1. N

    Sheep feet problems / Footrot

    Does anyone else seem to be having a problem with sheep feet this year more than normal? Vet has told me it is a bigger problem this year. Does Footrot reoccur year on year now the ewe has had it or once recovered should it be ok? Or is it now a cull ewe? Treated with antibiotic spray and...
  2. B

    Sulphur use in arable systems

    Is anyone successfully getting good yield responses without the need to use Nitrogen with added Sulphur. Farmyard manure, Digestate and Sewage Sludge all rotationally applied pre drilling
  3. M

    Mag on flag leaf

    Over the past decade I’ve always used magsulphate on the flagleaf for greening.(High locked up Mg soils here) Agronomist wanting to change to Magnite (Mg with a bit of N) this year What’s everyone’s thoughts ? Do you use Mg on flag leaf? Cheers
  4. casemx 270

    Micro nutrients

    Working on the basis that a healthy crop is the best way forward I hear of people using mirco nutrients on their crops thinking mainly of wheat and osr what products do you use and can you actually see a difference between treated and non treated to justify the application ? Currently we do use...
  5. casemx 270

    Magnesium applications

    Do you spray magnesium on your crops ? We have high magnesium soils but I m lead to believe that this can be locked up and not available to the plant .Do you do tissue tests ? Also do you buy your magnesium in ibcs and what's a rough price ? Thanks
  6. Agriland RSS

    Sheep management: Dealing with scald in lambs

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland Lameness issues will impact on performance and already, cases of scald in lambs are becoming an issue on farms across the country - and this is likely to continue as the season progresses. Scald issues in lambs typically occur when underfoot conditions...
  7. will_mck

    Phosphate problems

    Hello, Spring Barley drilled one month ago, p&k indexes are 3. Got alot of wet weather 2 weeks after it was sown. I didn't put compound fertiliser on as I intended to try 3000 gallon of pigs slurry instead, which it got a week ago. This has been a bit of an 'experiment' this year which doesn't...
  8. Bruce Almighty

    Road planings in concrete mix

    What would happen if you mixed sand cement with planings for concrete instead of gravel? Years ago it was said you shouldn't mix planings in concrete but we've done odd bits & I can't think of any problems. Also what mix ratio / weight of sand cement & stone would you need per cube for average...
  9. 7

    Contaminated land with liquid AS did this used to be called sulf 8 ? a by product of aspirin manufacture or something anyone know whats happened ?
  10. G

    Cleaning concrete water troughs

    Just wondering how anyone else cleans up concrete water troughs after the winter. Other than scrubbing and still all the algae still doesnt get removed.
  11. Farfrae

    Conjunctivitis in sheep.

    My neighbour, a sheepfarmer with a lifetime's experience, is at his wits end with conjunctivitis in his sheep. Other than bought in rams he has no bought in stock and the infection seems to have come from a neighbours stray that crossed the river to his land. Since then the sheep have been...
  12. Nearly

    Post harvest 2022 -Autumn drillings.

    So harvest 2022 looks like it might go ahead at whatever fert cost, whatever crop price and whatever fuel costs. My small harvest will happen, mainly because by the time the sh!t hit the fan with the final jump in costs Jan to March 2022, the autumn crops were in the ground and actually looked...
  13. S

    Broadway/pacifica cold nights

    what are peoples thoughts/experience of spraying the above with cold temperatures at night? Damage to crop or reduced control.
  14. T

    Fert for sheep grazing any help appreciate

    Not something I had been planning on at all but we have had to tighten up our area with very very and very inconvenient and short notice and now find myself needing grass asap, I have 30 acres I need to maximise , I was thinking 20-25kg nitrogen per acre to kick start it this spring, I have...
  15. H

    Glyphosate adjuvants

    Have been wondering recently if there is any scope to reduce glyphosate rates and add wetter/penetrant type products to improve efficacy. It never seemed cost effective in the days of cheap glyphosate but now it is 4 times the cost maybe it is time to look at them again. Does anyone have any...
  16. O

    High pH.

    We have tested our soils, all are high pH, high magnesium, low sulphur and manganese. Is there any product that could be used and make our 3 and 4 index P&k more available. All fields are temporary and permanent grass.
  17. hally

    Sulphur shortage

    Had some soil tests done on upland grassland and some fields showing short of sulphur, what is the most cost effective way of building these up? TIA.
  18. snarling bee

    Will there be ANY fertiliser available next year?

    Unless the Ukraine situation gets sorted in the next 6 months, will there be any fertiliser of any sort available next year, at any price? But then 5 t/ha wheat at £300, with much lower direct costs, might not be all that bad.
  19. Hutchinsons News

    A world first: Foliar fertiliser manufactured from recycled batteries

    A world first: Foliar fertiliser manufactured from recycled batteries ZM-Grow is the first zinc and manganese foliar fertiliser to be made from used alkaline batteries. Registered and approved for use in the UK for both conventional and organic farming systems, ZM-Grow is distributed by...
  20. F

    Footbathing sheep

    I'm planning on foot bathing sheep prior to housing .the product I ve got from local ag merchants is Tennants formaldehyde solution 38 10%. There are no instructions on usage and guy at merchants was a bit vague but said it needed to be...