1. S

    Broadleaf Sprays - what am I missing?

    I can use 24D as part of a mix with roundup in Kyleo as a full knockdown of weeds. But when it comes to spring crops I'm finding myself ladling on expensive Zypar because I'm now scared of growing direct drill osr with an su What am I missing here, What is it that those old fashioned contact...
  2. Chopsy Varmint

    Captain Tom's Birthday Flypast

    Here's Captain Tom's flypast with the Hurricane and Spitfire from the BBMF, in case anyone missed it live on the BBC this morning. Glorious engine sounds which if I wasn't such a technical incompetent I'd lift for my phone's ringtone. Happy Birthday, Captain Tom.
  3. B

    What's wrong with this country?

    chinease must be laughing their heads off? not only have they caused the problem but our people . those that govern ? according to this morning news are importing plane loads of protective clothing, facemasks for the NHS? So we have got thousands of people in factories idle while we pay the...
  4. Greythundercloudys

    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    I guess anyone can apply, how is this going to work, pay back time etc.
  5. S

    what electric cable

    Hi just need a bit of advice been having problems with electric ,we have got three wires coming from house where the meter for the farm is they need replacing ,We have a 15kva transformer ,the wires to the buildings stretch for about 60m ,would I be able to use one cable and what would I need...
  6. B

    Nostalgia, how far back can you remember ?

    my first memories of farm life are in the fifties, i was brought up on a small cheshire mixed farm, dairy, beef pigs, poultry, and sheep.We also grew potatoes cereals and green crop,its hard to believe it all fit in on less than eighty acres! the work was done by horses two shires and a...
  7. Steevo

    Captain Tom - Covid 19 NHS Fundraising

    https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalkforthenhs Hats off to the 99 year old veteran and those who have supported him to raise £2.5mil so far. The family's original aim was £1000......yesterday he hit £500k.....lunchtime today, £1mil.....this evening he now stands at £2.6mil...
  8. Flat 10

    BLW in winter barley

    Which BLW spray (preferably a hormone) will take out groundsel, chickweed and speedwell in WB. Don't say leave it, land is generally weedy but majority of the weeds are the above, a few thistles. WB really struggling. PDM and Liberator didn't take out well established examples as weather...
  9. Feldspar

    Broadway Star conundrum

    Still having a large debate with myself about how much of the wheat to do with Broadway Star (Avocet actually). For two years now I have not spotted both wild oats and meadow brome despite walking fields what I thought was quite carefully. Walked round with an experienced agronomist and we...
  10. Danllan


    A lot of people on here have written against Dyson, with regard to farm buying and moving some jobs overseas (despite creating even more over here), some of it with justification. However... He's just committed to deliver 11000 ventilators to the UK in April and to have another 4000 ready for...
  11. S

    TB testing

    Anybody know what is happening we have a test due to be completed in April chances are it wont happen, animal health cant help you would have thought they could make a decision or do we have to do it for them.
  12. G

    Panic buying

    Wife just got back from shops
  13. Jerry

    Mobile Phone - SIM Only

    Currently with EE but need to swap phones and wonder what other providers are like? EE coverage is OK around the farm generally but hopeless in my office. Whilst the office is upstairs in is an old farmhouse with foot thick stone walls built around 1830. I believe Virgin uses the EE network...
  14. j6891

    Squeeze cattle crush

    Been looking at getting a new manual squeeze crush (presumably less to go wrong that a hydraulic squeeze). Any opinions of the practicalities of both setups? Currently have a premier crush and looking at their squeeze crush and the Ritchie one just now. Premier one more expensive than the...
  15. C

    No Deal Brexit

    In the very likely event of the above happening what can we expect to happen to the UK Livestock Industry?
  16. B

    anything from ww2 on the farm?

    Just to get the ball rolling we did have up to recently a four wheel brockhouse ex raf trailer, also a couple of nissan huts, there must have been heaps and heaps of stuff sold off after the war, and with a huge demand, and the govt. with an export only policy, because the nation was so...
  17. Diesel burner

    Loaded up and trucking!!

    Fair load on seen it in Facebook nowt to do with me before the abuse starts haha
  18. Spartacus


    thought there would be a thread for sunsets but couldn't find one so here it is, post sunset pics here..........