1. F

    Sustainable Farming Incentive Deadline Looming

    Is anyone actually going to apply for this as the time to do so is now very short? I put in an initial application, but on looking through all the details for what will be a relatively small area of land that is not in CS and is grassland only, the amount of information required and admin time...
  2. R

    First time Direct Drilling Grass

    Good evening, I'm after some advice please. First time doing this so be gentle! Earmarked a field that is performing poorly and wanting to get away from ploughing/similar costly reseed methods. Usually put swedes/kale in as a break crop but this is an additional field we're trying to improve...
  3. nick...

    Been in 11 days

    Growing some rape again this year after not bothering last year and 2 disastrous years prior to that.this is land that was not drilled last year due to the wet and ploughed in April,disced and left.variety is aurelia and drilled at 3.16 kg ha.pick with dog was yesterday at 10 days and other this...
  4. TheEarlOfMoray

    Lorry driver shortage

    How bad is it? I asked a rep to get my rape shifted asap this morning as need the space for barley but he said he would try his best but can’t promise anything due to the lorry driver shortage in the country. Personally think he’s at it but could be wrong.
  5. W

    Extase potential problems

    I have heard from my agronomist today that someone not far from me PE9 postcode, has been harvesting extase with a yield of about 2 t/ha. Apparently KwS are looking into this. Has anyone else had any problems.?
  6. CPM RSS

    Slug control – Future looks to biology

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF After many years of stagnation, innovation has been reignited in the field of slug research. CPM finds out how plant extracts, biologicals and robots could form the basis of control strategies in the future. Thyme and spearmint oil are lethal to the...
  7. CPM RSS

    Survey shows room for improvement in slug control

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine A survey of UK arable growers carried out by Adama has highlighted a greater requirement for accuracy when applying slug pellets, with application timing one of the biggest improvements needed to tackle a burgeoning slug population. Charlotte...
  8. spin cycle

    tff proper farmin group

    please add your ideas :) i'm in for ploughin....straw burning....indoor lambin....pigs indoors
  9. dragonfly

    Establishing AB15 legume mix

    I have 90 hectares of AB15 legume mix to establish immediately after harvest. I have my seed delivered and waiting in the barn. Considering the late(ish) harvest and the fact that I am following spring barley, what establishment method should I use?
  10. G

    Optimum to sow rape

    Is it to early to drill rape yet thinking go next week ?
  11. Agriland RSS

    Room for improvement in slug control strategies

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland A survey of UK arable growers has highlighted the need for greater accuracy when applying slug pellets, with application timing one of the biggest improvements needed to tackle a burgeoning slug population. The survey, which was carried out by ADAMA UK...
  12. Kernowkid

    Min till forage rape/stubble turnips

    Looking to put some rape/stubble turnips in on spring barley stubble. Usually plough and drill conventionally for sheep. But looking to keep the soil structure firmer and try and out winter some suckler cows. What’s everyone doing to drill theirs? To tight to get DD in so was thinking a one pass...
  13. bobk

    Weird french diesel

    So bought over the freelander 2 60 reg this year due to it being a bit bigger . Anyway the french fuel seems to make my fuel gauge go mental , did the same last year , fill up and the gauge drops to 3/4 , and so on Just done it again , had 1/4 full then gauge drops to nil as does the range on...
  14. whindy

    Straw raking

    I have a problem with volunteers ! Mainly wheat in the winter barley. I am thinking of stubble raking to increase the germination . But this goes against the idea of not moving any soil before direct drilling. We are in the 3rd year of dd and volunteers are becoming an issue. Or is there a...
  15. C

    Wheat expectations?

    What are everyone's thoughts then? Heard 'massive' on a different thread from south of us. May just be us, but mid/later season wheats(altitude or drill date/variety) hit by cool & wet at flowering-michodochium 15-20% florets on some ears, despite very robust (+PTZ) head spray. Earlier...
  16. N

    Sheep keep/ stubble turnips

    Thinking of putting stubble turnips in ,what is the going rate for sheep keep.not fenced.
  17. A

    Grass after wholecrop

    Planning to put a grass ley in after wholecrop barley. Last year agronomist advised to leave barley stubble 2-3weeks to green up with weeds, then Roundup and drill grass a week later. This meant grass wasn’t sown until early Sept and never really got going last back end, so much so that we never...
  18. Grass And Grain

    Establishing AB15, AB1

    Got AB15 legume fallow to establish, includes timothy in the seed mix (so can't use a graminicide). Going in after winter barley. Will the barley volunteers smother the AB15? So do I need a stale seedbed, any experience anyone? Kit available. Simba discs, power harrow combi drill, rollers...
  19. BuskhillFarm

    Which GPS??

    I was wanting to upgrade my Trimble FM250 it has great accuracy but I would like a bigger screen and something that’s easier to put field numbers in for. It’s mainly used for spraying cereal and putting in the tramlines, pre ems and slug peppering etc Options are so far. Secondhand JD 1800...
  20. P

    Establishing Catch Crops

    I'm planning on drilling some catch crops after OSR and Winter Oats this year, but am wondering how to best get them established? I'm worried about volunteer OSR out competing the catch crop, so would it be best to wait for a chit of Rape volunteers, then either spray them off or take them out...