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    Michelin’s self-propelled sprayer tyres work down to 10psi

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Self-propelled sprayers are still an important segment of the machinery market and they will require tyres specifically designed for their use. The biggest problem caused by the thin wheels needed to fit down tramlines is the excessive ground pressure...
  2. Chae1

    Rowcrop for haulage.

    I'm looking at changing to a trailed sprayer. Because everyone says how easy they are to drop on and off I would like to be able to use the tractor for other jobs. Mainly carting. Without changing wheels. At the moment I've.a 2170 fastrac with a demount on it. This just stays on it, from may...
  3. richard94


    I have to fit a set of row crop/intermediate tyres as we are changing from SP to trailed sprayer. 480/80 R46 looks bast option for us. Does anyone have experience of either the Continental Tractor 85 tyre or the Michelin Yieldbib? Agribib 2 could work, and Spraybib looks good, although no front...
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    Multidrive Crop Sprayer

    Multidrive Crop Sprayer Advert added by: Richard Tesseyman @Bumble Bee Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £70000 Condition: Good Description Kellands Multidrive with a 4000l/24m Kellands (Chafer) de-mount spraypack fitted...
  5. M

    Spraying wheels - inches per ton?

    Is there a decent rule of thumb to use when deciding if/what size row crops to buy for spraying? Eg I've just bought a used mounted sprayer (just cereals); the tractor and sprayer together will weigh about 6 tons - on decent ground with the odd wet spot what is the minimum tyre width I should...