1. Bigjon44

    Too late for oskar?

    Skyfall out in ear.is it too late to tidy up a few wild oats with oskar?
  2. C


    Hello Everyone, I'm making the leap and going out on my own contracting small to start with but hoping to get bigger. Here's my dilemma Fastrac 1115 or Massey 6170 I've always been a Massey bloke but I really like the look of the 1115. Opinions?
  3. S

    Terpal question.

    i have been spraying T2 for some on with .7 of terpal. Finished the field with 1/3 of a Ha left in the tank, than added 10ha with no terpal and sprayed the next field. I have some still left in tank but next field the ears are out. Would the terpal cause any damage. would be equivalent of .025/ha
  4. PSQ

    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    Anyone having issues with drip stop valve rubbers failing when spraying Corteva’s Univoq, Iconiq or similar? Seems to a bit of an issue among sprayer drivers having widespread DSV failure on FB.
  5. Agriland RSS

    NI cereal crops ahead of normal for time of year

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (CAFRE) tillage advisors are confirming that most cereal crops in Northern Ireland are generally a little ahead of normal. This is a direct result of the relatively mild spring, after a winter of good...
  6. W

    Canopy growth regulator

    has anyone used this at t2 timing on winter wheat, what rate do you use?
  7. eagleye

    problem with Bateman RB25

    I have only been using the sprayer for a couple of months but today it seems to have the application rate fluctuating wildly and wont stay on the target rate for more than a few seconds. Anybody any ideas where to start?
  8. An Gof

    WW T2

    Flag leaf fully emerged on the KWS Extase so the T2 has gone on today. Applying 1.25L/Ha Revystar + 5Kg EpsoTop.
  9. snarling bee

    My direct drill and cultivation trial 2022

    I have split a heavy clay field into 4. Direct drill, shallow cultivation, Plough and shallow discs with low disturbance to 200mm. This is the first year. 5th winter wheat, straw removed, FYM and compost applied April 2021 in previous crop. Unfortunately the grass weeds seem to have suddenly got...
  10. A

    Wheat varieties for (or not for) direct drilling

    Hi Folks, i don't often post, i work at Rothamsted and we're hoping to set up a DD experiment with different wheat varieties. Interested in any comments on suitable or unsuitable candidates, also any comments on particular traits that might be important for direct drilling. Happy for any...
  11. Adama News

    Trial Data for Soratel (prothioconazole) for superior disease control

    A UNIQUE, HIGH PERFORMING PROTHIOCONAZOLE Soratel for superior disease control A novel prothioconazole fungicide which uses a unique formulation to offer improved cereal and OSR disease control compared to the current market leader. SORATEL features ‘AsorbitalTM’ formulation technology...
  12. Flat 10

    EfficieNt 28, ENhance etc application

    Anyone using these urea based foliars this year in an attempt to cut back on expensive N? If so how do you plan to apply them? In a mix with T1 or T2 fungs? Or separately? Water rates? I was only planning on applying 28l ha to apply equivalent of 40kgs conventionally applied N (or maybe a tad...
  13. R

    Massey 8240

    Looking for a Massey 8240 with dynashift and front suspension in good condition.
  14. W

    T1 winter wheat

    What are people using and when are you starting
  15. R

    Sprayer tank cleaning between crops

    If you've been spraying su herbicides on cereals, then want to spray sugar beet. I use a tank cleaner such as All clear / tank cleaner Usually with the rinsings I have a stubble field which I would opt to spray on. If not, does All clear / tank cleaner have any effect spraying back onto...
  16. stroller

    Getting dry

    Anyone else think it's getting a bit dry? No rain for weeks, ground cracking, and no rain forecast.
  17. S

    Maximising N efficiency

    In general I do 3 doses on winter crops and 2 on spring. Wheat gets 200 max for a yield of 9t/ha max, depending on rainfall on our light soil. I go in 3 equal splits with the 1st as soon as I can get on within the NVZ rules, 2nd dose about GS30 and 3rd dose when I have time but generally around...
  18. Adama News

    ADAS report highlights yield and margin benefits from folpet 2022-04-12

    ADAS report highlights yield and margin benefits from folpet A new ADAS report indicates that the inclusion of folpet into wheat fungicide programmes consistently provides yield and margin benefits by improving septoria control. The report, which was commissioned by ADAMA and Syngenta...
  19. C


    What is everyone’s experience of trying to hit 13% protein with Extase ?
  20. F

    Fungicide spraying with frosts at night & cold conditions

    As per 2022 spraying season is being a bugger. :mad: With yellow rust in WW skyfall, windy conditions and frosts at night into next week (w/c 4/4/22) with showers a real problem next week, should I be putting a fungicide on if wind allows a window, or let mother nature with the frosts do the...