1. hally

    Reseed Nitrogen

    Often have the question asked of me, when to apply nitrogen on a new grass reseed, in the seedbed or after establishment. Just wondering what’s everybody’s opinion on this.

    Leather jackets

    Is there anyway of controlling leather jackets other than cultivation We have a field of spring barley that has been destroyed by them. The only place there is a crop is where we did some drainage in winter and we power harrowed over the repaired drains and any dumper wheelings and the crop is...
  3. Sprayer 1

    Spring barley poor germination,

    Anyone else experienced poor germination this spring when dd with the simtech? Thinking it may of been because the soil was cold at drilling. Anyone else found this?
  4. Chae1

    What % are you today thread?

    Shamelessly taken from @agricontract YouTube channel. But I wondered if it would be worthwhile to have a thread where members could put how there feeling and why. Be a sticky at top. Don't mind if others don't think it's a good idea and doesn't happen.
  5. Hutchinsons News

    Variable rate drilling more accessible than ever

    Variable rate drilling more accessible than ever Converting a standard land metered drill into a variable rate drill has never been easier or more affordable with the launch this spring of a new variable drill conversion kit, Omnia E-Seed. Developed by leading crop production specialists...
  6. B

    Grass reseed

    At home I reseed about 5-10acres a year, currently plough with 2 furrow conventional plough then work down with seed harrows, this is due to most fields being less than 5 acres and being undulating and triangular, it can be very time consuming and I’ll like to speed the job up to do more, I’m...
  7. T

    Potato Pest

    Finding these critters in nearly every seed potato I scrat out to have a look at , usually 3 or 4 per potato burrowing in. Anyone know what they are and should I be worried ? I mean more worried than any potato growers constantly Is. Many thanks
  8. S

    US President cites cover crops in speech

    Biden's speech to Congress mentioned cover crops to counteract global warming, and paying for them.
  9. D

    The Multiplier Effect

    £1 of taxpayer money given to the livestock farmer is of greater economic benefit to UK agriculture as a whole, than £1 given to the arable farmer. Discuss. Extra marks for showing any workings.
  10. Clive

    No fungicide 2021

    nearly may and yet to use a fungicide, crops spotless clean cold, dry - could this be the first year we don’t use this group of chemicals at all ? rain could change things yet but it will need to be significant now to rebalance smd’s anyone else not applied a fungicide to wheat or barley...
  11. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  12. Jsmith2211

    Direct Drilling Vs Alternatives

    We currently plough in the stubble, and then drill with a sulky master 3 with suffolk coulters on the back of a 3M kuhn powerharrow. Works well so long as there isn't any rubbish on the surface to clog in the harrows at the back or between the coulters. We are considering direct drilling or...
  13. C

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    No significant amount of rain in the forecast. Should we be getting concerned yet?
  14. T

    Mixed Sunflower seeds

    Does anywhere do mixed Sunflower seeds? I would like to plant a few small paddocks approx 5 acres with a diverse mixture of head sizes, heights, colours, etc I can't find anyone doing something like this other than garden supplies selling them by the packet. Also could these be direct drilled...
  15. Banana Bar

    How late for linseed

    I’ve got 45 ha of linseed that I’m due to drill. Situation is heavy clay that was cultivated in the autumn with a Horsch Terrano and left, therefore it’s not quite level enough to drill into without moving it. The temp is very low and there is no rain forecast for the foreseeable future. I could...
  16. Dman2

    AB 9 Winter bird mix

    Have some of the above to sow Can use 90% cereal, so we are using oats seeing as we have some. What rate are people sowing the oats And do you mix the other seeds with the oats to sow or sow seperate. Cheers
  17. cricketandcrops

    Future cropping

    Not missing growing oilseed rape, looking at keeping things simple with wheat, barley and beans, which of below do people think is best: 1) spring beans, winter wheat, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley 2) spring beans, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley, winter wheat 3)...
  18. M

    Direct Drilling AB9 etc

    I've asked this on an older tread but not sure if it'll get spotted so try again here. Anyone here spray off their AB9 then DD the new stuff in? How long after spraying do you wait? Any replies much appreciated.
  19. L

    Reducing competition when overseeding

    We have a direct drill on a Beef and sheep unit in West Wales , and do quite a few acres yearly . We have found the use of grass coated in Pronitro ,, which is a nitrogen coating really gets things going . However we Typically we have been spraying the grass off with glyphosate , before...
  20. Zippy768

    Pre-em marks and rolling

    Finally moved into the 20th century and have pre-em markers on the drill. What's the best way to suggest to the roller man to conserve the visibility of my marks?