1. B

    Best trailing shoe or dribble bar on the market?

    Looking at trialing shoes and dribble bars, but liking the look of trailing shoe. Ideally need something that can be mounted to tanker, or used on tractor as umbilical system. Used on grass land only. What would be the best brand to go for? Anybody have experiences with different brands?
  2. T

    Paintwork warranty.

    How long would you expect manufacturers to stand by paint work? We have a 2016 baler, obviously not seen much rain as you don't tend to be baling then. Always stored in a barn, blown off before put away, washed once before now and only gently, certainly not with power washer. Not used...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Is a 15m dribble bar to spread slurry destined to become the norm?

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The fading of the splash plate in favour of ground level application of slurry has led to the adoption of 7.5m as being the standard width for dribble bar-type booms. Yet the industry never stands still, and can barely see any sort of standard without...
  4. Chips

    Joskin, Hi Spec or Major

    I have just been accepted for the grant on a trailing shoe, however since putting in for it I have learnt that it would be too heavy for my current tanker and so am looking at either a Joskin, Hi spec or Major 2000g with a trailing shoe depending on what's in stock in time for the grant . To...
  5. C

    Umblical slurry

    Evening the moment have slurrykat umblical system with 3x 200 metre front section reeler and 5 x200 metre section rear reeler.rear reeler is all 5 inch on stortz .im going buying a new system and thinking of going open reeler back and front with bobbin drop out type reeler.was going to...
  6. Headless chicken

    Cost to setup and run an umbilical slurry system

    just a matter of curiosity. If we are all forced into nvz and our contractors become to busy I suspect this is a route we will be forced down. We currently only run one tractor on the mixer wagon and our self employed tractor driver stores his tractor here which has now been roped in temporarily...
  7. ColinV6

    Dribble bars. Is 7.5 wide enough?

    Currently looking at Storth, major and Slurrykat bars. Was wanting 9m but there’s a big price jump to the 9m slurrykat and major only do a 7.5 anyways. All salesman have said 7.5m is popular. However I can’t help but think I’m going to be narrower than splash plate. Unless it’s the wrong way to...
  8. CWS

    Mastek eco trailing shoe

    Are there any users of the mastek eco trailing shoe? What's the general opinion? Looking at a 9m unit for a tanker. Not a huge fan of dribble bars but they are a lot simpler and cheaper cheers
  9. ColinV6

    Greencrop dribble bars?

    Never heard of this company before, would anyone recommend their tanker mounted dribble bars over the likes of slurrykat farmline ones?
  10. Rob_AD

    Pump and Couplings for Digestate

    We have been spreading digestate for the past 5 years with a Doda HD35 with Slurrykat headland management on it, the pump has served us well but the headland system has been quite problematic, it struggles to activate the return to tank valve when we are pumping long distance. My pump man is...
  11. icanshootwell

    Best farm all round dump trailer.

    Basically i,m looking for a trailer that can carry 16 ton of stone,soil etc but can also be used for carting farm muck. A lot of trailers i have looked at look ok but sides are to low when using for muck, not seen many with greedy boards fitted, another factor is bed height of trailer, lower the...
  12. L

    shear grab replacment

    Currently have a 3 ram 6 ft (1.8m) Mchale shear grab , 11 yrs old never bent/snapped a tine no cracks or welds but starting to show some wear, now Mchale don't make these grabs anymore where do we turn for a replacement. Don't like the Prodig shear buckets as we set blocks out intact along a...
  13. jerseycowsman

    How much nitrogen fert can I save by using dribble bar?

    As above really. Is there any difference between dribble bar and trailing shoe, ie can I graze it any quicker after trailing shoe than dribble? How soon could I graze after dribble bar/trailing shoe application. Can I cut out artificial nitrogen altogether on my grazing ground or silage ground...
  14. Z

    Umbilical Couplings

    I’m all Bauer fittings and I need to replace several that are done. Not buying anymore. Looking at these new swivel Slurrykat couplings and the swivel side of them would be of benefit but I heard they are several hundred pound a pair. Now everyone brags about these Storz but I notice some...
  15. Tim G

    Bale trailers

    We are in need of updating our bale trailer. Whilst the one we have has been adequate for use on the farm, its not one I take on the road and we are now in a situation where I will be bringing more bales from away back to the farm. I am currently borrowing a friend's 25' Marshall bale trailer, I...
  16. Farmer mk1

    Dump trailer

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy a dump trailer and would like it on full commercials with the 420x180 brakes on 20t suspension but I only want a small body on it to carry like 14t of hardcore so it would get like 18t of clay on. Also I’d like to be able to take it on jobs with the 3t digger...
  17. D

    Herbst tankers

    Do Herbst make their own Tanker I’d heard they don’t Iv been considering a 5000g tandem with steering and dribble bar
  18. T

    Dribble bar with splashplate

    Hi I see that some of the manufacturers equip the dribble bar with splash plate. I`ve search the forum to find out why, do anyone have good good explanation? Isn`t the splash plate just extra unnecessary cost?
  19. B

    Multipurpose trailer

    Who makes a trailer that’s dual use as a dumper and grain trailer? Thinking along the lines of a square body (not traditional dumper style), hydraulic tailgate that won’t open unless the body is tipped slightly, 650 tyres, air and oil brakes, rollover sheet. It hold 14 + tonnes of wheat but...
  20. Z

    Reelers and Dribblebars

    Have to go down the umbilical dribblebar route now and need a new reel/dribblebar setup. Been using umbilical for our own use for over 10yrs now. Been looking over the past year or so at Slurrykat and Slurryquip. Never got round to looking at Mastek. What I gathered so far from speaking at...