spring weed

  1. Ormond

    Spring barley BLW control and rates

    Been given a recommendation for week control in spring barley. 75g/ ha counter sx 0.3 l/ha Pixxaro Seems a heavy dose to me.....just the usual suspects to deal with and not too big atvthr moment. Advice needed. Thanks
  2. Premium Crops

    NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed

    NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed ‘Growers will welcome the addition of Avadex Factor to the limited herbicide armoury available for weed control in Canary Seed’, says Barrie Hunt, Technical Manager of Gowan Crop Protection Ltd. ‘Premium Crops have...
  3. CPM RSS

    Weed control – Groundsel leads a new weed challenge

    Written by cpm Download PDF Changing field conditions and grower practices may have shifted the spring weed spectrum. CPM gathers in-field advice and hosts a webinar to highlight best practice. Overall, we’ll see a reduction of autumn-germinating weeds, but a greater diversity of species...
  4. CPM RSS

    Tech Talk – Spring weed control

    Written by cpm Download PDF Robust weed control is essential when growing a profitable cereal crop. Corteva Agriscience has a range of innovative chemistry designed to fulfil the needs of UK and Irish growers and is grateful for the opportunity to sponsor this CPM Tech Talk. Flexibility is key...
  5. richard hammond

    Is there any skill in growing an economically viable crop of OSR?

    As the title asks, is there any skill in growing this awful waste of time trouble some crop?? Let me have your secrets!
  6. bobk

    Best autumn herb for wild oats

    In wheat , been using 2 ltr/ha of Picomax which does a fair job for the money , looking for summat better , expecting to do them again in the spring with topic.
  7. Syngenta UK

    Spray Dudes: Hitting spring weeds

    See the Syngenta Spray Dudes get wet, battered and bruised in the name of science in order to demonstrate best practice for herbicide application. In this episode Spray Dudes are exploring how to hit tricky spring weeds through nozzle selection and correct pressure.
  8. CPM RSS

    Broadleaf weed control – Battling the broadleafs

    Written by cpm Download PDF We’re experiencing an unprecedented spring this year in terms of weather and cropping. Nufarm are sponsoring Tech Talk to help provide farmers and agronomists with a series of spring cereals agronomy solutions. It may have been a washout this winter, but spring is...
  9. Corteva Updates

    Blog: Switching herbicide strategies from spring to autumn

    Blog: Switching herbicide strategies from spring to autumn There are very good reasons why most farmers schedule broad-leaved weed control applications for the spring. Warmer weather, more daylight hours and the convenience of tank mixing herbicides are three of them. But there are...
  10. Corteva Updates

    Remove the burden of spring weed control - treat grassland weeds now!

    Remove the burden of spring weed control - treat grassland weeds now! Rapid grass growth and multiple silage cuts taken to make up last winters forage shortfall, meant many weedy fields missed out on a herbicide spray in spring, says weed biology specialist, Dr Nicola Perry from Corteva...
  11. Banana Bar

    100% spring cropping

    Whats not to like? Harvest, light cultivation whilst planting cover crop, spray off in December/ January, direct drill as soon as conditions are right in the spring. Massive reduction in fixed costs, cash flow is as easy as it gets, no pressure on the sprayer, seasonal labour requirements are...
  12. GAM

    Dock Survival !

    I have spot sprayed this Dock twice over the last 6 weeks, and then had the field spayed with docstar, and its coming back again!!
  13. CPM RSS

    Tech Talk – Weed control in spring barley

    Written by cpm Download PDF Innovation is the cornerstone upon which Corteva is built, but knowledge and application are the keys to getting the most out of the developments in crop protection chemistry. That’s why Corteva is proud to sponsor this Tech Talk and put the potential of this year’s...
  14. ajd132


    thoughts? In Suffolk we have only had a couple mm rain in the last month. Personally we have good disease resistance varieties. Can’t find any disease present. Didn’t get a T0 either. If it doesn’t rain do we need to put fungicides on?
  15. CPM RSS

    Tech Talk – Tackling umbelliferous weeds

    Written by cpm Download PDF Pressure on an ever-dwindling armoury of broadleaf weed herbicides, essential for keeping a plethora of common and unfamiliar species in check, is putting increasing pressure on growers and agronomists to deliver cost-effective control solutions. FMC manufactures...