1. Cowabunga

    RAM deficit syndrome.

    My desktop has been noticeably slow for some time, with multiple windows and applications open especially. One of the slowest apps has been Apple Mail, which would barely function, even though my phone and tablet worked fine and rapidly with it. Today I expanded the 4GB RAM on my iMac by adding...
  2. Dman2

    New Pc

    Looking for a new desktop PC or possibly a laptop. What is a good spec? Needs to have a decent grafics card
  3. Northeastfarmer

    Surreal feeling

    Does anyone else feel that the whole thing is very surreal Roads very quiet Schools shutting Pandemonium in supermarket Food shortages Food rationing Food rationing Businesses shutting Hardly any planes flying Country in lockdown
  4. JCfarmer

    Have any of the religious direct drillers been ploughing or tilling this time?

    Tell the truth so help you God.
  5. fermerboy

    New Desktop

    I'm in need of a new desktop. Any recommendations on vendor/supplier? Likely be purchased online as there isn't anybody within 50 miles of here. Looked at Currys/PCworld, Ebuyer, Novatech, so far. Needs to be a decent spec, but not a gaming machine, a little video editing off the drone be its...
  6. bobk


    So they're going to stop no deal but have no wishes for a GE , self serving bunch of twits .
  7. S

    Rawlbolts for Load Bars to Concrete

    Morning all, I have Tru-test HD5T load bars to bolt into Concrete to finish our handling system. They appear to require M16 bolts. Anyone have previous experience on doing such a job, and what is the best Rawlbolt/Rawlplugs to use? Pretty simple job, but I dont want to make an arse of it, cheers
  8. bobk

    At least we're not France

    .Really good article , you have to feel a bit sorry for the population .
  9. Fergieman

    Thru bolts or Thunder bolts

    Whats the pros cons of each? Seems to be more thunder bolts being sold nowadays. Have to drill a hole for both, so for bolting a frame down to a concrete pad which one would you use?