1. M

    Manitou gearbox

    Hi recently purchased an ex demo manitou 737 powershift done 400 hours with it 700 hours on clock now 3rd gear clutch pack burnt out all under warranty just wondering if anyone else had low hour gearbox repair
  2. Longpod

    JCB loadall filters

    First time servicing our 2018 JCB 536-60 out of warranty. Can somebody please tell me where the transmission filter and the ad-blue filter is located and how to access them. Any tips or tricks with changing these filters or are they straight forward? Thank you in advance.
  3. jon9000

    General Tool kit

    Can anyone recommend a kit with a few sockets and spanners
  4. N

    New Holland Tractors

    We are looking at purchasing two new tractors and New Holland are very competitive, however we keep hearing they have reliability issues and downtime can be very expensive, does anyone have first hand experience if this is correct or is it just gossip, we are looking at a T315 & T270 and have...
  5. Greythundercloudys

    Petrol strimmers.

    What a good make, have bought ones of ebay before cheapish, but need a better one, mcculloch?
  6. organicguy

    Fendt 513 rear linkage

    Rear linkage will not go up/down on the linkage button. If I transfer the linkage to a spool switch it will move. Is there a lock that I have turned on inadvertently? or is it likely the switch has died? TIA OG
  7. Turnip

    Loyalty, dealer/brand, is it worth it?

    So in the next 6 months I'll have a bit of a shopping list of kit and additional wishlist for the next year's. Now I was always told that being loyal to a dealer was a good thing, discounts perks etc, and this almost always equals brand loyalty as that is the brand the dealer sells. Sometimes...
  8. Serup

    Jd commandquad

    I have a 2019 jd 6195m with commandquad eco transmission. The tractor is used for a lot of different tasks, but not a lot of heavy pulling. It turned 2000 hours yesterday and the second powershift gear started to slip and make awfull sounds when pulling more than the tractor itself. I called...
  9. B

    Makita battery repairs

    I have a bundle of batteries that have been abused and now won't take a charge ( not by me, but by 'helpers' and folks who have borrowed them!! Has anyone had any joy at getting them reconditioned, or tried to do it themselves? The tools are great, but the Makita batteries are a weak point.
  10. L

    Machinery maintenance

    Much as I am proud of the quality of care my cows receive I am ashamed at the lack of maintenance we do on our kit. it’s costing us money I can ill afford. Can the collective please point me in right direction to enable me to empower my staff to do this. It’s not an area I have any interest...
  11. C

    Yamaha 700 or Honda 500

    Hi, I have a quad quandary. I have never had a quad before but fancy one for taking small bale hay and water out to a few local paddocks and towing a small sheep trailer whilst moving sheep about, some short road trips of about a mile, we are very hilly. Should I go new or good used ? I do pay...
  12. J

    Combination power Harrow seed drill

    Looking for modern Kuhn, amazone or Lemken 4 metre disc coulter combination drill. Must be v tidy. Pm please. Thanks
  13. L

    Ride on mower.

    Looking into getting a ride on mower. Having never owned or used one before not really sure what to be looking for or at. Criteria so far would be needs to collect the the cuttings and be capable of fairly undulating uneven lawn. What else should we be looking at ? Petrol /diesel... Would...
  14. L

    Worsening blackgrass/ryegrass problem.

    I'm in my fifth year of strip tilling following a more traditional plough/power harrow based system. I had some decent results in the first few years but the last two wet autumn /winters have not been so great. My main problem is the blackgrass is getting out of hand, I don't think my...
  15. Classichay

    Discovery 3 prop shaft centre bearing

    Has anyone changed the centre carrier bearing on a prop shaft on a D3 successfully as what I’ve read on the net suggests otherwise.
  16. L

    Toyota Rav or Volvo xc 60

    Looking at both of these at moment(3to4 years old). Used to diesel and open to gearbox options. Has anyone any experiences either positive or negative of the above vehicles?
  17. Agriland RSS

    Doosan boosts loader range with two new models

    Written by Justin Roberts Doosan, the South Korean manufacturer of industrial and construction equipment, has just extended its range of medium-sized wheeled loaders. The completely new DL-7 series was launched in late 2020 and the company has now added two more machines at the lighter end...
  18. Phil P

    John Deere 4600 screen fault

    Anyone else had and trouble with the background on there jd screen? It’s almost like it’s losing the liquid out of it or the glue is coming of! Screen is still working fine at the moment and the touch is working fine but thought I’d see if anyone else has had any problems before I contact the...
  19. tomlad

    Fence post top caps

    We've a outer fence , strainers are tely wag poles, tops cut flat ,some showing signs of rot in centre. Im thinking they want a cap to turn the water, options please 🤔 Presumably lead flashing any other options please??
  20. E

    Bull warranty.. Or not.

    Read the small print and be selective who you trust. Bought 5 Charollais bulls at borderway mart at the British Charollais spring show and sale on the 15th of may. One of which came with a vet certificate of fertility.. Ideal sensible vendor. The other four did not. Two of these bulls came from...