1. JMM

    Case MX Thermostart pipe

    I'm getting a bit fed up with the quality of these damned things, original one did 15 years, since then they seem to do around 12 months. The latest one split this afternoon, spraying diesel all over the turbo and exhaust manifold, has anyone got a workaround or delete that they have used?
  2. Daniel

    New grain silo build.

    It occurred to me that I should stop sticking pictures of our silo build on @Woldgrain Storage excellent silo thread and start my own! Pics of the build of a 700ton Sukup drying and stirring bin to feed our poultry feed mill. Stirrers will be used to blend wheat/barley/rye etc together which...
  3. W

    When to stop spraying due to heat

    As title says, do you stop because of bright sun shine or when it gets too hot ? Reason for asking, today isn’t that hot (21 degrees) but unbroken bright sunshine and tomorrow will be very hot and sunny, just wondering what people’s thoughts are.
  4. C

    Ford 8340 Transmisson pressure light .

    The hydraulic pressure light, the one above the hare symbol is after coming on along with a beeping alert . Have changed all the filters but no avail The book says the symbol represents steering port , trans pressure . . A pressure test of the packs indicates the pressure is within its range...
  5. Andyt880

    How long between applying forefront and topping?

    As per the title, how long do I need to wait after spraying weeds with forefront until I can top the paddock off clean? I don’t want to cut the weed off before the spray has made it to the root. Mainly thistles I’m spraying for.
  6. EddieB

    Poppies coming in Spring Linseed

    As per title I have a flush of poppies appearing in my spring linseed. Not yet in bud. The question is what is likely to be the most detrimental to crop yield, leaving it as it is or spraying with something like Metsulfron-methyl?
  7. Thomas Simpson

    Bruchid beetle, is it worth spraying for any more?

    With these 20 degree days are people bothering spraying winter beans anymore for bruchid beetle. Hallmark zeon is the only one left but it may kill more beneficials than beetles.
  8. Farmer Ben

    OSR 2021

    Having researched as much information about the flea beetle as possible and been interested in the current crops in the ground, which generally look good. Do you think we’re starting to see more natural predators? I’ve recently read a paper from an Entomologist who suggested it would take 10...
  9. Greythundercloudys

    Petrol strimmers.

    What a good make, have bought ones of ebay before cheapish, but need a better one, mcculloch?
  10. jackrussell101

    Swiss ask their general public to vote on pesticide referendum

  11. R

    Spraying fungicide and side effects

    Hi all, We're moving onto a small acre of land with a house in the middle, surrounded by fields. Cabbage and wheat I think. Please excuse my uneducated stance and questions but I'm struggling to get info from the local famers. Lived in the area for 17 years but this new house is just outside...