tractor tyres

  1. H

    Stihl cut off saws

    I’m looking to buy a petrol saw to cut concrete etc around the farm and wondered what the best brand was? Everyone seems to refer to them as stihl saws and I thought the 420 might be a possibility, however, builder mate has 3 stihls and a Husky and says Husky is more reliable. Seen a Milwaukee...
  2. Nukemall

    Was it YOU...?
  3. Andrew1983

    Supply chain issues?

    What are you waiting for that was due days/weeks/months ago? I had months to wait for parts for a hedge cutter ordered in January arrived end of March! A new combi drill ordered October due March still hasn’t arrived, pins for the power Harrow tines on the old one took about 3 weeks arrive, the...
  4. New holland ts115

    Kleber Tyres

    Hi, looking to change the tractor tyres, I have BKT on at the minute Anybody any experience with kleber tyres? Or any other tyre that I should be considering?
  5. T

    Case 895 rear arms linkage

    Hello all. Some implements are catching the rear wheels so I need to extend the rear arms. I can lift a lever and extend the rear arms but it's very flimsy. I'm I missing something here or is there another way round it. Any advice greatly appreciated
  6. H

    Tractor road tyre pressures ?

    Ideal road tractor tyre pressures for towing a 30ft twin deck sheep box on low ex lorry trailer twin axel. Thanks
  7. The Ruminant

    Water in tyres

    Another question about my Ford 4000. It’s got a front end loader on which I use regularly. With a decent sized bale it can get a bit light on the back end. Someone has suggested putting water / anti-freeze mix in the rear tyres for ballast. Are there any downsides I need to think about? For...
  8. Hilly

    Tyres for ifor trailer Dumfries / Stranraer .

    I’m passing through both places tomorrow with two wheels in the back need new tyres , can anyone recommend good place to get them fitted in either place as it will save me another trip when I get home . 195/60r/12c
  9. N

    Dog stealing

    How do we reduce the risk from these utter low lifes , can live with the daily risk of workshop being cleared out , quad bike disappearing, Land Rover not there in the morning, the diesel tank emptied on a windy night , but if my dogs disappear !!!! Time is ticking to when there's going to...
  10. Tim G

    Bale trailers

    We are in need of updating our bale trailer. Whilst the one we have has been adequate for use on the farm, its not one I take on the road and we are now in a situation where I will be bringing more bales from away back to the farm. I am currently borrowing a friend's 25' Marshall bale trailer, I...
  11. J

    Cutting a wheel rim centre

    Have a guy has asked me to cut about 15mm out of the centre of his wheel rims to allow a different hub through. I've heard the dangers of welding on a rim. What about plasma cutting? I would do it in small amounts and cool after each time or is it a complete no no? Not sure if the welding...
  12. M

    Tractor for moving plant.

    Hi everyone. So I’m after a tractor and trailer to move my 9ton machine from farm to jobs. What sort of hip do I realistically need. We only run small tractor at the moment. Thanks
  13. Oscar

    New Law re tyres

    Just had a update from insurance co to say new law has come in banning tyres over 10 years old to be fitted to steering axles of coaches, HGV and mini busses and rear single tyres on mini buses . Apparently , tyres are meant to be date stamped and Vosa [or what they are called now] have started...
  14. S

    Disappointing silage

    Looking for any advice about white mould in silage. It has been confirmed as mycotoxin of various forms including penicillin type. However we have used bugs additive for last 3 years and silage has not improved . It is a late crop harvested as one crop in early July and is quite dry. Ensiled...
  15. S

    Earth mover tyre valves.

    Anyone used these. Think the internal diameter of a standard valve is 7mm. What sort of size are earth mover valves. Would they fit in a standard hole on a tractor wheel rim. Looking for something so I can blow tractor tyres up quicker in the field
  16. J

    Richard western trailer drawbar

    Richard western drawbar snapping any one had and issues with these
  17. Agriland RSS

    Bridgestone’s VX TRACTOR tyres reaping dividends on first anniversary

    Written by William Kellett Bridgestone’s agricultural team has celebrated the first year anniversary of its road and field tyre, the VX-TRACTOR, and has been given a series of endorsements from farmers and contractors who have claimed ‘phenomenal’ levels of performance. Bridgestone’s...
  18. spikeislander

    Wide spring tines 8 -9m , mounted or trailed?

    Help me with this , looking for a set of wide tines and several options . But I’m really stuck on which is best for my situation? Which I know can change depending on what I’m trying to achieve. As I see it the points for each are as follows : Mounted Firstly mounted brand new half the price...
  19. Greythundercloudys

    Are le chameau worth it.?

    Got a chance of a pair, zip up, blue inside, guy got wrong size for some strange reason, to small for him anyway l like zip up wellington but he's still wanting a good bit for them, are they the best you can buy?.
  20. jacobl741

    Used tyres or cheap new ones

    Anyone know anyone who sells used tractor tyres or cheap budget new ones? Don’t need anything special only for scraping out tractor 12.4/11r28