1. F

    Producers needed to test software tools

    We're looking for small-scale producers to test our software tools for improving production, tracking customers, managing inventory, and other various integrated systems. Feel free to give us your feedback, we're offering free access to producers, resellers and distributors of various food...
  2. Owd Fred

    Blast from the Past 26 Farm safety a Topic on most peoples minds

    Farm safety a Topic on most peoples minds A Topic for as long as I can remember. One man went under the back of the dray on his knees and pulled the hitch pin, it was a bit tight but he managed, only to realise that the load and the tractor had started to move forwards. Over the years I...
  3. holwellcourtfarm

    I admit, I have a workshop tool addiction :-)

    Having said in TAW (#58173) we should have a "self help group" for those of us with a serious workshop tool coveting habit I thought I'd start this thread. My workshop may only be 15 feet square but it doesn't mean I don't hanker after: A much bigger press A box and pan brake A rolling press A...