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    Wanted: Farm land between Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Apologies if this isn't the place to post but looking at all avenues. My partner and I are looking to purchase anything between 5-15 acres of permanent pasture to set up our own private smallholding with potential to build one single storey house or refurbish and existing property. If anyone is...
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    Wanted: Smallholding in Oxfordshire or Bucks

    Smallholding and/or Land wanted in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire Minimum 4 Acres Happy to discuss options with and without property Have budget Please message me directly if of interest
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    Sheep breed recommendations, UK

    I live on 15 acres in the UK (regular green field), and am looking at different sheep breeds. I have owned sheep in the past a good number of years ago (I can't quite remember what breed, I think they may have been texel crosses?) and looking to get some more again. My preferences - Hardy...
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    Advice for young farmer on holistically managed farm - Devon, UK

    I'd like to share our farm that my wife and I have recently purchased and our vision for it. We don't have experience in farming although I have worked for a co-op permaculture farm in Australia for a year (mainly bio-intensive market gardening) and as of the last 6 months getting my teeth into...
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    Life Changing

    Hello, I’m posting today to seek advice on starting up a small holding to grow and build/looking to get into the farming way of life. I currently work in a sector that ultimately is not what I would like to do for the next 50 years! Unfortunately due to mortgage & bills I’m finding myself...
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    Wanted land to buy or rent in North EAST

    Hi Im looking to rent or buy some land to small hold on, looking to raise a few different types of livestock on he land, looking to find 1-5 acres of land around Newcastle upon Tyne flexible in location can be north to Northumberland or south to County Durham. Been looking for a while, hoping...
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    Small holding advice for new tennancy

    Hi All, Just need some advice. Have an opportunity to apply for the lease of a smallholding and the landlord seems favourable as to considering my bid (am already a tennant of his in another property). However, there is an agricultural tie on the property in question and it is not big enough to...