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    Sulky adds multipurpose seed drill to spreader range

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Advances in spreading accuracy had, up until this spring, been largely ignored, despite companies like Sulky putting tremendous efforts into improving the situation. The hike in prices earlier this year has certainly awoken farming from its torpor and...
  2. Will 1594

    Retro fit section control on sprayer

    Looking at retro fit section control , any one done it and which is best system t jet areos had qoute for two different spayers , specced well up , both towards 90 k , and using old berty today again , and lots on it far better than some of new ones ,so spend a bit on it upgrading it , and...
  3. G

    Berthoud repair or new sprayer

    Going back to doing the spraying myself with my own equipment. My Berthoud Standard 12 needs work to pass it’s MOT, hopefully nothing too major, but should I bother with it, or just buy a new cheap brand? It has hydraulic boom height, and boom levelling, and quad nozzle holders, all of which I...
  4. N

    Chafer 418 under spraying

    We’ve a new to us 2010 418 and can’t get it to spray the right volume. Have it set at 160l/ha on the TeeJet rate controller but only once has it put out the right volume. Has anyone any ideas what could be causing this
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    Chafer Mirage

    Chafer Mirage Advert added by: Alexander Innes @innes250 Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £14000 Condition: Good Description Chafer Mirage, 4000lts, 6700 hrs, 12m 24m 30m, 2003. Reversing camera and LED...
  6. MJT

    Simple and effective GPS

    I’m sure this question has been asked plenty of times before, but struggling to find an answer . Upland Stock farm with plenty of steep ground looking for an easy to use reliable gps for spraying / fert etc. what would you recommend . thanks
  7. Bigjon44

    Some nozzles not spraying on sections

    Changed all my worn nozzles today and went to do jug test,put pressure to 3 bar but some nozzles took a while to start spraying on a couple of sections. What could be the problem? Suction filter blocked?air leak or other problem?
  8. T

    Teejet centreline

    not sure if I’m allowed to post this but looking for a used teejet centreline if anyone has one laying about there not using cheers
  9. T

    Teejet centreline

    Wanted any user teejet centreline gps or similar
  10. B

    200l/ha liquid fert nozzles

    Any suggestions for a nozzle that is good for 200l at 3 bar and 10km/hr. Currently running Teejet StreamJet 7 for 300-350l/ha but I need a different size for 200l and they are £10-14 each depending on seller. This is a bit of a one off some I’m wanting something cheaper ideally.
  11. S

    Househam Spirit Problem

    Weve a 2014 spirit and having problems with the pressure. When running at say 2-3 bar when applying product, when I turn the master switch off the pressure gauge goes off the scale, even blowing pipes off. This is when applying higher rates of around 200 litres or more. All filters and seals...
  12. Salopian_Will

    Defy nozzles?

    Our defy nozzles are worn out. We have generally been using them at 100l/ha for spring herbicides. What other nozzles/water rates are people using for Broadway star etc or should we stick with what we know? Also do people agree with the Syngenta blurb that 100l/ha with Defry nozzles is...
  13. N

    Wanted - teejet 844-e control box

    Anybody know where I can locate a teejet 844-e control box of chafer sprayer. thanks
  14. Chrisw

    Older self propelled sprayers

    Hi all, After your thoughts and experiences of self propelled sprayers. I feel its time for me to upgrade my sprayranger, partly because I want a bigger tank (3000l+), slightly more ground clearance (want to go hydrostatic) as we have brought osr into the rotation, and I feel like a change. Have...
  15. happycows

    Farming without bagged Fertiliser

    100 cows on 100 acres Cutting frequently to bales or zero grazing. Regular reseed rotation and import quite a bit of nutrients in feed. Not used any p or k for years just urea and sulphur for first 2/3 of the season going little and often. Gone to all umbilical/dribble bar and just put in a...
  16. D

    Correct Spraying Rate on a small sprayer

    Hi, this might be an odd question because I'm an engineer, not a farmer... How do people make sure they are spraying at the correct application rate on small sprayers (<500l like this one: https://www.silvannz.co.nz/silvan-sprayers/eco-500l-linkage-sprayer/)? From what I've seen they just have...
  17. T

    Best drift reduction nozzle for glyphosate ?

    We use a fair bit of Motif and X-Change with Lo-drift Hypro nozzles, but find this mix can be very slow to settle and produces a lot of fine droplets that rise up in higher temperatures. Pressure is kept down to 2 bar and it may all be down to spraying when cooler. With drift management in mind...
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    Chafer quickstart front fertilizer tank.

    Chafer quickstart front fertilizer tank. Advert added by: Peter Noble Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £3750 Condition: Good Description Chafer quickstart 1000 L front fertilizer tank Teejet rate controller How to make...
  19. Farm Classifieds

    Teejet 844e sprayer controls with boom control box and wiring loom

    Teejet 844e sprayer controls with boom control box and wiring loom Advert added by: Robert Gourley @Farmer73 Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Sprayer Parts Price: £600 Condition: Good Description Teejet 844e sprayer control sytem off my chafer demount sprayer. Comes...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    Set of 4 Teejet spray line valves of Chafer sprayer

    Set of 4 Teejet spray line valves of Chafer sprayer Advert added by: Robert Gourley @Farmer73 Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Sprayer Parts Price: £200 Condition: Used Description Teejet control valves of Chafer sprayer. Set of 4 off sprayer with fittings ( in...