1. J

    Technology Use in Cattle Farming

    Hello, I am a masters level student in International Operations and Supply Chain Management at Glasgow Caledonian University. I am looking to capture the views and opinions of UK beef farmers around my research topic: to explore the opportunities and challenges of using technology to improve...
  2. J

    Request for Research Participants: Masters Research Project: Traceability in the British Beef Supply Chain

    Hello, I hope everyone is well. I am a masters student at Glasgow Caledonian University and am currently conducting a research project into meat traceability systems in the British beef supply chain, particularly the challenges faced by supply chain actors within the network when implementing...
  3. O

    Royal Agricultural University - Agritech Survey As you will know, the development of Agritech innovation is fundamental to addressing crucial global environmental and socio-ethical problems. We are keen to assess the current state of the UK Agritech industry and the...
  4. C

    Weather Stations and Soil moisture deficite monitoring

    I am looking to buy two weather stations to monitor Temperature, pressure, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, solar radiation and UV levels and soil moisture and temperature. Ideally these need to be independent stations that can be deployed in a block of land away from the office...
  5. petergittins

    Vertical/urban Farming Seems to be a rise in the number of start ups engaging in vertical/urban farming practices for sustainability reasons. With Ocado investing in this, and the government announcing their 2050 climate change targets...
  6. Farm Diversity Magazine

    Farm Diversity magazine launches

    Hi all, We are launching our magazine Farm Diversity later this month and are inviting subscribers to sign up for free. You could win a £100 Amazon voucher if you do! See the link for more details:
  7. LukeB

    Drones used for more than just mapping?

    Hey all, I'm a student at the University of Florida and I've been trying to research how drones are used in agriculture for a class project. I know that some farms use drones just to map out the land and get HQ photos, but usually this is done manually. I'm wondering whether you all think that...
  8. H

    What are your favorite pieces of machinery/technology/equipment that you use on your farm?

    What's your favorite or most helpful piece of machinery, technology or equipment that you use on your farm? (Other than your tractor)
  9. C

    New McConnel Robocut 2019... Thoughts?

    Introducing... ROBOCUT 2019! McConnel has a firm reputation for blazing trails with quality, innovation and technology. Now the company has introduced the ultimate in remote control with the new Robocut range, which was previewed at Saltex show on the 31st October. Designed for the most...
  10. Davy McCracken

    Hi-tech game changer for hill farming

    When I took on this job I never imagined I would be saying that here at Crianlarich we are at the cutting-edge of the global Internet of Things.
  11. J

    Climate Edge would like to interview farmers in the UK

    Climate Edge are looking to conduct research with willing participants to guide the development of future agricultural products. We are seeking to understand how farm management varies across the UK, how farmers make farm management decisions, and identify weaknesses in the current tools...
  12. A

    Trending Technology for 2018 - Agriculture.

    In a sector that is becoming increasingly mechanised and automated, data and digital technologies are now critical controls on the success of a farm. Practices that have historically been limited by time, cost and the inefficiency of human-labour, are being revolutionised by a variety of...
  13. H

    Dairy technology

    Hello all I am debating whether to install auto identification for cows and auto wash in my pallor it is a 10/10 Fulwood herringbone pallor and I was looking for what other users think of the above mentioned automations in general
  14. llamedos

    *Introducing Dynium Robot*

    Set to be the World's most advanced Autonomous Tractor. Developed in Oxford. read more Photo kindly reproduced with permission.
  15. M

    New farming technology feedback

    Hello all, I am posting here to determine market interest of a new product I have been working on. (currently in the testing phase) If I told you that I could get you more plants in your greenhouse, is this something that would interest farmers. Regards; MF06252017
  16. P

    ‘To what extent does the advancement of global technology impact agriculture in the UK’.

    Hello All I am a final year University student conducting some research for dissertation. The topic is around how current technology used within agriculture affects farmers in the UK. Obviously some of you will use a wide array of technology and others of you won't. I want to hear both sides...
  17. RobFM

    We'd love a little help. Do you have a smartphone?

    Morning all. For those that I've not spoken to, I am CEO cofounder at Our new phone app is ready for some proper field testing. Keeping and sharing geolocated notes across your farm. Improving communication, reducing paperwork and duplications. It keeps a copy of a useful...
  18. Merston Peters

    Situation Vacant Technology Development Manager – 5107

    LOCATION: HAMPSHIRE SECTOR: MANUFACTURER CONTRACT: PERMANENT HOURS: FULLTIME SALARY: COMPETITIVE REMUNERATION PACKAGE Verdesian Life Sciences Europe Limited is the European subsidiary of a large US multi-national focussed on the acquisition, development and commercialisation of novel plant...
  19. uxresearcher

    Ag Tech Research

    Hey everyone, I am a UX designer doing research for an Ag Tech startup. They are working to develop a product to make farmers' lives easier. While I will be interviewing farmers in person, I thought it would also be beneficial to gather some quantitive data. If you are interested in helping me...
  20. llamedos

    Ariel strategy to beat Blackgrass

    Thought this may be of interest. BLACKGRASS has become the arable farmer’s nightmare. The weed has been prevalent in East Anglia for years but during the past decade it has gradually increased in proliferation further north. A problem with tackling it has been a lack of new chemistry sets...

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