1. Farmer mk1

    New Holland combine

    Evening everyone, I’m looking at getting a new Holland combine for our 200 acre wheat and rape harvest and have about 300 acre of wheat to get for a neighbour who wants us to do it if we buy one. I’ve been looking at tx66 or so combines but to get a low hour one they seem to be about 35k or so...
  2. JeepJeep

    Samsung Laptop

    Anyone using one of the latest Samsung Laptops? Started looking round as the build issues with the out of warranty HP have crept up again... I7 256ssd 8gb ram for cheap enough has popped up. HP have been here dozens of times fixing this HP So no more HP... that was bought on spur of the...
  3. daveydiesel1

    Electric cars long term owners

    Any1 been runnin a ev for 7+years? Did u have any battery problems and is a full charge not doin as many miles as when it was new? Also how many kw does it require to fully charge it and what miles is that gettin you?
  4. Agriland RSS

    New wallet-friendly utility series from Kubota

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland We have reached a point in tractor evolution where those models in the 100-150hp bracket are now termed utility tractors, or they are by Kubota at least. The company has a point, The average power of tractors now sold is well over 100hp and at least one...
  5. W

    Is Red Tractor actually legal?

    As a cereal farmer we all have to produce crops within the rules set out by government such as crop sprayer MOT, NROSO, Safe storage of grain, fuel storage, fertiliser storage etc etc. We’ve had EA, Natural England, Defra and Trading Stadards inspections over the last 5 years. We then have to...
  6. Hilly

    Cf Moto

    https://poweroutlet.co.uk/products/cfmoto-uforce-1000?_pos=8&_sid=417173d68&_ss=r I thjnk they look good , but cheaper than main stream gear. Anyone got one ? Sons boss sells them very tempted next time I need a change .
  7. Massey mad

    Kramer kt407 or Bobcat 38.70.

    Got it narrowed down to the 2 above both good machines, about the same price wise. What's peoples thoughts on both of these machines?
  8. Farm Classifieds

    TA01482A - 2018 Massey Ferguson 7720S Tractor

    TA01482A - 2018 Massey Ferguson 7720S Tractor Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £89000 Condition: Good Description Massey Ferguson 7720SEXDV 4WD Efficient Spec Tractor, 50Kph Dyna VT Auto transmission...
  9. GAM

    FAUCHEUX F200P Loader

    Happy New Year Does anyone on here have a FAUCHEUX F200P Loader, the black boom, with white hydraulic rams fitted with a Euro8 headstock or adaptor? We bought one and the loader headstock looks like a Euro8, but it isn't, the locking pins are much larger, and the height between the the top bar...
  10. F

    Jcb 4220 or fendt 722/724.

    Right! How are people getting on with the Jcb 4220 Lots of the problems sorted out? Both run the same gear box. Is the many out there doing mixed work on a day to day basic. Umbilical trailers loader work putting stuff on and off all day. Sumo plough drill ect. I have had a demo of Jcb a few...
  11. Steevo

    Machine Warranty

    Anybody know the score on servicing a machine to keep the warranty based on manufacturer terms and conditions? A new implement I've been quoted on is supplied with "2 years warranty (subject to service at end of year 1)". I've asked the rep what's involved to satisfy this condition but just...
  12. Farm Business RSS

    Kubota (UK) introduces M6-001 Utility series

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Kubota (UK) Ltd has taken the covers off a cost-sensitive, five-model M6-001 Utility series tractor range. As the successor to the MGX models, the M6-001 Utility series spans 104-143hp, and meets EU Stage V emissions thanks to an improved exhaust...
  13. H

    New Holland T 7.225 value

    Change of direction means I have too many tractors,looking at selling the NH. What would my NH 7.225 be worth? Blue power 1020hrs 2019 Auto command 650/75r38 & 600/65r28 trelleborg done less than 500hrs on these as been on rowcrops 50k,air brakes,front links & PTO,hyd top link,deluxe...
  14. Electricfencer

    Lambing in June.

    I have had a bunch of sheep that have been running with one tup since mid November. I thought I better put another in with a raddle in as I had one in the trailer. I’ve let him out and he is tupping 2 ewes like mad. It’s going to be a nervous couple of days before I know if it’s just a...
  15. G

    Best brand of chainsaw to buy

    I'm after a small 18" chainsaw to do small jobs with. Any ideas which brand to go for and why.
  16. spin cycle

    electricity renewal

    apologies if in wrong place our electric contract is up soon so i'm wondering if any of you are in a similar situation and what you;ve been quoted use about 18000kwh.....got some quotes last moth about 24p/kwh....decided to wait :scratchhead:
  17. T

    Perkins engine

    Looking for a block for a Massey 3070, think it’s a AT4.236. Thanks
  18. farmerclare

    Electric fencer repairs Coventry/ South Midlands

    Does anyone know of someone who repairs electric fencers around Coventry/South Midlands area ? Thanks
  19. M

    Best Tractor Battery??

    Needing to replace the Battery on a case 895 stockman. At the moment it has a Yuassa 655HD 125Ah .. Any recomendations or same again??
  20. B

    UK sinking under an ocean of debts?

    Very sobar reading in yesterdays mail newspaper, i quote, national debt £2.3 trillion, interest on debt this year £64bn, thats nearly double the cost we spend on the uk armed forces, defence? So what happens say in 10-20 years will most of the tax income the govt gets just go on paying the...