1. fred.950

    What are these?

    Can anyone actually tell me what these are and if they are worth anything before I launch them in the skip, thanks!
  2. Clive

    Vaderstad drill speed signal

    Is it possible to run a vaderstad drill control box from a speed signal other than the drill's radar? ie the tractor GPS or wheels speed sensor The radar has failed on our carrier bio-drill and rather than get that repaired I'm wondering if we can simply use a different (more accurate) speed...
  3. Francisco Carlos Lima

    c3000 (No touchscreen Driver Found)

    on the screen of my AGCO c300 this message appeared "No touch screen driver found" after trying to update to version 3.17.707. does anyone know how to answer what can that be?
  4. D

    Challenger 45 GPS

    Can you get GPS steering system to work on a Challenger 45 ( electric steering wheel ) like a Trimble CFX 750 and EZ-Pilot with RangePoint RTX
  5. S

    Topcon Hyper Ag

    Need a bit of help re the above. We have a topcon hyper ag base station. It was all working well and correction signal was always in the green and sub 2cm. On Friday when we set it up for the days work it would not see any statalites, ie base was flashing red for stat and then the same on...
  6. B

    Agco/Topcon RTK GNSS not connecting

    Got a AGCO/Topcon AGI-4 works with EGNOS Geen correction and GNSS signal, turn it to RTK I get Green cell signal and Ntrip corrections but GNSS is red with 8 or 9 Satelites worked OK a couple of weeks ago when power-harrowing. Have some satelites gone awol or something?
  7. cowboysupper

    Vicon Ro-edw - geopoint

    We took delivery of a new RO-EDW sower in recent days and a mechanic from the sales company called out today to give us a run down on how it works. While going through the boundary settings he mentioned that they had manually adjusted the geo-point to 5m. He said that they'd found the...
  8. J

    Topcon rtk receiver

    Just seeing if there is anyone with a used topcon rtk receiver for sale.
  9. T

    Fendt VarioGuide implement problem.

    We have just had a software upgrade in our 724 to unlock Contour Assist which works fine. However we now have a problem where a trailed implement when operating in a dead straight line maps askew to the tractor. Not in an offset manner but the left hand side further back. This is ok if you're...
  10. Ninjago


    Considering buying a Topcon TT weigh to use with my grain trailer. Has anybody got any experience of one? I know they won't be as accurate as a full weighbridge but i can't justify a weighbridge.
  11. Case290

    Front tank error

    I run a front tank accord df2 with Rds radar etc mounted Claydon tool bar. Just drilled a field calibrated as normal finished field to realise 80kg/ ha out ... on seed used ... checked calabration it’s bang on. Wtf .. what could possibly be going on.. the speed on the screen said the same as...
  12. bartdereu

    Topcon AGI-4 upgrade to RTK

    Hi all, i own a Fendt 718 SCR which came wit a built in Topcon AGI-4 GPS , on EGNOS . I've wanted to upgrade it to RTK and i found a radio module that i bought. Now when i opened the reciever, i noted that the IMU (the gyro module) was not installed , even do i have gyro readings on my...
  13. EddieB

    What options to put guidance on an auto steer ready MF?

    I have identified a possible second hand MF 7722. It’s auto steer ready so what are my options for getting gps on it, preferably with enough accuracy for drilling? I had been looking at putting a retrofit Fieldbee system on my NH7040 but if I go for the MF I will presumably only need a receiver...
  14. andredinizptu

    Touch Screen Topcon C3000 BRAZIL

    Good morning friends, I'm new to the group, from BRAZIL! sorry if you are breaking the rules of the group! Does anyone know where I can buy the TOPCON C3000 Touch Screen, the one that goes over the LCD display, here in BRAZIL it is impossible to find replacement parts! I'm not sure if the X30's...
  15. bassetts

    laser level

    Hi, guys what's your thoughts on a good laser lever I'm looking at the Dewalt DW0825lg ?
  16. H

    SIM card

    Can you use any SIM card in an auto steer set up and what kind of data would use up?
  17. H

    Auto guide 3000

    Wondered if anyone had a rtk up grade module for sale?
  18. T

    Used gps for guidance and section control

    Looking to fit some sort of gps section control to a sands vision sprayer. Wondering if there are any second hand units for sale, preferably either teejet matrix, Topcon, Trimble or Ag leader. Thanks
  19. czechmate

    Topcon correction setup

    When I go into correction setup mode, I ha e a block with EGNOS/automonos/ and something I can’t remember but not automatic. And I can’t find “automatic” anywhere else. Where might I find it please? As I think it might help to improve performance 🤠 A picture from my manual, not the unit
  20. westwood

    Auto steer for John Deere 7810

    What would the best system to retro fit to a JD 7810. For cultivations and rolling and occasianly drilling. Thanks