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  1. 1594mac

    Reseed advice

    Evening all need a bit of advice got some ground reseeded last September on probably the last dry day there was. Now the issue I had then was there was no fertiliser applied as it was to be sown following day! Never happened! Grass has came up mostly. My question is what bag stuff does it need...
  2. Hughesy

    Lime application before plowing

    Want to get some lime spread next week, some onto grazing land which I’ll need a few weeks later and some onto a piece that’s due to be ploughed when I can get the sheds mucked out to go on it and the contractor to do the field work. Will it be ok the lime the land before ploughing always put it...
  3. J

    Ryegrass opinions

    I’m thinking of growing ryegrass in a couple of fields for a year then reseed back into grass the following. Does anyone think this will be a good idea? The extra silage won’t come in wrong and I’d have plenty of lambs to eat it right down at the autumn. If so how are people planting it? Just...
  4. B

    clueless about cropping

    I'm an organic livestock farmer, pretty simple system, all permanent pasture, never grown any crops or even reseeded, never went to ag college, not much arable where I am so my knowledge of growing crops is 0. Now I want to have a go on a very small scale, just for interest, maybe an acre to...
  5. Rob_AD

    G Lime

    What's the consensus on G Lime vs Quarry Lime. We use a contractor to apply variable rate quarry lime using GPS maps, but have suffered compaction from the weight of the machine particularly when applied onto ploughed ground. Also, availability of the contractor for this specialist job has...
  6. B

    No till grass / pasture management

    Has anyone got any tips they’d share about which drill to use for no till pasture management. Whether drilling fresh leys into old pasture or sticking in some other varieties to existing leys / pasture.
  7. hendrebc

    What's your AFC

    Not aware of any threads on here where grass nerds are talking about grass in kg/DM/ha and rotational grazing so thought I'd start one seeing as I'm having a proper go at it this year. Twin ewes go out to grass today off the forage crops ready for lambing at the end of the month. AFC (average...
  8. F

    Reduction rates for BPS 2021

    Published this morning.
  9. D

    App for crop fertiliser inputs

    Is there an interactive app that you can add up fertiliser and manure inputs etc to a crop requirement. Also one that you can put field soil test results in so the requirement is taylered to the crop and field requirements.possibly showing the previous year(s) for the unavailable nutrients.