1. Ormond

    Spring barley BLW control and rates

    Been given a recommendation for week control in spring barley. 75g/ ha counter sx 0.3 l/ha Pixxaro Seems a heavy dose to me.....just the usual suspects to deal with and not too big atvthr moment. Advice needed. Thanks
  2. daveydiesel1


    Lookin recomendations for good wellys that are comfy and last for ages. Currently using dunlop purofort. Iv tried the dunlop thermo boots which are great at keepin feet warm in winter but are very heavy and dont last. Also tried bekina but they dont last either and arent as nice to wear as...
  3. S

    Poclain 75 value

    Hi all have a poclain 75 parked up lots of good parts on it what do you think its worth
  4. steveR

    Charging Utilities for My time?

    I know I have seen mention of one or two doing this, and a spot of advice would be useful. I have been approached by Fisher German on behalf of STW, in relation to a project that might take place on a nearby Sewage Treatment plant. FG have sent me a letter asking for ownership details and also...
  5. C

    New Fuel Station

    Looking to buy a new Fuel tank with pump etc...2500 litres any recommendations or offers on at the moment ..Thanks
  6. teslacoils

    Will you keep wearing a mask when you don't have to?

    Looks like 22nd June is going to be "National Burn Your Mask And Hug A Stranger Day". But are you going to keep your on?
  7. S

    lamb bottles

    Anybody else have problems with netex lamb bottles not sealing are we missing something
  8. Daddy Pig

    Self Assessment Tax Return

    If anyone is getting stressed at having to get their tax return done by 31st Jan you can relax for a bit. HMRC are allowing us until the end of February this year with no penalty.
  9. S

    Repair & Maintenance Tenancies

    I am after some advice on taking on a small farm on a repair and maintenance tenancy. I want to benchmark my rent offer as obviously I need to take into account any possible repairs to the buildings over the term. (house looks in pretty reasonable condition so I am hoping not so much will need...
  10. rdr123

    JCB 536-60 Agri Super 2013

    Hi, I'm going to look at a 536-60 Agri Super 2013 today. Looking to upgrade from our 530-70 construction spec 2006. Is there anything to look out for on these machines? Its done 5100 hours. Thanks!
  11. S

    7 sheep dog pups stolen

    Hi all just seen a facebook post about 7 5 week old pups stolen from a farm in Cardigan leaving mother please keep your eyes open.
  12. Yorkshire lad

    On the docks

    I drive a truck part time all the work is off the docks Yesterday I took a loaded fridge in to Immingham to go to Esbjerg (Denmark) no problems . Then had to collect a trailer from Esbjerg and drop it in a warehouse in Immingham The terminal couldn't release the trailer as it was on customs...
  13. B


    Hi Is it safe to use Dectomax or Cydectin 2%LA for in lamb ewes?thanks
  14. Flintstone

    Hey, it’s early January and it’s -5 degrees tonight, isn’t it about time for people to...

    ....get some early N on their backward crops. :ROFLMAO:
  15. S

    jcb telehandler error codes

    anybody know what error 700 low fuel pressure actually means is it pump problems or filters been really struggling with our tier 3 536 lately completely drained the fuel system 3 times get it going but once I stop it wont go again ,had dealer out a few times .
  16. paul&mandy

    Tough phones

    Looking to order 1 asap, any suggestions? Mainly looking for a Chinese one as i don't want to spend mega money. needs to be very tough and a smart phone, don't want an iPhone in a box.
  17. F

    Is Tomorrow the Day We Get News of the Trade Deal?

    I was informed today by a Dutch TV company that an announcement will be made tomorrow on the Trade Deal. They were originally coming tomorrow to talk about Brexit and a month to go, but were told that an announcement is imminent on 1st December and so will not be doing anything on farming for...
  18. Chapelton

    Quad Bike Running Costs

    Just wondered how people were getting on with repair costs for young quads that aren’t being abused? We’ve always kept them young and avoided expensive repairs, but we’ve had a couple of issues now with bikes at under 2yo. Mostly seem to be suspension rather than drive train or electrics.
  19. puppet

    Brexit Will Make Us Rich

    A surprising number of farmers voted to leave the EU on the promise of less red tape. What be first to go? Assurance, traceability, slurry spreading all year round, spray and antibiotic recording? If it all went tomorrow, how much could you produce and how much extra money? If I removed all...
  20. moretimeforgolf

    Spearhead or Shelbourne Reynolds?

    Our Bomford hedge cutter is 22 years old and is starting to become a bit unreliable. Got a Spearhead topper which is well built and have heard good things about Shelbourne Reynolds back up. Looking for a ‘farmer’ spec machine, easy to use and reliable. Got dealers for both nearby but not averse...