1. casemx 270


    I have recently started a new job after being made redundant after 20 years at Christmas time .I have suffered from anxiety a couple of years ago when facing a serious health issue and was taking medication for this anyway just before starting my new job the GP suggested that I reduce my...
  2. D

    Does anyone scratch for ORF

    First cases of ORF for 25 to 30 years. Such divided opinion, its so confusing. Vet & vet websites online all advocate scratching with vaccine. As preventertive not during an outbreak. Local farmers all swear by parafin or homemade remidies. Have to say I'm very suprised how quickly the ewes...
  3. N

    How long do you spend preparing for RT audit?

    OK I know theres been a hundred threads about RT but..... Is it just me, or does the preparation for a crops audit take un reasonable time and effort. Saturday Afternoon, and today will be spent on 8 hrs of paperwork. Over the year, i have tried to work out the time required, which i now...