soil tests

  1. j6891

    Interpret these soil tests

    Can I get some broad input on these soil tests which I've just had back. I'm looking to get the indices up so where do I start. All grassland currently but all previously arable so wanting to get back to good levels. I'm thinking to get some fibrophos on as not needing the N as more than enough...
  2. O

    soil testing

    Hello everyone, I'm a young lad who has just started a small contracting business and thinking of offering a soil testing service to try and get more work with lime spreading and fertilizer, First is it worth it without any degree in agronomy? and what's the most simple testing kit out there for...
  3. M

    How much nitrogen?

    How much nitrogen do you apply to grass for grazing sheep and cattle?
  4. F

    Yellow grass - Deficiency?

    Looking for some advise on what to apply to a field in which I cut hay off of last year. Grass is quite old and I plan on reseeding it next year. It was cut in July last year and the regrow has been poor and the grass is yellow in colour. I’ve attached some photos and any advice on what the...
  5. B

    liquid N

    do you use liquid N on your haylage / hay fields or is it best to use a compound like 20.10.10 ?
  6. V

    Wales NVZ, stocking rate at 170kg/ha N.

    With the new proposed NVZ giving a total average N of 170kg/ha how is is goi to impact your business. It doesn’t look very good at the moment, with a need here to find more than double the existing land base.
  7. T

    Sequesting carbon

    Ok after listening to a podcast today Aussi ranches are requesting carbon for microsoft, so can anyone fill me in on how to get hooked up to a company ho would pay me for the "use of land" to sequester carbon in the uk. I see big business banging on about how kind to the environment they are...
  8. Poncherello1976

    Best way to establish a herbal ley?

    I am looking at putting together a Countryside Stewardship application for 2022. It includes a lot of low input PP, but I want to put 60/70 acres in to a herbal ley, GS4. These will be in to fields that have been PP for 30+ years, and obviously we will do an EIA to convert it. What will be the...
  9. watfordfrosty

    black oats

    if i wanted to grow a plot to harvest to use as a cover crop (SW6)next autumn ,could i plant this spring?what seed rate would i need?when would i expect to combine
  10. S

    What's your preferred trace element mix?

    I usually buy an IBC of Manganese every year and lash a bit on with the sprayer. I've done tissue tests in the past because I felt they were relatively dear and I wasn't gaining a lot. But I still use the manganese for the barley even though I'm not sure its any measurable difference. But given...
  11. Sectormentor For Soils

    Know your Soils #11: The VESS Test

    How to visually assess your soil structure Short video created by the Sectormentor For Soils Team Assess the quality of your soil structure for yourself with a spade, tray, ruler and smartphone. Soil structure shows how much biological activity is happening, how well water can infiltrate...
  12. Sectormentor For Soils

    Know your Soils #10: Soil Test Calendar

    When and how often should you do soil tests? Soil test calendar created by the Sectormentor For Soils team Taking the first steps on your soil monitoring journey involves some essential decision making! Firstly, which soil tests are right for your farm as well as when and where you are going...
  13. Sectormentor For Soils

    Video series: How to monitor your own soils

    To help you get started with soil monitoring watch our videos on how to do key soil tests, use the Sectormentor For Soils app and look at results on the website. VESS TEST Learn what to look for when you visually analyse your soil structure: EARTHWORM COUNT The best technique for counting...
  14. Kiwi Pete

    "Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

    :oops: Eh up! The idea of starting a thread about Holistic management has been on my mind for ages, if I am honest. Lets start by me putting my cards on the table - I have NO formal training, NO books, and NO interest in starting big wars on which way is best. I do, however, completely and...