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    Cargill appoints new research coordinator

    Written by William Kellett Clare Gaukroger has joined Cargill’s pig team as research coordinator for the UK. Based in North Yorkshire, she is establishing trials and managing data collection, analysis and interpretation for a wide range of projects on the company’s two UK reference farms...
  2. Vader

    Destroying immunity...?

    Just an idle thought. A farmer i knew was going to go high health status on herd. Started with jonas testing. 1/4 of the herd came back with high results and recommended culling. He culled most, but few of his best he did not and kept them isolated on a different farm. Had then tested year...
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    UK pig industry posts further reductions in antibiotic use

    Written by William Kellett New figures show the amount of antibiotic prescribed to treat pigs on UK farms in 2020 fell by 5%, bringing the total reduction since 2015 to 62%. This was despite disease outbreaks and challenges from disruption to pig flow during the pandemic that meant pigs...
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    Rabobank: The factors driving ‘record prices’ in global beef market

    Written by Agriland Team Many key beef production and consumption areas around the globe are “currently experiencing high or record prices for beef or cattle”, according to the latest beef quarterly report from Rabobank. In its Beef Quarterly Q2 2021 report, published on Monday (May 31)...
  5. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57157094 Could be trouble ahead
  6. H

    Indian covid variant

    Really hope the surge testing works, otherwise uk be back to square 1
  7. MX7

    How much will Covid19 Inquiry cost (us the Uk tax payer)

    As above.
  8. R

    Wild hog problems

    Young farmer from ohio aways wanted to go hog hunting but not spend a bunch of money. I was hoping I could find someone from down south that would let me come down for a couple days and hunt
  9. Farm Business RSS

    Projects taking on cattle and pig diseases receive €3.5 million backing

    Written by Iain Hoey Two projects coordinated by researchers at The Pirbright Institute designed to improve pig and cattle health have received a combined total of €3.5 million in funding. The research aims to tackle three important livestock viruses – bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV)...
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    Budget’s $371m biosecurity boost will put ‘protective ring’ around agriculture, PM says

    Budget’s $371m biosecurity boost will put ‘protective ring’ around agriculture, PM says Written by Sarah Martin, chief political correspondent Measures to be announced on Tuesday come three years after Coalition’s failed attempt to introduce biosecurity levy on industry A $371m biosecurity...
  11. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Will China need to import as much maize next season?

    Throughout 2020/21, China played a key global role in supporting maize prices and in turn wheat prices. Chinese buying of grains contributed to the tightening of global supply and demand. A relationship exists between US maize pricing and UK feed wheat pricing. The narrowing trading range...
  12. Muck Spreader

    Is Liz Truss the stupidest Minister?

    I know there are a lot to choose from. She is desperate to do a trade deal with Australia but instead insults them with her breath taking arrogance. :banghead...
  13. L

    Food production incentives

    Question for those who have studied every defra proposal etc; In 5 years time will there be any incentives to produce food, need to know before I buy any more new shiney metal, apart from maybe a 12m topper?
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    Pigmeat prices struggle to match those seen in 2020

    Written by William Kellett Global farmgate prices for pigmeat have performed strongly over the first quarter of 2021. Although despite the recent increase, UK and European prices continue to struggle to match last year’s levels, according to the latest market commentary by Quality Meat...
  15. oldoaktree

    Softwood price

    I’ve got a chance of a couple of loads of pallet wood which is (very) near to me quoted £76 per tonne delivered. It’s more than the last lot of hardwood I got. Great thing about pallet wood is the processor loves it can get loads done in a relatively short time.
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    Anpario reports sales and profits rise in challenging year

    Written by John Swire Strong trading, especially in the Americas, Europe and China, helped Anpario plc increase sales by five percent to £30.5m and profit before tax by 22 percent to £5.4m in its results for the year ended 31 December 2020. Anpario is a leading the independent manufacturer of...
  17. H

    Does the hill shepherd get a fair share of the pie?

    Hi all, ive been following tff for about a year so thought I'd get involved. Don't want this to sound like sour grapes because I've sold my lambs store but we run a typical hill flock selling mule gimmer lambs and mule & swaledale store lambs. 2020 averages, mule gimmers £102, mule wethers £70...
  18. shumungus

    Pig prices.

    Can someone explain why the pig price has collapsed and how low is it in comparison to what it was in GB. And if it is bad why is there a massive growth in pig units for fattening in Northern Ireland?
  19. Bossfarmer

    Input inflation followed by a PRICE CRASH?????? deja vu

    As expected with world wheat prices high the past 8 months fert appears to be have followed its usual trend creeping upwards along with other costs, are we heading for a repeat of the early 2010s when we had a year or 2 of good prices followed by a price crash and costs taking a long time to...
  20. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    China have a need, a need for feed

    The rally in the price of feed grains in 2021 has largely been driven by an aggressive import campaign from China. This is because African Swine Fever (ASF) decimated their pig herd, and they are now actively rebuilding it. The price support looks set to continue with Chinese demand for feed...