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  1. Celt83

    Carmarthen Mart

    It's not looking good for the market at the moment is an understatement! It's tough to see what was once arguably one of the best marts to take your stock to, to only having 16 store cattle in for a sale. I hope its not another market for the chop, but unless something drastically changes I...
  2. Macsky

    Shortening/simplification of supply chains

    Through the rush to stock up a while ago there was significant weaknesses exposed in the supermarket supply chains. The smaller outlets such as local butchers seemed far more able to adapt and cope with the increased demand. This area has been crying out for a local slaughterhouse for decades...
  3. J

    Stabiliser bull?

    Got the chance of a stabiliser bull to put on some simx heifers, I’ve not seen any in the flesh, what are people’s thoughts on them? I haven’t got to have him it’s just a thought so what’s your experience of them, good/bad? Heard they aren’t the best sellers? Suppose to be easy calvers
  4. Sid

    Livestock markets options and ideas during shutdown

    From the tracker thread
  5. gone up the hill

    Livestock Markets may be closed from next week

    Talk today at Sedgemoor livestock market was that ALL prime and store livestock markets will be stopped from operating from some point next week! Apparently Wales are intending to shut their livestock markets from Monday. Apparently it was touch and go yesterday if todays market would be...
  6. Amcnab


    What’s it like in your area? not good round here ,plenty of dippers around but they’re to tight or won’t use them for sum reason Sum got in with my ewes last week,how long would it take to show it’s self?
  7. Greythundercloudys

    Anybody heard the prices for sheep cake?

    Has anyone had a price for sheep cake this spring. I
  8. Bury the Trash

    Livestock Markets.

    A new research project by Exeter University, looking at the social side of LM's . About the research Livestock auction marts have acted as significant meeting points for rural communities for over 200 years. Despite facing various challenges including disease outbreak and the rise of...
  9. I

    Commercial swaledales?? just wondering where farmers locate commercial swaledales?any of the big sales seem to have these tall narrow types but im looking for swales with a broader back and they still exist??
  10. Henarar

    Why have separate store and fat sales for Lambs ?

    Why not weigh them all and sell them in the same sale ? particularly thinking of smaller sheep markets there would be farmers around then to pick up anything fat that's under-priced keep hearing on here about under finished lambs in the fat and lambs that are fit to kill in the stores why not...
  11. B

    Stores - Cheap ?

    S o took some Chx beef stores ( 8-10 months) from their mothers and sold at local market (some 60 miles away), and reckon that they were down £150-200. Indeed everything was down some LIm X (12-14 months) sold at about 900, last year I reckon about £1200. Was this just a bad day ?? one sage...
  12. M

    How to rent a farm...

    Afternoon all, long time reader first time poster here, So bit of background about me, dad and his brother own a 350 acre farm, they sold up years ago and just have arable now on contract farming... I moved away to see how agriculture is done elsewhere and have done fairly well for myself...
  13. B

    Selling fat cattle live at Ludlow.

    How are people finding it. Been on the dead for 10years but finding it hard going in Merthyr at the moment. Got some biggish heifers up to 700 kg. Be a -u on a good day. Good meat. Would they do 2pound a kilo. I know they weigh them hard. But just wondering are we better off than 315 on the dead.
  14. S

    A sign of things to come!!

    I have been talking to a farmer's son who said he is making no profit from 500 ewes and will be a lot better off renting out his farm
  15. Greythundercloudys

    Store lamb prices

    Anybody who sold stores over the last few weeks must be happy with the prices, as its about 10 weeks to d day, a lot of those stronger lmbs will be away, but a lot of smaller ones are making 55/57, no bother, these guy will still have most of these lmbs come November, so what's these lmbs going...
  16. S

    xbred dairy bull calves

    we have to find a use for these calves, it dose not matter a damn, what we think, it's what the vocal public think, and shooting young calves, is NOT what they wan't. one answer is sexed semen, but, especially with xbred herds, all this is going to do, is flood the market with poorly bred dairy...
  17. Guiggs

    What to do with store lambs?

    I usually sell my remaining lambs in August as stores to preserve grazing for ewes however this year I have masses of grass due to a kind year and not enough mouths grazing so do I keep them, ride out the September store glut and sell later, say November or December when hopefully the price will...
  18. Razor8

    Biggest sheep marts in Northern Ireland

    Hi all I’ve rented some land in Fermanagh for my sins. What are the biggest sheep marts in the north in terms of numbers. Have already been to Enniskillan & Omagh
  19. Agriland RSS

    NFUS welcomes early Basic Payment loan scheme as Brexit looms

    Written by Rachel Martin NFU Scotland has welcomed the early announcement that the National Basic Payment Support Scheme (NBPSS) will operate again this year, providing vital financial support for Scottish farmers and crofters at a time of great uncertainty. Brexit concerns and the prospect of...
  20. N

    Finished weight lowered,

    Today I read weight limit to be dropped to 400kg,barley down to £119 ton.How many will be caught out by this drop in weight for finished cattle.