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  1. N

    Reseeding grassland

    Hi, I have 7.5 acres in Leicester (midlands) and want to completely renew the grassland as it hasn’t been cared for in 25 years plus. Mostly compacted grassland, grows buttercups and thistles and doesn’t drain well. Had pigs on most recently but moved them off as the grass is taller than them...
  2. M

    What fertiliser to spread

    Hi. I just got my meadow field soil sampled and I know I need a lot off lime, and my P is very poor. I need to spread fertiliser this weekend and need help on what to sow. I know it’s not going to be great but I am not sure what to go with. I’ve attached pc picture below Thanks
  3. Direct Driller Magazine

    How to Create the most Effective Soil Sampling Program

    With harvest either underway or on the horizon for most growers in the U.S., now is a good time to prepare for your soil sampling program. Most universities and the NRCS recommend taking soil samples in the off-season, after the last crop harvest, and before the next cash crop is planted...
  4. S

    Welsh farmers in for rough 5 years

    Earlier I just heard the tail end of phonein on radio wales where a farmer's wife talked about the next 5 years with reelected labour government being rough time for Welsh farmers
  5. Stw88

    Soil analysis accuracy.

    Had some fields tested in August 2019 and applied lime @ 2t acre. just had the same fields retested and one that was ph5 has now lifted to 5.5 Which is just what I was expecting it to be. Now the field right next to it similar soil type but a hay field was 5.4 and has retested at 6.4. Is it...
  6. Chae1


    What are people's views/experiences of using biostimulants as a replacement for fungicides? Particularly Scyon. I questioned the inclusion of it from agronomist today and said it would replace ctl.
  7. T

    Lime spreading rates.

    We've been talking about reduced lime spreading rates on the Beef & Lamb price tracker & thought it deserves it's own thread. @livestock 1 @Hilly @Highland Mule @Cab-over Pete @Skintagain @Kiwi Pete @Poorbuthappy Sorry if I've missed anyone who was in that conversation. Just to catch up...
  8. Clive

    Bitersaltz vs liquid Magnesium ?

    Having seen decent results from Magnesium with fungicide applications here I'm pretty convinced that along with Manganese t's a micronutrient worth using routinely on our soil types. Bitersaltz has been our cheap go-to product but it's not the most users friendly when filling a 6000L sprayer...
  9. Stewartry hill

    Forage crop for sheep

    Most years we grow20 ish acres of forage rape or swift after silage in late June .this year the field is smaller 12 acres and looking to direct drill some forage or turnips.late May to get the same amount of feed.What are the options?
  10. S

    Livestock building

    Currently have a Building used as a straw shed But looking to convert it into a livestock building! currently has tin sides and stone floor so looking at concrete panels and concreting the floor. what depth would you recommend is ideal for the floor of a livestock building? ive been told 6 inch...
  11. J

    Spring drilling 2021

    Have I missed this thread or has no one started? Mucked 2 weeks ago. Soil loosening with topsoiler yesterday and today. Work with the carrier tomorrow and then wednesday.................. rain!!!? :rolleyes: This is for spring barley. How is everyone getting on, still to wet?
  12. Rob_AD

    Is there such thing as an air spanner?

    We have a machine with over 100 blades (a Ransomes scarifier) and the access is pathetic to change them, the gap between each blade is too narrow for a socket so they have to be changed with a spanner. We do them with a ratchet spanner which is ok but still painfully slow. Is there any other...
  13. Classichay

    Fertiliser quandary on perm pasture

    We’ve got a new block of grass come available, we usually hit with 125kg/a of fert in the spring, it was mucked reasonably heavy last back end, I’m getting a SNS test done, but rough idea for my fert order. It’s being cut for hay or haylage. Last year was diabolical and were wondering if any...
  14. O

    soil testing

    Hello everyone, I'm a young lad who has just started a small contracting business and thinking of offering a soil testing service to try and get more work with lime spreading and fertilizer, First is it worth it without any degree in agronomy? and what's the most simple testing kit out there for...
  15. M

    How much nitrogen?

    How much nitrogen do you apply to grass for grazing sheep and cattle?
  16. L

    Overseeding land poached by sheep

    Just taken ewes off land they have been on since december and its like a mud bath was thinking of overseeding as i want early silage i know the yield will be low. would the new grass if it takes effect preservation of silage as my experience of new reseeds and silage is poor.I have no doubt...
  17. GoodEgg

    Can farms become sheep sick?

    -03-21 06:41 PM Can farms become Sheep Sick?
  18. R

    New reseed - what would you use?

    Morning We have a North facing steepish bank to reseed end of spring, coming out of swedes. Will not be silageable so solely a grazing ley. Has been down to poor pp for a long time and grazed with sheep. So, potential is unknown but I imagine it will be slow to get going in Spring. What mix...
  19. F

    Yellow grass - Deficiency?

    Looking for some advise on what to apply to a field in which I cut hay off of last year. Grass is quite old and I plan on reseeding it next year. It was cut in July last year and the regrow has been poor and the grass is yellow in colour. I’ve attached some photos and any advice on what the...
  20. JohnGalway

    Any experience with Chapman FM120 ATV mulcher for rushes?

    Hi folks, Posting in this section as that's where I figure the most experience with rushes will be ;) I'm thinking of renting an ATV flail mower for a week. The selection is precisely 1 make and model :LOL: I'll attach a photo, I wonder if they're any use on heavy rushes before I waste a...