1. Farm Xport

    Soil-Max Drainage Ploughs at Cereals (Affordable DIY farm drainage)

    Farm Xport will be showcasing the Soil-Max ZD1600 drainage plough at Cereals. We'll be at booth 506 so be sure to stop by and say hello. We'll also be hosting a demonstration afterward on Friday, June 10th at a farm outside of Cambridge. If you're planning to come to Cereals and stop by, be...
  2. Brid @ ADAS

    Zoom into Soil: Regenerative Agriculture webinar recording

    Supported by ADAS and in collaboration with the British Ecological Society, the British Society of Soil Sciences welcomed Dr Anne Bhogal and Professor Richard Bardgett to present their expert knowledge on the topic of regenerative agriculture. Dr Anne Bhogal's talk, ‘Soil organic matter: the key...
  3. BASIS Teresa

    Environment training courses

    The BETA Conservation Management course covers all aspects of environmental management; including habitat creation, soil management, IPM and Water Quality. Current and future government-led environmental schemes and legislation is also covered. It is therefore ideally suited for all farm...
  4. BASIS Teresa

    BASIS Prospectus

    BASIS plays a key role in the training and certification of people who work in the pesticide and fertiliser sectors. It sets the syllabuses and examination standards and maintains a list of Approved Trainers, Colleges and Training Providers who offer suitable training modules. Courses range...
  5. A

    Situation Vacant Agronomist in carbon payment programme!

    Are you know an early career agronomist in the UK? A daughter or son of a British farmer? Or someone with an excellent understanding of farming in the UK? Someone that would love to be right at the heart of the first certified, multi-national carbon payment programme for farmers in the UK and...
  6. D

    Concrete/Brick Wanted

    Looking for large amounts of un crushed concrete and brick around Canterbury Kent to bring up some levels, can have a small amount of soil mixed in. Will collect. Many Thanks,
  7. cachivers

    Live in Devon and free at lunchtime on 17th Oct? Come make a difference and have a free lunch!

    Hey guys, If any of you live in/near Okehampton (Devon), please consider coming along to my next farmers meeting from 12:00 on 17th October (in Crossways Inn!). During the meeting I'll be asking you to share your views on the environmental farming advice you've received; I'm carrying out some...
  8. S

    SOIL TESTING SURVEY - Chance to win 10 soil tests

    Chance to WIN 10 soil tests Are you a #livestock #farmer? Whether you're #dairy #beef #sheep or mixed, Fill this survey to research #soiltesting perceptions. Every entry also = 25p for the Farming Community Network Charity
  9. Mounty

    Situation Vacant Soil Samplers in Scotland

    Looking for soil samplers for GPS mapping and soil sampling work in Scotland. Ideally need your own quad bike and a vehicle + trailer to tow it around with. Quad bike and trailer may be available if not. GPS devices supplied along with full training and support. Bulk of work is August to...
  10. D

    Soil Degradation - A Design Challenge

    Hello, I am a design student in my final year of design as well as a farmer's son that has been lucky enough to grow up on an organic dairy and beef farm. One of our assignments for this year is a RSA Student Design Awards brief...
  11. D

    Soil Degradation - A Design Challenge

    Hello, I am a design student in my final year of design as well as a farmer's son that has been lucky enough to grow up on an organic dairy and beef farm. One of our assignments for this year is a RSA Student Design Awards brief...
  12. T

    looking for books and ressources about soil and agronomy !

    Hi everyone, i'm martin form france ! i'm currently looking for ressources in english about soil, direct drill, earthworms, soil chemistery, cereal farming hanbook, conservation agriculture and so on (i'm already receiving the direct drill news paper)... we have many ressources in french about...
  13. ewewhat

    Benefits of Variable Rate Seed

    Does anyone have any good black and white data of how good/bad variable rate seed rate is? Looking on t'internet and it's a bit of a rabbit hole! Speaking to some precision agriculture reps and they say theirs is better than the competition blah blah but they produce absolutely nothing to show...
  14. Doraagri

    What’s the Crumb structure in soil?

    First of all,let us understand the soil structure. The soil is a porous system.It consists of solid,liquid and gas three-phase substances.The solid material in the soil includes both mineral and organic matter.The liquid part refers to the moisture of the soil,which is preserved and moved...
  15. Doraagri

    3 ways to build soil crumb structure by yourself?

    1,Intensive cultivation,increase use of organic fertilizer Intensive cultivation makes the topsoil loose.Although the formed granules are not water-stable,they also play a role in regulating soil porosity.The continuous application of organic fertilizer can promote the formation of water-stable...
  16. B

    Peat soil and horse arena

    hi everyone! I’m new and was hoping to pick your expert brains! :-) We have recently moved to a property and have a grass area we would like to make into a horse riding arena. The house is on peat soil, the house has to be underpinned as the property here before cracked. Obviously I’m worried...
  17. Jennifer Veenstra

    Why do you use no tillage?

    Hi all, I am a PhD student at Sheffield University. My project is about no tillage adoption in Europe. I am looking for East Midlands’ and Yorkshire and Humber no tillage farmers who want to participate! Participation consists in an interview about the reasons why you use this system, and the...
  18. AnnaKSheffield

    Upcoming soil farmer events

    Hi all, do you know of any upcoming farmer events with a soils focus? I am looking to attend some for my research - do let me know! Thanks (y)
  19. W

    Lucerne on heavy land - will it block the drains?

    We are an arable farm working with a dairy farmer to get leys into the rotation, build up the soil and try and get on top of the blackgrass. He is interested in growing lucerne as a silage - but we are on fairly heavy fen soils near Wisbech, Cambs. Just wondering if anyone has any...
  20. M

    Incentives for increasing soil organic matter

    Hi guys, I've been a wildlife lover all my life, and a farmer for none of it. It's fairly obvious to me when exploring the countryside, and researching online, that agriculture in the UK has had a lot of un-intentional harmful effects on the habitats outside of the farmed environment. Some of...