store sale

  1. B

    Middle of may lambing

    Are there many doing this? I usually lamb start of April on rested fields, no real growth here until middle of may, This year it didn't come until mid June, , was hoping to get away with out resting the lambing fields and graze them all winter, any thoughts??
  2. Guiggs

    Suckler cows.. is it worth it?

    what's people's thoughts on starting a small suckler herd.. Grazing is owned or very cheap rent, we can make our own hay/ silage and swap surplus for straw, can winter in owned buildings and can buy the right calves at the right money to bring on as the herd females. Currently have a simm and...
  3. wr.

    Brecon show potential live
  4. Chasingmytail

    value of weaned organic angus calves

    To make a profit on the calves sold at 9 months old. What value do you put on an average steers and heifers? beef cross angus sire named. grass fed. Sold privately not through mart. Avail end of Feb. Havent weighed them yet. Seen a few on Breedr but some are extremely low in price. Got...
  5. The Grinch

    Monster Cattle or Incorrect Passports ?

    Went to store sale at Leek on Saturday, couldn’t help but notice a run of cattle that were meant to be from 5 - 8 months old that looked more like 14 months. Am I missing a trick, is there some miracle feed out there ? Or maybe a miracle breed? Or do people just get their dates muddle up ? 🤔
  6. A

    The Beltex is supreme.

    Carlisle today - about 700 shearling rams averaged £1500, with a top price of 30,000 gns. I can't remember being at a sale with as much buzz and enthusiasm. And the same will happen next year after about a third of the purchases have died. :banghead:
  7. Jo Lupton

    Cheviot Mule vs NofE Mule

    I've always fancied a few cheviot mules and, after years of only running NofE mules, I've finally persuaded management (my mum) to have a trip to Longtown this year and try a few. I've been doing a bit of reading however, and found a few people saying they struggle to get cheviot mules to rear a...
  8. H

    Why deadweight

    With the abattoirs currently trying to pull prices back and the live selling buoyant why do so many drive past a livestock market to go to an abattoir ? Is it due to costs or habit ......
  9. steveR

    Sheep profits??

    So Gentlemen/Ladies, what are all the huge profits (income anyway) from the buoyant sheep trade recently going to be "invested" in? More sheep Sheds Outdoor flock conversion (more sheep) Tractor/Handlers More sheep New kitchen?
  10. paul&mandy

    What breed for outdoor lambing

    I'm absolutely sick of these Suffolk X mules. We stick a texel over them. All lambs go fat off farm. If I was to choose a breed to not have to continually bash my head against a wall and put so many dead lambs in the bin and knacker myself trying. If they don't lick, pee off or lay on them...
  11. N

    when are the earliest store sheep sales?

    Instead of Lambing ewes, option A) buy ewes and lambs option B) wait til earliest store sales (kent,Devon?) option C) buy last of last years hoggets and keep til teeth have grown and sell ( is that possible?) for a block of mediocre grazing thats been offered?
  12. Anymulewilldo

    Cattle for Leek

    12 month old 3/4 bred lim Bunch of 10-11 month old lim heifers 18-20 month old lim heifers
  13. organic

    Time To Boycott Tesco?

    Isn't it time farmers, their families and anyone involved with the countryside considered boycotting Tesco given their push to stock less meat in favour of vegan options? Discuss?
  14. D

    One armed lorry driver!

    Just finished loading a lorry and noticed he didn’t have a right arm when he arrived. said he passed his test in October and was still learning. I was at first surprised to see him driving an artic but I had an hr to mull it over. he seemed very capable but it was hard work closing his door...
  15. Hughesy

    Rogue Tups in with Tack ewe lambs.

    Wanted the forums opinion. A mate of mine has tack on a local farm it's good land, well kept and reseeded regularly. Farmer is very good and checks them twice daily. There were no fences so my mate and his father invested heavily in electric fencing and the kit to put it out off a quad. They've...
  16. F

    250,000 heifer

  17. JoeHodgey

    Store lamb calculation help

    Hi, I've been doing some figures on growing and finishing weaned lambs. For context i'm an arable farmer thinking about how I can bring livestock back to the farm so please forgive any blundering errors:ROFLMAO: . The figures i have done cant be right, can anyone tell me where i've gone wrong...
  18. Bossfarmer

    How many suckler cows to farm without subsidies??

    i see a lot of the smaller herds disappearing and a surprising number of herds up over 400 cows now is this the scale businesses now need to be at if farm support goes? what are everyones thoughts? personally i think businesses will need to have a turnover of 500k minimum and be hitting current...
  19. D

    Next bull for suckler herd

    Hi all, we currently run an ayr calving suckler herd which are limmy x Friesian (from the old dairy herd here) put to a Simmental bull which produce some cracking calves. His offspring have then been put to a Saler bull as a separate herd, but the calves have been disappointing in comparison to...
  20. A

    How many ewes in a 10ft trailer with decks