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    Tillage: Are you practicing a five-minute fallow policy?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Many UK tillage growers now practice what they call a ‘five-minute fallow policy’ as they strive to improve the sustainability of their farms. In practical terms, this means going in with the seed drill to plant cover crops as soon as the combines...
  2. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus - Clive Bailye

    R and R ………….. September 2021 Harvest 2021 was the second in succession where the combine saw no rapeseed through its 12m header. At least this time it was planned, as not an acre was planted following the 100% loss of our 2020 crop. This we redrilled with Linseed after finding most of the...
  3. Direct Driller Magazine

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming Spring barley profits from improved soil biology and structure Detailed trials assessing a broad range of regenerative farming strategies on a progressive Durham farm are putting some solid science into efforts to improve arable...
  4. B

    Chrismas Food Thats Declined Over The Years?

    Got me thinking this christmas about the types of food that was eaten back in my youth, 1960s-70s that arnt so common, popular, dying out? remember dates in a narrow wooden box? nuts nuts, such as brazil nuts, walnuts, celery i remember as kids my uncles loved a nice bit of celery ?
  5. steveR

    IW Trailer with combi doors

    We are wondering about a new trailer and I have long thought a set of combination or barn doors would be really very useful on the farm. The ability to lob a pallet or IBC in the trailer easily is the motive. I think I might have seen one on a show ground somewhere, but never one out "in the...
  6. G


    Just curious to know what peoples thoughts are on Spring vs Autumn (August/September) drilling of Lucerne. To date we have only established in the spring, but no rain in May really slowed it down, the flip side is grass weed competition in the Autumn, being organic we don't have the option of a...
  7. CORK

    Variable rate N

    Hi all, I’d like to hear what people’s experiences have been like with variable rate N. I’ve been looking at the Yara Atfarm system and it looks quite accessible for the likes of me (not into too much tech and not farming 1000’s of acres). I’m not looking at this because of the current N...
  8. Bigjon44

    Winter beans

    Anyone's beans come through the ground yet??!! Planted ours back at start of November and still not showing!
  9. SR7

    Easycare sheep experiment

    Currently have 400 indoor lambing mules and texel/mules. I bought 15 sucked hoggets and 25 ewe lambs to try over the next year. Ewe lambs purchased for £105 weighing roughly 45kg in September and sucked hoggets for £150 at around 60-65kg. Tupped half with Charollais and other half to beltex...
  10. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus – Neil White

    Farmer Focus – Neil White 2021 has seen me, after 5 years, drill into cover crops for the first time. I had a big volunteer oat crop due to cutting wet oats at harvest, which I left into winter. Every cloud has a silver lining though as this then provided some winter grazing for a neighbour’s...
  11. Claydon Drills

    Claydon to launch a new 9m mounted Straw Harrow at LAMMA 2022

    The new 9m mounted Claydon Straw Harrow. Claydon developed its new 9m mounted Straw Harrow, being launched at LAMMA 2022, to bridge the gap between the company’s popular 7.5m mounted and 12.5m trailed models. Manufactured in the UK by Claydon, European market leader in direct strip seeding crop...
  12. Flat 10

    Front seed tank question

    Going to be very stupid here; but, if you have a front tank on a folding drill it balances lovely at the ends but weights the tractor down creating massive ruts if you are working on tender ground? I know you shouldn't be on the land if wet but sh!t happens. If you try to be clever and put press...
  13. A

    The benefit of rolling

    Got rained off when rolling a field of newly drilled winter wheat and it never got finished. Took this 3 weeks later slugs have hammered it where it hadn’t been rolled. Won’t make that mistake again!
  14. Defra Farming

    UK National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (Plant Protection Products) February 2013

    Details The UK’s longstanding and rigorous pesticides regulatory regime and other existing statutory and voluntary controls, incentive schemes and research programmes, mean that it is well placed to prepare a comprehensive and effective National Action Plan (NAP). The Government has communicated...
  15. Steevo

    Will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? - 7/12/21

    I ran one of these on 21st September 2021. Someone suggested running another given we have had some more recent announcements, so here it is. Same question as before: Based on your current understandings of the scheme today, will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme...
  16. N

    Feeding stuck to one side of high level 30t bin

    Have a 30 tonne Collinson feed bin. There’s a barley blend stuck up towards the top on one side? There’s no hatch at the top just a vent. Anyone experienced this? Tips to remove it? Thanks
  17. steveR

    Will a GSHP work on generator?

    Just been chatting with Herself about the after effects of Arwen and the problems of out total reliance on electricity... The property's hot water and heating comes from a GSHP, installed in 2011, and got the RHI approval a few years later which runs out (I think) next year. Both the houses I...
  18. Oldmacdonald

    When is a Christmas Party not a Christmas party?

  19. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Morning all Today we'll be publishing some information about how the sustainable farming incentive will work when we start rolling it out from next year in England. I'll post the links here as soon as they're online, and will be here on this thread over the next few days to answer your...
  20. F

    Commodities and covid

    Grain prices here last week were surging ever higher along with fertilizer prices,now with the announcement of the new variant the stock market is falling. Tomorrow will tell if commodities follow this sudden downturn. Personally I can’t see any reason for them to drop, if anything investors...