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  1. S

    Livestock building

    Currently have a Building used as a straw shed But looking to convert it into a livestock building! currently has tin sides and stone floor so looking at concrete panels and concreting the floor. what depth would you recommend is ideal for the floor of a livestock building? ive been told 6 inch...
  2. Rob_AD

    Is there such thing as an air spanner?

    We have a machine with over 100 blades (a Ransomes scarifier) and the access is pathetic to change them, the gap between each blade is too narrow for a socket so they have to be changed with a spanner. We do them with a ratchet spanner which is ok but still painfully slow. Is there any other...
  3. Classichay

    Fertiliser quandary on perm pasture

    We’ve got a new block of grass come available, we usually hit with 125kg/a of fert in the spring, it was mucked reasonably heavy last back end, I’m getting a SNS test done, but rough idea for my fert order. It’s being cut for hay or haylage. Last year was diabolical and were wondering if any...
  4. O

    soil testing

    Hello everyone, I'm a young lad who has just started a small contracting business and thinking of offering a soil testing service to try and get more work with lime spreading and fertilizer, First is it worth it without any degree in agronomy? and what's the most simple testing kit out there for...
  5. M

    How much nitrogen?

    How much nitrogen do you apply to grass for grazing sheep and cattle?
  6. L

    Overseeding land poached by sheep

    Just taken ewes off land they have been on since december and its like a mud bath was thinking of overseeding as i want early silage i know the yield will be low. would the new grass if it takes effect preservation of silage as my experience of new reseeds and silage is poor.I have no doubt...
  7. GoodEgg

    Can farms become sheep sick?

    -03-21 06:41 PM Can farms become Sheep Sick?
  8. R

    New reseed - what would you use?

    Morning We have a North facing steepish bank to reseed end of spring, coming out of swedes. Will not be silageable so solely a grazing ley. Has been down to poor pp for a long time and grazed with sheep. So, potential is unknown but I imagine it will be slow to get going in Spring. What mix...
  9. F

    Yellow grass - Deficiency?

    Looking for some advise on what to apply to a field in which I cut hay off of last year. Grass is quite old and I plan on reseeding it next year. It was cut in July last year and the regrow has been poor and the grass is yellow in colour. I’ve attached some photos and any advice on what the...
  10. JohnGalway

    Any experience with Chapman FM120 ATV mulcher for rushes?

    Hi folks, Posting in this section as that's where I figure the most experience with rushes will be ;) I'm thinking of renting an ATV flail mower for a week. The selection is precisely 1 make and model :LOL: I'll attach a photo, I wonder if they're any use on heavy rushes before I waste a...
  11. Farmer_Joe

    Grassland correction, advice required on soil results.

    Not sure this is correct section but you boys much know more about this sort of stuff in just a pauper upland farmer, getting alot of moss so thought i would check soils, what you rekon to stick on for some correction, these fields are usually cut and get alot of muck after, looks like they...
  12. S

    Outdoor lambing and triplets

    Just wondering how people get on lambing triplets outdoors? We lamb our triplets and some singles for fostering indoors and everything else outdoors. Thought I might try them outside this year and just lift any lambs for fostering once they’ve had their colostrum. Got about 150 triplets so I’m...
  13. mar

    Yellow Grass Problem

    I have a field that I reseeded in 2018 and have taken two cuts of silage from it this past two years. Every winter the grass is very unhealthy looking with yellow leaves. It got lime and I tested it and is ok for P&K. What would be causing the leaves to go yellow every winter
  14. MrA.G.

    Winter Barley advice for novice

    Long story short is that I’m a new entrant dairy farmer who sold most of our beef cattle to fund the project hence we are down in numbers and have planted some winter barley which will be a useful feed. As per below picture I think it has potential and I don’t want to ruin it. Are there any...
  15. Laggard

    Cranesbill in spring barley

    What would be a good pre emergence spray please?
  16. Great In Grass

    Barenbrug more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation

    With more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation, meaning you'll be dealing with a company that understands grass, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that a quality product will be delivered for you. About Barenbrug UK HISTORY Established in the UK in 1983...
  17. V

    Wales NVZ, stocking rate at 170kg/ha N.

    With the new proposed NVZ giving a total average N of 170kg/ha how is is goi to impact your business. It doesn’t look very good at the moment, with a need here to find more than double the existing land base.
  18. S

    Help on some land matters...

    Good morning all, First post, but mainly because I am looking for advice on a few things. I am not a farmer, or have much idea on anything agricultural (I work in IT) – but with the push to working from home and two young children, we thought it would be beneficial for all our lifestyles to...
  19. E

    Machinery Rings & Buying Groups

    It may have been posted before but I'd like to know what peoples views are of the Machinery Rings and Buying Groups? Do they serve your needs? Are they value for the membership? Would you change any aspects and if so what? Do you think they have any loyalty to members both suppliers and...
  20. Banana Bar

    My John Deere

    Who uses my John Deere, I use it to monitor problems, if a machine is going to need fuel soon and if the tractor has stopped for the night ( for H&S not snooping ). There is so much that can be done but I wonder how much is necessary or utilised? I would expect it’s a very good harvester of data...