1. ridger

    Whats this crop?

    Just being nosy but my sister in France sent me this picture and I'm curious as to what's growing.
  2. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    New hydrolysed yeast provides a highly digestible alternative feed source which can increase performance

    Lallemand Animal Nutrition launches Yela Prosecure to the animal nutrition market. This specifically designed hydrolysed yeast is higly digestible and contains functional nutrients that support animal performance, digestive care and feed palatability while contributing to the feed protein...
  3. W

    Do calves need urea in feed at 11 weeks old

    I’m about to buy a bag of cattle feed and one option is a 18% pellet with urea in it or the other option is a 18% nut with no urea What do people think would be best for 11 weak old calves
  4. MX7

    The conflict of growing crops for biomass or food.

    The looming world tight supply of cereals/ maize(corn), makes me question the growing of crops , worldwide, for biomass to feed AD facilities , versus using the same amount of ha’s to grow cereals for human /animal consumption. Worldwide I wonder how many ha’s of biomass crops are grown to feed...
  5. Agriland RSS

    Beef Focus: Managing rising costs on Fermanagh beef farm

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Managing the rising costs on beef and sheep farms was the central theme of a series of farm walks hosted by the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) this week. Agriland travelled to one of these events, on the farm of Stephen Maguire...
  6. KW Alternative Feeds

    KW Feedcast - 17 May 2022

    Today’s Feedcast is brought to you by Chris Davidson and as usual gives you an overview of the raw material markets today, focusing on wheat, soya and the mid proteins. The wheat market continues to move higher and higher breaking new records. This week it is off the back of India deciding to...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Machinery Focus: Goodyear finds alternative to oil-based rubber

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Tyres are made of rubber and rubber comes from trees, and so it might be thought that they are one of lesser culprits when it comes to environmental concerns about the manufacture and use of machinery. Unfortunately, it is not quite as clear cut as...
  8. Cowabunga

    The danger of centralised factory food

    Just look at the massive number of major retailers and products implicated in this one factory salmonella contamination. Just imagine how much worse a centralised artificial meat production facility, contaminated by something worse, like Botulism, could injure or kill thousands of people in a...
  9. KW Alternative Feeds

    Feedcast Special - NovaPro

    Today’s Feedcast special covers everything you need to know about NovaPro. A high rumen bypass rape expeller that provides a sustainable and cost effective solution to meeting the protein requirements of high performing cows. NovaPro is made from 100% British grown rapeseed which undergoes hot...
  10. KW Alternative Feeds

    KW Feedcast- May 4 2022

    Todays episode of Feedcast sees Chris Davidson discussing the current UK market before moving on to an overview of the grains, soya and fibre markets more generally While the UK remains tight in the nearby, there are signs of loosening coming towards the end of May and in to June. Currently...
  11. S

    Get excited everyone! Monbiots new book

    George has a new book out soon I'm quite interested in how he pitches it so I'll be buying a copy. On balance I think he's one of those "expert on everything" types in a conceited way but I have enjoyed some of his last...
  12. Agriland RSS

    Co. Down cereal grower questions the role of a Tillage Incentive Scheme

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland A Co. Down cereal grower does not believe that a measure such as a Tillage Incentive Scheme (TIS) should be used as a means of encouraging the expansion of Ireland’s tillage/arable area. “I believe that market forces should always be allowed to play...
  13. Agriland RSS

    Call for supermarkets to stop ‘poison poultry’

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland The Soil Association has today (Monday, April 25) launched a petition calling on UK supermarkets to remove harmful pesticides from their soya supply chains. According to the charity, the pesticides sprayed on poultry-feed crops in Latin America kill...
  14. Chris F

    Eco Friendly labelling

    I was at the London Agritech conference yesterday and one of the speakers was from Foundation Earth and they have developed an environmental rating label. The aim is to create a more sustainable food system and reward farmers that are most sustainable. The calc includes the whole supply chain...
  15. Jackov Altraids

    How does feed for livestock affect those commodity prices?

    I assume that livestock farming has its origins in being able to convert the non-edible plants into food, to make efficient use of summer surpluses and be a food supply in winter and to eat any waste while their waste had many uses. I recently asked my feed supplier how much of the concentrate...
  16. K

    Fodder beet no concentrates.

    That time of year again when I am shocked at the amount of concentrates the ewes have gone through. Plenty of big early lambs that will no doubt cover the costs, but get tired of hauling the snacker round 7 fields every morning to feed ewes. I currently have mules but as mentioned in other...
  17. J

    Why is it farmers are bribed to grow GMO?

    GMO food is not safe and has never been, yet some farmers are willfully ignorant of the damage to their fellow humans this does. comments please
  18. CPM RSS

    Microbial biostimulants – Double reason to make most of N

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF With so much focus on biostimulants to help crops use nutrients more efficiently, CPM finds out how two growers are using different microbial bionutritional products on their farms. We want to increase yield to make the most of higher prices but not...
  19. CopperBeech

    Terminals for shedders

    Sort of been done to death this but here goes ...... If you keep wool shedders of whatever type ..... Do you use a terminal over some / all or breed pure ? If you use a terminal, what breed and why? Would you consider using a shedding terminal? If yes, what traits would be important / key...
  20. G

    Growing Sunflowers in Kent

    Hi everyone, new to the forum so let me know if this is the wrong place to post this. I've started working with a local farmer and we are planning on growing a trial crop of sunflowers down in Kent. We have 5 acres that we have dedicated to it this year. We want to know the specifications...