1. snarling bee

    DD Drill and SLUGS

    I had a demo of an Avatar drill in October. We drilled WW straight into straw removed wheat stubble and then continued onto cultivated ground. Compared to a tine drill and Vaderstad in the same field there is a huge amount more slug damage, both on the stubble and cultivated ground. Nothing was...
  2. Boysground

    Nroso heavy handed email

    I am at the end of my 3 year cycle for Nroso. What with one thing and another I have not managed to do as many training events as usual and ended up with 29 points. Saw this on my statement and coincidentally my local NIAB conference was last week so I popped along and signed the BASIS and Nroso...
  3. Chips

    Is ploughing bad ?

    I know being from plough manufacturer they have a vested interest but an interesting read .
  4. S J H

    Who's joining me?

    Just had the red tractor inspection, I sadly haven't passed so won't be able to sell stock at the premium. I failed on health plan, health and safety plan, haven't got a needle certificate and when the dog was wormed. The whole thing has become an utter joke. BVD testing is recommended now, so...
  5. MX7

    Most reliable/ strongest quad bike for farm use.

    As above, is their much difference between reliability and strength, irrespective of price? Same question for Gattor type vehicles.
  6. DieselRob

    How to stop using insecticides?

    How did you do it? Is it an instant cold turkey approach and hope for the best? Those of you who tell us you haven’t used insecticide for years, when you took on new land, did you treat it any different? It’s a constant battle of wills with the agronomist here, he understands my strong desire...
  7. B

    Slug pelleting

    slug pelleting. What are people charging per acre 24 meter spread. Many thanks
  8. MX7

    Why not broadcast cereals with a fertiliser spreader to save the cost of a drill?

    Now that grain drills are such a horrendous price, I was wondering if anybody of you have broadcast cereal seed on a field or two, as a trial . The work rate using a fert spreader to spread cereal seed at 24mtr or more would be a game changer. If then followed with a 12mtr wide set of heavy drag...
  9. G

    Food in the fifties

  10. Bury the Trash

    Anyone use (effectively) an electric fence against rabbits ?

    Was thinking not so much about the net that can be got but polywire 4 or so lines :unsure: its got to be perimeter fenced with electric for sheep anyway.....
  11. JP1

    Clarkson’s visitors Jeremy called the police after a visit and the call handler said if he continued with his description she / he would be forced to open a...
  12. farmerfred86

    Claydon Hybrid slug applicator

    Ive been caught out this year and feel the need to fit a slug pellet applicator to our mounted claydon hybrid. Can this apply pellets into the coulters or only via a spinning disc on top? What options are there to control via the RDS isobus screen?
  13. M

    Going rate for contract drilling

    I’ve been asked by a neighbour to drill 50 acres of beans for them as it’s too wet for their Vaderstad now. 6metre tine drill, 220hp tractor, all Labour and diesel supplied by ourselves. They will supply seed and loader. Medium to heavy land. Needs to be done to make a profit, not just to cover...
  14. cubby

    Overseeding clover

    What are the views on the best machine for overseeding clover into open swarms we have a Duncan renovator and an Erth agriseeder but was thinking more a gutter for more shallow seed depth opinions please
  15. Green oak

    Looks like I’ve got no black grass this year.

    Brilliant first year for like ever. Nothing in stale seed beds. And nothing since Drilling. I love this weed free farming. Like the good old days.
  16. MX7


    Are slugs worse with direct drilling , than with ploughing (followed by conventional cultivations) and min till? If so have any of you given up on direct drilling because slugs have been such a problem to your crops.? I only ask out of general interest ,as unfortunately it seems that taking...
  17. D

    Does DD have to be low disturbance?

    I been thinking (which in itself is quite a scary thing) if I bought something like a Horsch CO drill would it need the legs altering to do DD or would it work quite happily on the standard (duett I think) coulters? All straw including OSR straw is baled opinions please
  18. MX7

    Have you learnt how to control slugs ?

    Some of you have been direct drilling /zero tilling for many years now. So how do you control slugs?
  19. Direct Driller Magazine

    A deeper insight into soil - gamma ray spectroscopy

    Over the last two years there has been an evolution in the way that soil nutrient mapping is carried out. This has been driven by the launch of TerraMap by Hutchinsons in 2019. Terramap came at the perfect timing for farmers looking for that next level of accuracy in understanding their soils in...
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    Featured Farmer - Julian Gold

    Featured Farmer: Julian Gold Farm Manager Hendred Estate, Wantage, South Oxfordshire FARM FACTS FARM SIZE: 800 hectares MANPOWER: - 3 FARM TYPE: - Arable OTHER FARM TYPE INFORMATION: - Arable with sheep that graze cover crops and permanent pasture TENURE: - Owner occupied REGION: - South...