1. nivilla1982

    UK, US and Australia launch landmark security pact
  2. B

    4 day week Scotland proposes 4 day week Thank goodness for that, who’s going to explain to the livestock, could be more than a few unhappy milking cows around.
  3. Pringles

    Pillar Drill.

    Any recommendations for a decent pillar drill to take up to 13mm drills? Ideally we would like a bench mount but open to suggestions ,
  4. 24/7 farming

    Battery Boosters...

    Looking into getting one, however nearly fell of me chair when first search found me ones at nearly a grand!!! Since found a few around the 300 mark which I could justify. Will not be needing it to start anything big, a few cars that don't move very often but when they do usually need a jump...
  5. jondear

    Honiton show

    Who's going ?.Not the best weather ! Two days this year .
  6. G

    Which mower

    Looking to change our 9 foot mower for something similar or a foot wider. Must be a disc mower and without a conditioner. What is the best out there please?
  7. bassetts

    plasma cutter

    Ideas please on your machine I'm looking at this one...
  8. U

    Single phase mig/stick welder

    Hello all looking at getting a welder have done the course in mig welding and have done some stick and plan on doing the course in it to. Anyway was looking at getting a welder and was looking at a welder that does both. I'm running on 13amp plug but how much would it take to fit a 16amp? Can...
  9. scrubbuster

    Lely vs Krone Tedder

    Still plenty life in my Lely 770 (I hope!) Just thinking for the future. Can still get a 770 in Fend colours but would be tempted to get 8 rotors next time if my work load stays the same. What's the experience of Krone? Mostly for hay making
  10. Stags Agri

    Dispersal Sale of Tractor, Quad Bike, Trailers, Range of Farm Machinery & Equipment - Bolitho Barton, Camborne, TR4 9NS - 13/07/21

  11. R

    Belt rake wanted.

    looking for a 2m belt side delivery rake ( heublitz,, molon, JF) if anyone has one would be interested. I know they are common in Europe but difficult to find a good one in the UK.
  12. T

    Malone or Sip 4 rotor tedder

    Thinking of buying either a new Malone or Sip 4 rotor tedder. Are they both good tedders or is one better than the other ?
  13. Devon lad

    Pottinger novadisc mowers

    Looking at buying a used 3m pottinger novadisc mower. It’ll be mainly for pre-mowing in front of the dairy cows and the odd field for silage, would only really cut 5 acres in 1 go, but still need it reliable. Blades need to be easy to change. Would it be to heavy for a JD2650 4WD? Some of our...
  14. andybk

    New small drum mower ?

    Small farm here , been happy with our old PZ165 just one incident where we lost the saucer on a tree root , are all the new various copys , same design ie sealed gearbox bearings , removable cover (4 bolts ) or any to avoid for being cheaply made .thanks
  15. Cmoran

    Tanco mower thoughts?

    Been looking at the new Tanco triple mower setup I’m wondering what are peoples thoughts on it. To me it seems a good idea as I already have a tractor fit to drive it. I’m still on 2 trailed mowers but will be looking to speed up the job in the future. I know it’s new and probably best give it a...
  16. M

    Sedating a wild steer

    My father who recently passed away had a heard of 18 highlands. As he slowed down with age he let the cattle go, either to other breeders or to the dinner plate. The final pair left was an old bull and a companion steer. The bull died last year after taking a tumble off the hillside and getting...
  17. fiat 9090

    whats the best 4 row tedder

    hi,im just wondering what is the best 4 row tedder fo tedding out heavy ten ft silage swards ,a sh one and 4000 of a budget and about 200 acres max over ten weeks 30 acres per day will be the max we will need its just a few of our customers have asked
  18. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  19. W

    Kv or mchale mower conditioner

    Mounted 3m which one would you go for?
  20. Andrew1983

    Supply chain issues?

    What are you waiting for that was due days/weeks/months ago? I had months to wait for parts for a hedge cutter ordered in January arrived end of March! A new combi drill ordered October due March still hasn’t arrived, pins for the power Harrow tines on the old one took about 3 weeks arrive, the...