1. UTV Products

    JD R series led deal - limited time

    Limited time offer post from another social media page. As an example if you buy the six bracket mounted rear work lights for an R series - you get the two top corner facia mounted ones FREE. Please share with other John Deere R series owners if this not for you. Thank You. #utvproductsltd...
  2. Agriland RSS

    Kuhn round balers to test and weigh bales in the field

    Written by Justin Roberts Kuhn round balers are now available with the option of a humidity sensor to help maintain bale quality and baler performance. The meter can be specified on KUHN’s VB variable chamber balers and VBP BalePack variable chamber baler-wrapper combinations. The device can...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Introducing a multi-cut silage system – CAFRE

    Written by Richard Halleron College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) dairy advisors have issued guidance to milk producers in Northern Ireland on how to best manage a multi-cut silage system. Richard Gibson confirmed that paying attention to cut and wilt times will help boost...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Don’t let this year’s weather impact your silage quality

    Written by William Kellett Despite the wet weather so far this month, the cold nights and dry, sunny days experienced in many parts of the country through April, have meant much slower grass growth. With first cut delayed on some farms to allow grass growth to catch up, this year, more than...
  5. Agriland RSS

    Multiple cutting will deliver superior quality silage

    Written by Agriland Team According to silage consultant Dr. Dave Davies, grass should be cut when it has a dry matter digestibility (DMD) value of 73% and multiple cutting is an added advantage to deliver better quality silage. “This represents the best balance between protein content, sugar...
  6. Farm Business RSS

    Could maize replace grass silage shortfalls?

    Written by John Swire The cold and dry conditions in April significantly reduced grass growth. Many farmers were forced to take very early and light cuts of first cut grass silage as fields failed to bulk up as expected. Although recent rain came at the right time for aftermaths and could help...
  7. L

    32ml pipe.

    I’ve got 1km to roll out. Is there as easy way ? 150 m rolls
  8. Keepers

    Internal ruptures in ewes, contributing factors?

    Apart from the obvious, just being very large, triplets etc Anything anyone has noticed that may contribute towards a ewe becoming more prone to having an internal rupture? I had one last year, but this year I have had four, all in very large ewes, carrying triplets and one with a twin. Set...
  9. Jerry

    Who's worried about the lack of dry?

    😂😂😂 💦💦💦 could do with it to warm up mind!!
  10. F

    SURVEY: Silage Yields

    Hi All, A friend of mine has been a having a few problems with the cold weather for silage yields, as you have remarked about on here. I am interested to know how much of this is replicated across the UK. I have put a survey together if you could fill it in for me that would be awesome...