1. G

    Standen T2

    Considering a standen t2 as our next harvester. We grow mainly seed potatoes and been told we need a salad spec omega cleaner in it. Just wanted to know if anyone is using standard spec cleaner to harvest smaller size potatoes or do they pull alot of little ones through. Dont like to leave...
  2. Harry5

    Massey Ferguson 7480 owner opinions

    Afternoon, I’m looking into adding a second tractor to the business, and currently what I’m thinking of is a Massey 7480 T2 VT. T2 7480 fits the business well, and perfect size along with 50k on the road, and the vario would be luxury for us. Will mainly be on the rake/wrapper through the...
  3. Sprayer 1

    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    We got a big second flush of wild oats in beans this year, and now into wheat ,I want the best control possible. Usually use liberator at .6l but if a sniff of pdm would be beneficial it can have it. Opinions welcome.
  4. Spudmaster

    Wolverine Wheat performance?

    We grew a small area last year; wasn't overly impressive although it did sit with very wet feet for quite some time - so difficult to make a real call on it's real performance. Following agronomist advice, we are putting in a much bigger area this year. Before finalising drilling plan - would...
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Impressive yields from new varieties despite stop-start harvest

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Despite catchy August weather that has left many farmers with the usual harvest headaches there have been some notable performances from several new varieties being grown for the first time, including two new winter barley varieties, that have exceeded...
  6. Dicky.A

    Potato harvester Scrolls ripping

    Anyone having problems with Standen T2 scrolls ripping off?? Lifting green top crispers in very dry conditions. Running scrolls fast and clod rollers slow with minimum gap. Ripping and damaging a lot of scrolls. Are scrolls poor quality or are my settings to harsh? Are Grimme scrolls any...
  7. G

    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    What's he talking about. I don't get his argument. We say we want AIC to allow UK grain to have same intake requirements as imports. Guy is waffling on about government, neonics, and watering down RT rules to lowest common denominator is bad. We're not talking about lowering RT rules, we're...
  8. ajd132

    Wheat blend problem

    Started on a farm in feb and they have been growing a blend of kerrin, crispin and gleam. I’ve sent a few loads into central store and the bushel is really low. The crops look good but aren’t yielding as much as they look. Bushels around 68. Had t0 teb, t1 .8 ascra, t2 1l revystar, t3 azoxy +...
  9. W

    Extase potential problems

    I have heard from my agronomist today that someone not far from me PE9 postcode, has been harvesting extase with a yield of about 2 t/ha. Apparently KwS are looking into this. Has anyone else had any problems.?
  10. jorgenbg

    Trimble autosteer help

    Hi I installed a Trimble TMX 2050 screen with ez steer in my MF 7718. It was used and came with a RTX subscription that lasted through the spring season. Hard to find the exact words in English, but here it goes: within my fields I have ups and downs, and when I go over a small top in the...
  11. T C

    Revystar Experience

    We have used Revystar on Spring Barley at "paint brush" for ramularia and it is disappointing. We used Adexar type (old stock) as a T2 on wheat and I thought we had too much septoria. My independent agronomist brought some plants from a neighbour who had used Revystar (same variety) and it was...
  12. Farmer Fin

    Spring barley seed head disease?

    Does anyone know what is causing this? We’ve seen bits before and it’s very annoying.
  13. puppet

    Cutting the Wrong Field

    I cut a field of hay a few miles away and next door were some lovely silage fields. The owner farms 3 miles away and will never be there apart from silage time. I wondered if anyone has cut, ploughed or sprayed the wrong field because nobody was around. Or maybe cut and baled it BECAUSE the...
  14. Bloders

    Perkins timing case

    Hello. Got a massey 6460 T2, with the Perkins 1000 engine (and VP44 pump, yes - that one) The alternator bracket has snapped off the timing case (examining the fracture, its been broken a while). Ive quickly asked a couple of people if they can weld it in place, both of whom have sadly declined...
  15. SuperTwo

    MF 3120 vs 3125

    Can anyone tell me what the differences between the two are?
  16. jon9000

    Spring barley T2

    Anyone else currently spray fungicide. Not sure if it worth it really? Planning on desicating it at the end of the month!
  17. S

    Sanderson T2-6 -22 1986

    Can anybody please advise me for spare parts for my Sanderson teleporter type T2 -6-22 1986 - the transmission brake assembly located on the front prop -shaft has fallen apart - the disk and parts of the master cylinder piston ect - and also the brake pads - none of these parts are listed...
  18. C

    Sanderson 725 help

    Hello, I have a new to me Sanderson T2-725 1988 year teleporter and have some questions if anyone can help please? First is the gears, I have an column mounted electric lever, up is forwards, middle is neutral, down is reverse, that's fine. But where does the gear lever with button on top in...
  19. H

    Late application of folpet

    I have some spring barley that is just gone past GS59 and has not gotten its T2 due to unforeseen circumstances. I want to include a multisite and now folpet is the only option and I see it says apply before GS59, I could leave it out but just wondering does anyone have any bad expeirence of...
  20. Jerry

    What new feed wheat?

    I need to replace Skyfall for this autumn drilling. It’s breaking then to rust and has had its day now. Will carry Graham for another year, hopefully more. So what varieties are worth looking at? Note I’m in the SW so good septoria scores are a must!