1. W

    Kv or mchale mower conditioner

    Mounted 3m which one would you go for?
  2. Andrew1983

    Supply chain issues?

    What are you waiting for that was due days/weeks/months ago? I had months to wait for parts for a hedge cutter ordered in January arrived end of March! A new combi drill ordered October due March still hasn’t arrived, pins for the power Harrow tines on the old one took about 3 weeks arrive, the...
  3. hendrebc

    Mig welder advice please.

    I'm fairly competent at arc welding but have never used a mig or know anything about them. Are these cheap sub £100 ones any good? I don't see me doing much with it but I do need to fix a hole in the exhaust of an old tractor here so I've taken it in my head to do it myself because I can't do a...
  4. Jsmith2211

    Air Impact Gun

    Hello, looking for suggestions as to what air impact gun to buy. I have a 9.6CFM compressor atm, will be upgrading that once the new workshop is built. I have a rather expensive set of 3/4" impact rated sockets i had to buy as i needed a 35mm socket... so my question is this, should i buy a 1/2"...
  5. rdr123

    Best Plain Disc Mower?

    Looking at getting a plain disc mower (no conditioner), as should be able to get one that's 13ft-14ft, mow quicker and generally less to go wrong (hopefully!). We have a 6 star tedder to turn it if needed. Are there any makes that are better than others or some that really should be avoided...
  6. Hilly

    Air compressor

    I need one with 13cfm , a lot of them don’t tell you cfm, litres ? Anyone know of any good ones for sale 13cfm offers or anything .
  7. Chris F

    Most popular TFF Member - for last 30 days - Round 3 or 4

    So here we go again... On offer every month is a TFF Mug and 20 TFF points for the winner. The winner is the highest number of likes in the last month. Here are the results for Round 3/4 (I've lost track) with congratulations to @Hilly Username Likes Received @Hilly 2050 @Bald Rick...
  8. tomlad

    Shop compressor

    Hi. Been considering a bigger compressor, poss 3 ph Seen this locally , probably 1 mile away. I have shook on it so bit late asking I know. Looks basically same as this 300 ltr Tank, think motor was 14 amp ? Biggest...
  9. bobk

    Recommend me a mig welder please

    Gas/ no gas , 3 phase or single ? not professional but farm use , thin stuff and biggish stuff . good all rounder , thanks
  10. HolzKopf

    Farm bike - do you have one?

    Steady, steady, no googling otherwise you'll come up with something completely unintended o_O Anyway, I tend to walk around the place a lot. With dog, without dog. If it's a job and a tractor isn't needed then it's the old Hilux. But what about a bike? Not the pedal type, one with a motor...
  11. JCMaloney

    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    One of the joys of working for the NHS is exposure to lurgy`s. I`m normally in fine fettle, not had a day off sick in my 14 years in the job. Until yesterday. Felt a bit "blurgh" on Monday but thought it was just a cold or the like, no reason to panic. Work on my own in my own office so...
  12. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  13. james ds

    How good are Sip rakes

    Ive looked at a new Sip rake , a 7.5 mt model, they look like a good strong rake , they come with a two year warranty, how good are they. How do they hold their value compared to the class or krone of this world .
  14. Kiwi Pete

    "Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

    :oops: Eh up! The idea of starting a thread about Holistic management has been on my mind for ages, if I am honest. Lets start by me putting my cards on the table - I have NO formal training, NO books, and NO interest in starting big wars on which way is best. I do, however, completely and...