, small farm, there will come a point in the not too distant future where no-one will be home during the day...
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    Randox Farming reports £6.1 million losses

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Northern Ireland based pharmaceutical firm Randox’s farming operations have reported post-tax losses of £6.1 million over the last year and a half. The accounts for Randox Farming LTD., which were published this week, cover the 18-month period ended...
  16. Derrick Hughes

    Grandad's Farm Sale

    Grandad's Farm Sale 1953 I can't believe how dear those pigs are , how much is that in today's money ? He farmed 10 acres had a farm shop bakery and sold all he produced through that.
  17. D

    Beef shorthorn vs Speckle park.

    Hello, on a farm on Ireland and looking to get a new bull for my heifers for first carvings. Most of them are Hereford’s and two Belgian blue cross. This will be the first time I have put them in calf. I was wondering what you’s think would be better a beef shorthorn bull or a speckle park, pros...
  18. D

    What happened to Ken Morrison's farm

    Ken Morrison retired to farming & built a state of the art modern farm with Beef Shorthorn cattle, who is farming it now?
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    Great Yorkshire Success gives hope for September Balmoral

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland The prospect of 26,000 people gathering for England’s premier agricultural show might have seemed like wishful thinking this year, but the success of the Great Yorkshire Show is bound to give confidence to others. The 162nd Great Yorkshire Show took...
  20. News


    The countdown is on to this year’s Great Yorkshire Show which has been further adapted to meet Covid-safe guidelines from the Government. Show organisers have been working closely with North Yorkshire County Council Public Health and Harrogate Borough Council to ensure the event can meet strict...