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    Top tips for feeding this year’s silage

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Dairy farmers across the UK and Ireland are being encouraged to analyse their forages regularly during feed-out, to ensure rations meet performance targets and support rumen health. According to Lientjie Colahan, technical sales support at Lallemand...
  2. jackrussell101

    Wholecrop to dry cows?

    Does anyone on here do it? Grown it for the first time in years. Usually feed 18kg grass, 2-3kg straw and then just some standard dry cow mineral at 0.1kg a head. Would I simply replace the straw and some of the silage with the wholecrop to make the ration work?
  3. Hilly


    Why do we chop it ? Why can’t I just load trailers with handler run down row push up a heap load trailer tip in pit repeat ? Why bother with the expensive bit ?
  4. stretch3050

    Electric motor for driving a baler

    Looking to have a static baler in a shed. Does anyone know who supplies large electric motor units to drive balers and feeder wagon?
  5. Horn&corn

    Bird netting

    Any suggestions for suppliers of bird netting. Rooks Really hammering tmr and calf buildings. Thanks
  6. G

    Sick calves

    Really struggling to sort this out, vet bill of £700, 1 dead calf and no answers. Bought in as calves on milk, now weaned, 4mths old sudden loss of condition/weight, not eating, temp ok, no scours, tested negative for Bvd, coccidiosis and ecoli. Vet is out of ideas. Second calf from another...
  7. J

    The what jdunn55 has done wrong thread...

    I'm not going to list everything so far but if I dont move some of the discussion from the pictures thread I have a feeling @Princess Pooper might personally come down to cornwall to hang draw and quarter me... Before we get started, the only rule is there is to be no mention of the words...
  8. C

    Wholecrop hybrid rye fed too cattle.

    I wholecrop a lot of spring cereals for our beef herd. Mostly oats to form the base of a tmr. I'm looking at the yield from hybrid rye and thinking it maybe a good option. Has anyone done it, what is the feed value if cut late? Is it palatable enough for them? Thanks in advance.
  9. Jerry

    Bale weight and pros of chopping?

    Have the option of a contractor with a McHale Fusion to do some haylage for sheep. How heavy are fusion bales roughly? And what are the advantages of have the grass chopped? Wastage, quality??
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    Milkminder Manager of the Year Award.

    Written by John Swire Promar Milkminder is the comprehensive costing scheme which helps dairy farmers improve technical and financial performance. Rob beat off over 600 other dairy businesses to win the award which has been presented for over 30 years. Rob Chilman runs a herd of 230 Holsteins...
  11. ffukedfarmer

    Hay Making 2021

    Anyone made a start yet?!
  12. Will Blackburn

    Maize 2021

    Could be disappointing, I have one light field in with stronger land waiting for dry weather. I could have drilled a month ago but soil temperatures were very low, I'm not seeing any evidence yet that we missed a trick as nothing is showing for earlier sowings. It looks very likely that some of...
  13. muddygrass

    Situation Vacant Stockman/tractor driver role available on 1100 head beef unit - Herefordshire

    We are a family partnership with a dairy herd in Oxfordshire and the beef unit here in Herefordshire, both of which supply Waitrose. We take dairy cross calves from around 3 weeks, rear and finish them on site. We aim to make the best use of forage, with rotational grazing and quality silages...
  14. jacobl741

    Mf 5455 opinions

    Hi what are peoples opinions on massey 5455 dyna 4 tractors. There is one in at a local dealer, wouldn’t be getting used hard, round baler biggest thing it would need to run. Currently have a 5465 but wanting to swap it for a smaller 4cyl with a loader.
  15. J

    Low fpd

    I'm hoping someone can offer me some help, my fpd has been sailing close to the cut off for a while now but the last few collections it's been very low about 504 usually. This has only happened since3the cows have been grazing more grass (been turned into the silage fields) said fields are a...
  16. D

    Vacuum Tankers with splash plate

    So i was thinking of buying an old vacuum tanker with a splash plate for using to spread the effluent from our silage pit. But having never used one before im not sure of the ins and outs. Does the tanker force the liquid out onto the splash plate so does the pto and pump need to be attached and...
  17. Cab-over Pete

    Feeding a Beef Ration In The Field

    Aye up, I have a customer who feeds a few thousand cattle to slaughter every year. They’re all in all winter obviously, and he has enough grassland to get many out over February to October, but still has several hundred inside. He’s considering turning out more than the grass can support and...
  18. Boysground

    1st time in 10 years........ or!

    This has to be worth one of @Bald Rick s mugs @Chris F Been a few changes here and the dairy is grazing for the 1st time in 10 years today 10 mins running round and they wanted to come back in :ROFLMAO: Bg
  19. beefandsleep

    Situation Vacant Experienced Stockman-midlands

    Modern beef and arable farm in North Staffordshire seeking full time member of staff. Daily responsibilities will include feeding and bedding finishing and store cattle with tmr feeder and straw blower. Regular tasks include rolling grain and preparing premixes. You will be a tidy and...
  20. Greythundercloudys

    Ewe has 8 lmbs,!!!!.

    Just seen that on a farm in the Borders a ewe that was scanned for 4 has had 8, good size lmbs in the pics, thought it was April fools, 2 enough for my ewes.