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  1. Overby

    Using clay for farm track

    Morning, We have an old track running alongside one of our fields, it's had hardcore on in the past but is now just a boggy mess. We've been offered a load of clay for free (loads of it) and we're toying with building the track up with clay, levelling it off, then hardcoring the top. Ideally...
  2. T

    BKT or CEAT

    Hi, here goes again! Changing the 4 tyres on tractor would you go BKT or CEAT? Their is only £170 difference. Thanks
  3. Steevo

    Storm Eunice

    Batten down the hatches - looks like pretty rough weather due tomorrow! I'll be surprised (and grateful!) if I'm not sitting here this time tomorrow night without having some trees down and/or a storm damage insurance claim!
  4. C

    Landrover wolf

    Are the above any good...imported from cyprus so i am told
  5. J

    Kuhn vs kverneland four furrow plough

    Hi guys I’m pricing up a few four furrow ploughs. And was wondering if anyone knew which had the lighter lift requirements? The ploughs are a kv ES 80, a Kuhn 121 and a Kuhn 122. Also if anyone wants to continue the debate about which is the better plough then be my guest. I’ll be pulling the...
  6. G

    Trelleborg tyres very disappointed

    FARMING FRIENDS PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND CONSIDER MAKE SURE WHEN BUYING TYRES YOU CONSIDER THE BACK UP YOU WANT WHEN SPENDING THOUSANDS OF POUNDS ON A SET OF TYRES!!! Had a terrible experience with these tyres and feel really let down by Trelleborg there backup and support is disgraceful after...
  7. S

    Welding broken digger arm

    I have been working for local contractor as I have been doing for several months... he has 1973 Ford 4550 digger which is well used but still fully functional however today he got it well and truly stuck in wet spot after several attempts by pushing with back acter it was out but broke a...
  8. bobk

    New Highway code rules ffs

    You couldn't make this sh!t up
  9. P

    Filling a satellite slurry lagoon?

    We are in the process of building a slurry lagoon (with cover!) which will be located on some outlying land and filled by slurry tankers (& then emptied by umbilical). So my question is - does anyone have any design suggestions as to how we fill it? Ideally we want to have a quick turnaround...
  10. ollie989898

    Modern take on an old(er) idea

    Modern take on the old back actor. Uses built in controls from the reverse drive version of the tractor?
  11. T

    Beet v Ewe Nuts

    Usually feed some beet here from December to about start of March, move on to ewe rolls from start of March. We start to lamb about 25th March. We use the beet to keep them full and we don’t use any silage. we are feeding about 1500 sheep. This year washed and delivered beet is £50, ewe rolls...
  12. Bossfarmer

    Most efficient way to use Muck in FERT FIASCO!!!!

    Given the fact these high fert prices are going to catch up to us all eventually, how do people plan to use their muck to get best use of it? It seems to me spreading straight out the shed in the spring and ploughed straight in then followed quickly by the drill is the best way to trap any...
  13. J

    Outdoor lambing

    This year we have more ewes and shed space is goin to be tight we are thinking about trying to lamb 40 ewes outside all our ewes are easycares so they should suit ok my biggest concern is feeding is some crystalyxs buckets enough to keep them goin or shud we feed them some meal? we have a couple...
  14. FendtRunner86


    Are vredestine tires any good for transport?
  15. FendtRunner86

    Michelin vs. Trelleborg

    Which tire comes out on top for roading in your experience?
  16. Farm Classifieds

    Tractor tyres and wheels 14.9 R38

    Tractor tyres and wheels 14.9 R38 Advert added by: Bedwyr Morris @Bedwyr Machinery Details Category: Tractors Tractor Parts Price: £1100 Condition: Excellent Description Tractor Tyres And Wheels. 14.9 R38 Bkt tyre As new condition Only been on tractor...
  17. B


    What right has the growers of maize, pretty sure this time of year, end of october, for the green energy business , to plastering the public roads with large amounts of mud and crop? so much round here on certain roads that it is a serious safety matter? what sort of image does this give to the...
  18. davidroberts30

    5f reversible plough

    As above Looking for something suitable for my 7480 Preferably auto reset, Manual vari width is fine unless the plough is right price with hydraulic Needs to have boards to take 650 tyres Sub 4k if possible, dont mind a small project
  19. cowboysupper

    Silo Tyre Shooter Does anyone in the UK manufacture tyre shooters for dispensing tyres onto silage clamps (as per link above) ? Or indeed has anyone made their own and would be willing to share their design? After a long night covering our maize last night it got...
  20. Farm Business RSS

    Tyre technologies through the ages: Continental looks back on its history in agricultural tyres

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business As it marks 150 years of tyre manufacturing, Continental is celebrating a rich heritage that included the first pneumatic application for tractors whilst championing future-proofing technology that pushes the boundaries of performance and efficiency...